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This is how you use your hearing aid in everyday life

Have you recently bought a new hearing aid and are you practically new to this field? Perhaps even after a long break you made up your mind to finally get a new hearing aid and then have it fitted? It is also possible that you have switched from an older model to a newer one. Most likely, you feel the same way as many other hearing aid users, because the situation is relatively difficult at first. In this guide you can read how to avoid frustration and how to use the device perfectly in everyday life.

Get a few useful tips to help you get used to your new hearing aid even better. So you can really enjoy the many advantages.

What to expect

What are your specific expectations of your hearing aid? For most hearing aid wearers, it is not the case that they can hear really well immediately after switching on the device. That would just be wishful thinking. The hearing aid does not work like a dishwasher. It's not that you turn on your hearing aid for the first time and then you can immediately hear perfectly with it. Your brain adapts to the new hearing impressions over time. With the help of the hearing aid, your hearing will get better and better until it is precisely adapted to your needs. This is why you need time and patience before you and your hearing aid form a perfectly functioning unit. You must first learn how to hear with your hearing aid. The best way to compare the situation is to cycling.

Give yourself time for this learning process. Up to this point in time, you have most likely only heard muffled sounds or perhaps not even noticed them at all. So it's normal if you initially feel like everything is too loud. You even perceive your own voice very differently. You slowly but surely train your brain to block out other background noises. Especially in the first few days you will be confronted with a real flood of stimuli.

React correctly

Avoid frustration and react curiously and with joy to your new hearing system. It starts with the selection of the device together with your hearing care professional. We are very happy to assist you. If you wish, you can of course wear the device for a while to try out. Find a safe environment for this in which you can speak openly about your situation. Your attitude towards your hearing aid determines the extent to which you can make friends with your hearing aid. This is how you make the right choice for the system.

Once you have bought the right hearing aid for you, you need to focus and be patient. Never let yourself be discouraged, because in the beginning hearing with the hearing aid in everyday life is exhausting and sometimes also tiring at the same time. It's not your fault, nor is it the wrong hearing aid, everyone feels that way at first. With the following tricks you can make this difficult phase easier:

  • Wear the hearing aid regularly.
  • Start with a couple of hours a day.
  • Do not change your surroundings until you are used to a situation.
  • Keep a journal of your successes with your new hearing and record your positive experiences. So you realize how much better quality of life you can now enjoy.
  • Try audio therapy. This gives you the help you need with your hearing aid in everyday life. Our hearing care professionals will be more than happy to explain how it works.

Support from those around you

Our hearing care professionals play an extremely important role in this situation. Get an explanation of how to insert and remove your hearing aid. The same applies to changing the batteries. Our acoustician will give you precise instructions on how to use and handle your hearing aid. Familiarize yourself with this and ask questions if necessary. You should talk to your hearing care professional often, especially during the familiarization phase. This means that your hearing aids are specifically and precisely adapted to your hearing loss. This is the best way to avoid frustration. In any case, you should make regular check-ups and keep them. If you have your hearing system checked at short intervals at the beginning, it will quickly be tailored to your needs. You are welcome to use our hearing care professional at any time. You will also receive information on maintenance and care from him. This way you can enjoy your hearing aid even more.

family and friends

Especially at the beginning, your family and friends in your immediate environment are a great support for you. Everyone involved has to get used to the new listening situation. The same applies to the new technology and the device. The subject of hearing aids may be new territory for some. You can be very open about this topic. Tell everyone enthusiastically about the capabilities of your high-tech device. Show everyone how much more quality of life you can enjoy now. Include everyone in your situation. You can also do special exercises with family and friends. This way you get used to the new way of hearing all the faster and easier.

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