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Increase the quality of life by early wearing

Did you know that hearing loss actually occurs every age? Both an accident and a cancer or congenital hearing loss can be reasons for wearing a hearing aid. Therefore, such a device can become necessary at a young age. At an advanced age, hearing decreases naturally due to age. This decrease in hearing can be influenced to different degrees.

Hearing impairment is normal for approximately every third person from the age of 50 years. Nevertheless, there are still many people who shy away from hearing loss or therefore wear a hearing aid. Most of them have had no experience with it, but they hear many reports in the group of colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Many are not aware of the enormous amount of progress made by today's hearing aid technology. These devices are easy to control digitally. Moreover, today's hearing aids are so small that they hardly stand out while being worn. The weight of the hearing aids is relatively small. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear and sit very comfortably behind the ear or in the ear. 

Thanks to this comfortable shape, the hearing aids can be worn all day round the clock. Who would have thought that today's hearing aids could even filter out side noises? The transmission of sounds, tones and voices takes place in excellent quality. That's why you can actively participate in life and immediately realize how quickly your quality of life improves with a hearing aid.

With hearing aids you can compensate for your hearing loss

The hearing loss will certainly not disappear, that is impossible. As a rule, this remains the case. For example, the only exception is an acute illness that results in hearing loss. If this disease has been cured, the symptoms also slowly or partly recur and form back. Most often, however, the symptoms worsen over the years.


The symptoms worsen especially if you do not wear a hearing aid. Be aware that your ear receives constant impulses from sounds from the environment through the hearing aid. Hearing prevents these pulses from being absent. Make sure it doesn't get that far and let us advise you individually. Our advice is non-binding and technically excellent. We have several hearing experts for you who can give you all the information for free. You can also inform yourself about the latest hearing aids and take a test.

With us at your side, you benefit from a new hearing aid and enjoy a huge selection. We have for you a wide range of all leading manufacturers and brands, or models. You will surely find exactly the right thing to support you in your personal everyday life. On the way to good hearing we are happy to accompany you.

With MySecondEar you have more quality in everyday life

Do you have difficulty hearing and have you never worn a hearing aid? You may have noticed different limitations about your ability to listen in your everyday life lately. Especially in the first hours after we have adjusted your hearing aid you will experience very special moments.

Enjoy with our help the little things of life that have passed you in recent times. You will quickly realize how easy it is to communicate with your fellow human beings. It will be easier to listen again without having to concentrate too much. You can also better perceive beautiful background sounds from nature. The hearing aid filters out the disturbing sounds for you. So you never again feel disturbed by these unpleasant and loud background sounds.

It will be pleasant for you to wear a hearing aid. It will surprise you how easy it is to handle it. You will also quickly see the excellent language quality as positive. Did you know that you can also use your hearing aids as headset or headphones? This is made possible by the modern technology of today and the Bluetooth connection. The connection is directly with your smartphone. So you can enjoy beautiful music and even make calls in between. Everything is individually adapted to your circumstances. This allows you to adjust your identical volume perfectly to your ears. 

Advantages of smaller hearing aids

In most cases, hearing loss increases over the years. The ear can perceive fewer and fewer sounds over time. As a result, the ear does not experience the necessary stimulation. This can be counteracted by choosing a modern hearing aid. 

Meanwhile, the market offers numerous light and particularly small hearing aids. These are also tuned to a lower hearing reduction, among other things. Thus, they are particularly discreet. With such a hearing aid, it is not noticed that you are wearing one at all. The simple handling and excellent speech quality convince by themselves.

Discreet and small hearing aids of today

It used to be obvious that someone wore a hearing aid. These times are long gone. Your hearing aid will be individually adapted to you as a wearer. So it's hard to see. Hearing aids which are worn behind the ear experience at the same time an advantageous individual color design. This allows you to customize the color of your hearing aid. You may select the device according to your hair color.

Even if your hair is relatively short, your hearing aid does not need to be noticeable. The tubes to which the ear fitting is connected are transparent. This is not noticeable either. You can also choose a model to wear in your ear. This model is of course adapted to your ear canal and made accordingly. You can also connect this variant to your smartphone with Bluetooth. 

After you have done a hearing test, your hearing aid will be adjusted and adjusted according to your needs. The adjustment takes place at any time individually as desired. This gives you a special solution for your hearing, which is invisible and highly modern. Treat yourself to a great deal of quality of life and choose a good hearing aid.

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