Ist es möglich Schwerhörigkeit vorzubeugen?

Is it possible to prevent hearing loss?

Particularly in young people, the numbers have risen particularly in recent years when it comes to hearing loss. In many cases, however, it is difficult to avoid hearing. How to prevent hearing loss, we will explain in this guide. In it you will find informative information on the topic Preventive measures against hearing loss and possible therapies for those affected.

Those who live in the city know the stressful uninterrupted sources of noise that are constantly present. As a result, your sensitive hair sensory cells are always active in the inner ear and rarely have the opportunity to relax. You can't just close your ears like you close your eyes when danger strikes. It is also not possible to remove your ears if necessary, i.e. that your hearing is constantly exposed to the following situations without the necessary hearing protection:

  • Noise levels in the office
  • Noise at machine workplaces
  • daily street noise
  • Discovery
  • loud music over the headphones
  • permanent acoustic load

"Not infrequently, the loss of hearing is the consequence."

Who's hearing loss?

Severity is by no means age-related. This means that young people also have to contend with it. Did you know that within Germany there are already eleven million people living with hearing impairment? The increase in hearing loss is annual between 150 000 to 160 000 persons of all ages.

Most of the time the development is relatively slippery and takes place over a long period of time. The hearing is gradually impaired and the damage oft en goes unnoticed. There are also many people who do not take the situation seriously enough. You'll get used to hearing loss eventually. Did you know how many brain deficits can be masterfully compensated? The best thing you can do is take a hearing test as soon as possible to be sure. We are happy to support you free of charge and without obligation. For this, please contact our hearing aid technicians so that you can make this hearing test prompt.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures against obesity can be as varied as the causes. It is, of course, a prerequisite that this hearing loss is not congenital. In principle, you should consider both the noise intensity and the duration of the noise exposure. Keep them both as low as possible. If it is unavoidable, you should visit a quiet environment after the noise. So your ears can rest.

At the workplace you should protect your ears if the noise level of 85 dB is permanently maintained. This noise level is comparable to that of a lawnmower or a train.

If necessary, you should make your employer aware that it is his duty to provide appropriate hearing protection.

Other simple precautions:

  • hear no loud music over headphones
  • keep a great distance from noise sources
  • Reduce parallel noise sources
  • Buy noise-reduced household appliances
  • use earplugs during a concert or disco visit
  • use hearing protection when using electric gardening equipment

Your inner ear also bleeds better if you give up alcohol and cigarettes. The blood flow is directly related to your hearing ability. It's important that you keep that in mind with your children. For example, if an ambulance passes in the field, the little ones should keep their ears shut.

Is hearing loss curable?

The cause of hearing loss is always decisive for healing. Appropriate therapeutic approaches will be applied accordingly. For example, if your hearing is clogged with a foreign body, your neck-nose-ear doctor can easily remove it. This requires only a simple cleaning.

 If a Sound-binding These are the damaged hair sensory cells that cause the problem. The acoustic stimuli are not transmitted by these. It is also important to know how far the hearing loss is already advanced when it comes to a cure or a balance of hearing.

If you cannot perceive the sounds of your surroundings in an approach, a special implant can be used. The sound signals are converted into electrical signals using a microphone. This will stimulate various sections of your hearing centre.

The processing of signals in the brain is Sound In this case you can hear the sounds, but you cannot assign them. This situation makes therapy a little more difficult.

If you lose your hearing, you should react quickly.

Never delay the treatment of your hearing loss for too long, otherwise you risk serious consequences. At some point it will no longer be possible to correct and compensate for the loss of hearing with the hearing aid. The so-called risk of dementia increases all the more. Your brain is failing to interpret the sounds correctly.

Of all concerned, only 37% carry a hearing aid. These enjoy a new higher quality of life thanks to the technical miracle. Six out of ten people wish they hadn't waited that long.

Therefore, you should react promptly to the first warning signals and contact us. We recommend a free hearing test with us and would be happy to advise you without obligation and efficiently. Our hearing aid coaches support you on the topic Hearing and hearing aids with advice and action in all matters.

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