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A hearing aid helps when children are hard of hearing

Optimal development and quality of life can only be achieved if a toddler can properly perceive his environment. All of the senses are important - including the sense of hearing, of course. However, if the child experiences hearing loss, perception can be disturbed. As a result, there are often far-reaching problems for the offspring. Affected are:

  • Language development
  • Speech development
  • Communication skills
  • socialize
  • Receive warnings in hazardous situations

In children, hearing loss is the most common sensory disorder and is inherited. 170 million children around the world have hearing loss. Almost all hearing problems in children can now be treated. This even means the severe hearing loss that borders on deafness. It is important that you ensure that your child's hearing loss is treated promptly.

Is your child's hearing not fully developed? You are welcome to get all the information from us. The following article gives you a good overview of all the possibilities and types of therapy on the subject of hearing loss in a child.

The right children's hearing aid

 A sensor-neutral one Hearing loss can be caused in a child by:

  • Medication
  • Head injury
  • too loud noises
  • damaged inner ear

If this hearing loss is mild to moderate, a hearing aid can be used with the child. The children's hearing aid receives and amplifies audio signals. These are then passed directly into the child's ear canal and come to the middle ear and inner ear. This is where the auditory nerves are located. A hearing aid can be adjusted directly to the child to suit the degree of hearing loss. Of course, the ideal shape is also adapted so that it is comfortable to wear. 

Implants in children

Bone conduction implant

If the child has conductive hearing loss, a bone conduction implant can be used. This is also possible in the case of one-sided deafness or a combined hearing loss. So if either the middle ear or the outer ear are affected, such an implant can be a very effective way to help the child hear better again.

The implant does not transmit the audio signals through the damaged areas of the order, but uses the ability to transmit the audio signal through the bone. This is why we speak of a so-called bone conduction. The outer ear and middle ear are bypassed. The result is interference-free and clear sound. In the case of the above-mentioned types of illness, such hearing aids are particularly suitable for children.

Cochlear implant

If the child suffers from profound hearing loss or has been diagnosed with actual deafness, this implant can offer support. The medical device takes over the function of the damaged areas in the inner ear and forwards the audio signals directly to the child's brain.

The technology in use today can optimally promote the potential of all children, even if they are hearing impaired. If the treatment or the measure is well adapted and correct, the affected child benefits from it in every respect. The child's quality of life increases significantly, and the child's learning skills and social skills also improve. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for you to get the right hearing aid for your child if they are hard of hearing. Thus you improve the overall development significantly.

How is hearing loss measured in children?

Typical behaviors and reactions may indicate hearing loss in the child:

  • Delayed speech development
  • delayed speech development
  • Behavioral problems
  • little attentive
  • observes the facial expressions of the person speaking
  • Does not startle with loud noises
  • typical reactions to loud noises are absent 

If you suspect that your child actually has hearing loss, you should definitely consult a hearing care professional or audiologist. Your child's hearing will then be tested for different frequencies and sounds. A professional hearing test will be done.

In this case, too, you are welcome to contact us if you would like to do a hearing test with your child. We are also the right contact for you when it comes to children's hearing aids and all the details. Contact us by message or phone call - we will be happy to support you in all matters.

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