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There are different types of tinnitus

Are you suffering from tinnitus? Then you are not alone, because in Germany there are another 13 million people who have the same problem. At least every second citizen has already had personal experience of this. Tinnitus is expressed in a variety of forms and species.

These may be:

  • Knock
  • Total
  • Ring
  • Noise

In situations where there are no noises coming from the surroundings, you notice the tinnitus very clearly. Without the use of a specially prepared Tinnitus Noiser or a therapeutic treatment, this permanent ear noise can often become an unpleasant everyday companion for you. Did you know that modern hearing aids are already equipped with a Tinnitus Noiser?

Tinnitus itself is not a single phenomenon, because many people are affected by it. However, there are still many myths and untruths about this subject. prejudices too. Here you can find out more about Tinnitus.

Reasons and causes

Did you think Tinnitus only affects people who often listen to loud music or go to concerts? Of course, this can also be a cause, but there are other reasons for this. Tinnitus is not, in principle, an independent disease. It's more of a symptom. Symptoms always point to other conditions. That is why people can also be affected by tinnitus if their professional background is sufficiently stressful. Gender or age are irrelevant. The most common occurrence of Tinnitus symptoms is between 40's. and 50. Year of life. In principle, there are no differences between men and women.

Does the tinnitus disappear on its own again?

No, the tinnitus doesn't have to automatically regenerate itself. Many are afraid of the circle of acquaintances or family, respectively. Notify friends if a tinnitus is present. You don't have to be afraid to ask for help if you have a tinnitus. Do not hope that your hearing sounds will simply disappear on their own, as this can lead to further damage.

If the tinnitus was caused by temporary influences or medicines, it can of course disappear again by itself. Usually the annoying ringing doesn't go away by itself. In that case, you should get help from a specialist. The sooner you do that, the higher your chance of a rapid cure or relief of Tinnitus symptoms.

Is Tinnitus curable?

As mentioned above, Tinnitus itself is not an independent disease. As soon as the causes of the underlying disease are treated, the likelihood of the tinnitus disappearing or being alleviated is also increased. Other problems may occur with tinnitus, such as:

  • Memory
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

In most cases it is possible to cure the tinnitus satisfactorily and effectively.

Does a dietary change help with Tinnitus?

It is often the case that various food additives and foods are made responsible for themselves when a tinnitus occurs. However, researchers prove that this is not the case. A healthy diet and a balanced diet help to treat Tinnitus well, but your diet is never the problem.

Are there effective means of tinnitus treatment?

It is possible to have a specialist determine the extent to which tinnitus is present. In order to treat the symptoms or the tinnitus properly, the reason must be determined. Accordingly, there are various methods of treatment. A good example is a Tinnitus Noiser, which is often built into modern hearing aids. This can be combined with other forms of therapy. The individual profile is always decisive for this. In most cases, emotional and psychological accompanying effects are also found along with the tinnitus.

Do you need more information on tinnitus and treatment options? You are welcome to ask us your questions, we support you as a professional hearing aid kisser in any case. Are you looking for a Noiser or something? Write to us or call us for individual advice.

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