Hilfreiche Tipps, damit du mit deinem Hörverlust besser umgehen kannst

Helpful tips on how to better deal with your hearing loss

As a person affected, it is very difficult for you to deal with your hearing loss, especially at the beginning. This applies not only to yourself, but also to friends, relatives and relatives in your environment. This guide offers you useful tips so that you can enjoy a high quality of life despite your hearing loss.

If you have hearing loss

It is important for you to accept your hearing loss and observe yourself. Have you ever noticed that you often have to ask questions during conversations? Maybe you don't like listening to music anymore, because you just can't enjoy it that much anymore. Maybe neighbors or friends have already pointed out that your TV is set very loud. That's why you don't have to be ashamed at all. Did you know that hearing loss is very widespread is? So you are not alone with your Problem. In addition, hearing loss is not always automatically also age-related.

Don't delay your Problem

 Do not wait too long, but do a hearing test as soon as possible. You can have this done either with an acoustician or with your ear, nose and throat doctor. You are welcome to use our Online Hearing Test try it for free. For more information, please contact our experts and hearing care professionals. 

Using a detailed Audiograms it will be shown which frequencies you can no longer perceive. This gives you the fastest possible certainty about your current Situation and the strength of your hearing loss. So you can inform yourself about appropriate measures to keep your hearing for as long as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is for your brain to learn to hear again.

Talk openly about your Problem

You don't have to be afraid of a hearing aid these days. You can talk openly about your hearing loss. Did you know how modern and small today's hearing AIDS are? If you own such a high-tech device, you can even be proud of it. 

If you are affected as a friend or relative

As a relative or friend, you should address the affected person very sensitively to the possible hearing loss. Do you suspect hearing loss in a person close to you? Make an effort and put yourself into the Person. Ask yourself how you want to be approached on the subject. This allows you to avoid embarrassing the person, and you can show him how important he is to you. Collect reports on how positive the effects are for the affected person are when he can hear better again.

Support and motivate

As a relative, you should motivate the person concerned to visit an acoustician or an ear, nose and throat doctor. It is best to offer him your escort right away. So the one does not feel left alone. Please note that the sense of hearing is very important for the quality of life. Perhaps you can be a good support if you stand aside in consultation as soon as the choice is to fall on the right Hearing System.

Your Pronunciation

Try to speak slowly and clearly. This is also important if the person concerned has already been provided with a hearing aid. Make sure he can see your mouth when you speak. You do not have to speak louder, but choose the right pitch, which the person can hear well. Maybe it helps if you speak a little lower. Usually the high notes are lost first.

Good tips for those affected

If you apply the above tips, you will quickly feel more joie de vivre despite your situation. This avoids you withdrawing because you have hearing loss. You'll quickly realize how many options you have to balance your hearing loss. Give yourself enough time to cope with the new life situation. You will realize that it is not as hard as you might have meant at the beginning.


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