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You have the agony of choice: either your Hearing aids buy online or traditionally to the Hörgeräteakustiker Sprint on site before closing at 16: 00. We give you five ultimate reasons why it's worth buying hearing aids online from an online hearing aid professional.

1. Save time when buying online

The first reason to prefer an online purchase of hearing aids to the purchase in a hearing aid store is to save your time.

Many of us often work until 17 o'clock and especially at times when we work mobile or from home, it can also be after 17 o'clock. Especially in times of "mobile working" or home office, we work when we want, at any time and often no longer between 9 and 17 clock.

Most hearing aid stores close at 18 o'clock. This means that you have to go quickly from work or home to the hearing aid shop. In speed it is necessary to Hearing impression take, perform a hearing simulation, get advice, and then drop by again to pick up and test the device. Sounds like a stressful and time-consuming back-and-forth? Let's find it!

2. Cost savings between traditional and online business

You as a hearing aid wearer are skeptical, because the price differences between hearing aids in the hearing aid shop compared to the hearing aid online shop are sometimes serious.

The fact that hearing aids are cheaper online is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the shop owner of a hearing aid shop, unlike an online shop, pays rental costs and ancillary costs for his shop, and, on the other hand, may employ much more hearing aid acoustics and thus have to pay more wages.

In addition, these hearing aid shops often have many hearing aids already on site, while at MySecondEar, for example, hearing aids are first ordered from the manufacturer of your choice and then sent, so that there is no unnecessary storage and possibly outdated and new ones on the market.

3. Convenience of online consulting

One of the most unbeatable arguments is online advice from home. In fact, we offer telephone or video conversations in which we inform you about the latest hearing aids according to your preferences. You can sit in your pyjamas, have a party or come from shopping. No annoying back-and-forth between your home or workplace for hearing aid loading. Your online hearing aid acoustician is always at your side!

4. Realistic adjustment in online purchase

Another reason for buying hearing aids online is that, unlike the shop, the customization is much more realistic. If you are already a hearing aid wearer or have experience with it, you know that you come into a so-called hearing aid cabin and then the hearing and the environment are simulated. Sounds totally cumbersome and incomprehensible? We're right! The most important thing for wearing hearing aids is that you can hear in your usual environment, that is, at home, at work, shopping and on the train. Therefore, we believe that a hearing aid cabin per se is not bad, but you also have to test the hearing aid at home. We can carry out this adjustment with you at any time.

5. Lightning-fast response to change

To respond to the reality-oriented adjustment: MySecondEar, your online hearing aid acoustician responds quickly to changes in your hearing aid or hearing. If you find that you are no longer satisfied with the default setting or want changes, you can make an appointment with us quickly. We will respond to your wishes and changes at any time, and we will take care of you completely.

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