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Communication as the basis of a relationship

The basis of a good relationship is that both partners understand each other. If communication in the partnership does not succeed, it cannot really work in the long term. Relatively plausible, doesn't it?

But what if you can't talk because your partner is hard of hearing and this becomes a bigger problem for you? In this guide you can find out from us whether it means a long-term danger for your relationship and to what extent you can counteract it.

The consequences of hearing loss

Do you live with a partner who is hard of hearing? Then deal with a new situation because you cannot communicate or understand each other in a certain way. This is another type of communication problem between men and women. Your partner is actually not able to have a normal conversation at all. At least that's not possible at the usual volume. This can put a lot of strain on your relationship. The following situations arise:

  • Daily conversations with your partner are a tough test of patience. You can only converse in a quiet environment under optimal conditions.
  • You are extremely dissatisfied with the situation.
  • Misunderstandings shape your everyday life.
  • Your hard-of-hearing partner's social life is restricted.
  • You can no longer watch TV with your partner.
  • Sometimes hearing loss also puts your partner at risk.

If your partner's hearing loss is left untreated, it will not only reduce his quality of life, but also your quality of life. It is not uncommon for your relationship to suffer from hearing loss.

A professional hearing test helps

Are you looking for a solution to break isolation and social withdrawal? There are ways you can remedy this. Maybe the solution means an immense hurdle for your partner. The first step is a professional hearing test.

Many affected people often shy away from such a hearing test. They fear being labeled either old or disabled. Many are not aware that the design or the current technology and appearance of modern hearing aids is different than it was ten years ago. If your partner has these concerns, then you should take them seriously and take the first steps to seek help.

Suggestions and assistance on the way to becoming a hearing aid acoustician

Your partner may not want to hear well-intentioned advice from you. Now you may be wondering how you can tactfully get through to your partner to help them. There are only two good strategies in your situation: addressing the problem directly and making good arguments.

What a hearing test speaks for

Make an effort to keep the most important arguments in mind for your partner. This makes it easier for him to overcome his deep-seated fears.

A hearing test is not a risk or pain. During the Audiometry your partner will be examined using headphones. Different tones and frequencies are played to him. With a push button he can indicate when he perceives these tones and frequencies. A precise diagnosis is then made after a short time.

When the hearing test is complete, your ear, nose and throat doctor or hearing care professional will suggest appropriate treatment.

Once your partner uses a hearing aid for the first time, they will be relieved. Activities are finally possible again that he has not been able to do for a long time. You, too, will regain more quality of life together with your partner.

You might be surprised that you can barely see a modern hearing aid, and it's very easy to use. So you can relieve your partner of all fears in terms of optics or battery recharging, you don't have to worry about that.

Increase motivation to take a hearing test

You can also choose direct confrontation and list all the restrictions in everyday life in order to be noticed by your partner. Directly suggest that they take a hearing test. Dealing openly with the hearing problem is usually the better way instead of constantly coming up with new excuses. Make a tactful choice of words. Also, mention that having a hearing test and a properly fitted hearing aid will improve your quality of life immensely.

Correct communication

You, too, will immediately notice how much stress is relieved by a correctly adjusted hearing aid. With a modern hearing aid, you could not only have relaxed conversations again, but you could also make phone calls and watch TV again. Did you know that there are even special hearing aids for sports? If you, as a relative, know how to deal with your hearing impairment, that is a great help.

No more prejudices against hearing aids

The aim is to overcome prejudices that many people still have about hearing aids. If you overcome this and take a hearing test, then you can enjoy the new life with a high quality modern hearing aid. Make an effort to be an empathetic companion and have good arguments ready. This is the best way to convince your partner. Then it won't be long before the everyday communication difficulties are finally a thing of the past. Our hearing aid acousticians are happy to support you on your way to better hearing.

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