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GN ReSound is a Danish manufacturer, the company was founded in 1943. Since then there has been an enormous development and a wide range of products has emerged. You can therefore choose from many different ReSound hearing aids. These are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. The so-called GN Group also belongs to ReSound. This also sells hearing aids worldwide.

Maybe you are also someone who has a hearing problem. You may not understand the cause or the reason for it. Hearing problems are not always age-related. In Germany there are more than 13 million people who have a hearing problem. Over 500 million people are affected worldwide. But there are very few who wear a hearing aid even though they have problems. Do you also worry that your hearing aid could be obviously recognized by other people? ReSound can take that worry away, you will never be judged. That's why we can take away your fears if you want to look for a ReSound hearing aid.

It is precisely here that ReSound has made it its goal to develop particularly small and invisible hearing aids. It is hardly apparent to other people that you are wearing a hearing aid. That's why ReSound hearing aids are very small and inconspicuous. By the way, ReSound's headquarters are in Denmark, in Ballerup to be precise. A state-of-the-art technology center is located there. Numerous scientists work every day to further develop and improve hearing aids and technology.

The ReSound company

You can find both ReSound hearing aids and diagnostic audiological instruments from the manufacturer. These are represented in more than 80 countries around the world. The head office is located in Denmark. It was Dr. Rodney Perkins, who laid the first foundations for it at Stanford University. Both innovative solutions and excellent sound are typical features of ReSound hearing aids. The design is original. It also shines with solid technology. ReSound's roots go back to 1941. Even then, the company shone with interesting new appearances.

The Danish hearing aid manufacturer made it in 1989 with its first major breakthrough in the hearing aid market. It took over two years to develop when the first ReSound hearing aid with Wide Dynamic Range Compression technology finally hit the market. The processed signals were completely digitized. So finally new ways were broken for the processing of the sounds. ReSound pioneered this. The revolutionary innovation of digital feedback suppression followed a short time later. Disturbing noises or distorted sounds were therefore no longer a problem. These were effectively pushed into the background and eliminated.

The ReSound Air series deserves special mention. For a long time it was the smallest variant of hearing aids on the market. The series was characterized by the small earmold and the clear sound. The huge selection of different models will impress you.

The latest and most advanced hearing aids from ReSound on the market

At ReSound you can discover numerous product lines and find the right one for every style. No matter what price level you are looking for - you will find it at ReSound. Particularly noteworthy is the so-called microphone-in-helix (MIH hearing aid). This is considered unique. How about a hybrid function? The MIH hearing aid is a hybrid of BTE and IDO hearing aid and offers all the advantages. With ReSound hearing aids, you can finally hear really well again with regard to the localization of sound and natural alignment.

ReSound also offers you hearing aids that are specifically designed for the iPhone. MFi technology is used for this. Of course, these hearing aids also work with Bluetooth technology for a better connection. So you can easily transfer phone calls or music and other audio content. The latest product family from ReSound is called LiNX 3D. You can recharge the batteries, which by the way means ZPower technology.

You can even have Linx 3D and Enzo 3D hearing aids from ReSound serviced remotely. This means that we can help you as a hearing aid acoustician not only on site but also remotely for your fine-tuning. For you it means minimal effort and a huge advantage in everyday life. This list of all ReSound models and designs will help you make your choice:

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a wide variety of models, which suits you best. The right hearing aid is available for every target group. How about an entry-level model? In this case you can look around for the Enya devices. It can also be a premium variant. No matter what the severity of your hearing problems is or what patterns of hearing loss you have, ReSound has the answer for you.

Choose an in-the-ear hearing aid or a behind-the-ear hearing aid from the ReSound product range at the appropriate price range so that it is right for you. By the way, pay attention to the additional functions “AutoScope” and “MultiScope Adaptive Directionality”. If you have a hearing impairment, this technology will help you cope with your everyday life better. In a noisy environment, you can also hear certain people you're talking to.

The different technology levels of ReSound hearing aids

All ReSound hearing aid models offer different levels of technology. You can tell by the model number and the label. The degree of complexity or the price is reflected in the respective technology level. You are welcome to choose a model from the entry-level class, in which case you can choose the right one for you from three technology levels.

GN ReSound 3 (basic) and 2 (beginners)

The numbers two or three denote the simplest technological model series or a relatively simple setting level for ReSound hearing aids. Perhaps you are a hearing aid wearer who relatively often has individual conversations and is not socially active. In a quiet environment or in a small group, these entry-level devices are great for having conversations. The inexpensive product line will convince you. Enya devices are particularly recommended. You can also get these in a wide variety of designs with the desired technology level. If you are a budget conscious hearing aid wearer, you can enjoy the basic features at a great value for money.

GN ReSound 5 (standard)

The ReSound standard models are equipped with an extensive standard function and everything you need in everyday life. Tinnitus therapy is also possible with it. If you like, you can transfer the audio content with such devices. There are also external accessory variants for this. Directional hearing is also possible with these devices. These are equipped with an algorithm for noise reduction. In addition, wind noise is filtered out. You may enjoy watching TV at home. This class is also suitable for small group discussions and one-to-one discussions.

GN ReSound 7 (middle class)

With this class you can expect all standard options. If desired, it is possible to reduce wind noise or to eliminate noise. The middle class gives you directional hearing. Perhaps you are a hearing aid user who is demanding when it comes to your surroundings. You can take part in work discussions with it in a group. The same is true in noisy environments. The listening environments can be different - this is not a problem with these hearing aid models. Maybe you are often out and about in your everyday life? Then it can be this middle class.

GN ReSound 9 (Premium)

These high-tech wonders are just right for you if you love technology and want to set your budget accordingly. The functions are sophisticated and particularly new. Background noise can be easily reduced automatically, and you can also use the hearing aid to determine the direction of sounds. Do you want to choose the best technology? Then it can be such a hearing aid for you. The possibilities for various connections are also at the highest level. The level of performance will convince you, you can benefit enormously from it. If your lifestyle is demanding and active, this level may be for you. Perhaps your listening needs are very different and diverse. From a one-on-one conversation to a business meeting, you are guaranteed to have no problems.

Quattro and Linx 3D from ReSound

In 2017, these new hearing aids were introduced to the hearing aid market in quick succession. Both variants can be connected directly to iPhone devices such as the iPhone or others. You enjoy excellent voice quality and sound quality for the respective media. You also have an additional integrated Bluetooth technology. So you can easily transfer your favorite music or other audio content. If you want to connect external multimedia devices, you can do so with these. Cumbersome or expensive additional devices are then no longer necessary. It is also advantageous that you can conveniently control everything with the help of an app.

Above all, the discreet and compact, small design convinces with these iPhone hearing aids. The enormous performance is particularly noteworthy. If you enjoy using an iPhone and have one, get it. The numerous possibilities for sound programs and tones are particularly suitable.

You can also use this hearing aid to save the location where you selected a particular program. When you return to the location, your hearing aid will automatically select the respective program again. You may want to go to a restaurant or master other difficult situations with your hearing aid. It is no longer a problem.

The ReSound Relief app is great news on the market if you have a problem with ringing in your ears and tinnitus. This gives you numerous options and masking tones to treat your tinnitus. You can also choose music for it. You also use a Bluetooth connection with 2.4 GHz technology. So you can transmit signals over a distance of several meters.

Using the ReSound Relief app is no problem with ReSound's iPhone optimized hearing aids. This makes online video communication easier in your everyday life. In addition, the directional focusing, wind neutralization, noise reduction and surround sound technology are particularly noteworthy.

Never before have hearing aids read speech as clearly as this news from ReSound can bring you. The sound is particularly clear. The app has also been renewed and updated. If you lose your hearing aid, it's easy to find it again. There are also special user-friendly functions for this. We are happy to help you as your hearing aid acoustician team with support and adjustment.

ReSound technologies

MultiScope Adaptive Directionality and AutoScope

When you are a person with hearing loss, everyday life is different from that of a normal person. Noises and voices challenge you. So far, many devices have not been able to distinguish who should be the main conversation partner and where the voice comes from when it comes to directional hearing. This is exactly why the functions mentioned above are used. You can make excellent use of these special technologies from ReSound in your everyday life. You can virtually identify the person you are talking to when they are sitting across from you. In addition, the information is filtered and stored from the respective frequency range of the person. This way you can recognize the person you are talking to clearly.

Wireless technology without any cables

ReSound also offers numerous wireless solutions when it comes to WiFi or Bluetooth connections. How about a radio remote connection for your hearing aid? You can also do all of this completely wirelessly using ReSound technology and hearing aids. The technology also benefits you with a wide variety of multimedia devices and your ReSound hearing aid. The Unite Audio Beamer, for example, creates a direct connection to your television and guarantees you good quality without noise.

The ranges can be up to 20 m. Nevertheless, you can keep track of what is happening and you don't have to lose anything in terms of sound. The Unite Phone Clip + is a particularly new and interesting technology. The small device can also be connected to the WiFi via your hearing aid. You can operate everything conveniently via your smartphone. If you want to turn up the volume, you can do that without anyone noticing.

An additional polymer coating on a nanoscale is added by the iSolate Nanotech technology so that sweat and moisture do not cause damage. Your hearing aid is still working properly. The protective layer is particularly thin. External and internal components are perfectly shielded. This also protects the electrical components.

ReSound remote microphone

With this development you can determine the direction from which a noise or sounds come. You also use the sound localization, as well as the reduction of wind noise and the like. You can hear what is important even more clearly and better. The noises are localized better. The microphone is placed directly in your auricle if you want such a hearing aid. In this case, using behind-the-ear hearing aids when it comes to microphone placement is not always ideal. Distortions should be avoided. The pinna effect helps you to localize sounds naturally and to be able to work the direction clues for them.

A tinnitus therapy with ReSound

With the help of tinnitus masking, you can use tinnitus therapy together with your ReSound hearing aid. LiNX 2 and Linx 3D models are particularly suitable for this. The function is directly integrated. As a hearing aid wearer, you design your sound therapy individually.

Super power hearing aids and hearing aids for children

ReSound also offers good solutions for children and adolescents if they have hearing loss. For example, direct audio input is often helpful. By the way, the demand for super-power hearing aids is also huge. Often a hearing aid with an FM system is required, or an external microphone is very helpful for the classroom. Some ReSound hearing aids are also perfect for the iPhone and ideal for children and teenagers. The Enzo2 is particularly suitable for people with profound or severe hearing loss. This model is a behind the ear model variant. It contains a 675 battery and is available in three different price categories.

Additional ReSound devices and useful apps

Interesting additional devices from ReSound, as well as useful accessories for everyday life can also support the effectiveness of the hearing aids. You can connect to your mobile phone, for example, with the Unite Phone Clip +. To connect your hearing aid to a television, or to use the stereo system or computer, you can use, for example, the accessory called Unite TV Streamer from the ReSound range. For better communication, we recommend the Unite Micro Mic and Multi Mic. You can also use the Unite Remote Control device to make changes to your hearing aid settings.

You can choose from different apps for your smartphone, because ReSound offers a wide range. Of course, the deciding factor is whether your hearing aid enables a Bluetooth connection or not. Again, you can choose what is best for you. Management of your tinnitus therapy is possible, for example, with the special ReSound app.

For example, the Unite Audio Beamer is suitable for you to establish a wireless connection with your television. There are many ways you can make useful ReSound accessories in your everyday life.

Older hearing aid models from ReSound

During your research, you may have come across older ReSound hearing aid models. You can no longer buy these. Here is a short list of them: Verso, Lex, Alera, Magna, Vea, Sparx, Live, Dot2 and Azure.

Our hearing aid acousticians will be happy to help you if you want to make comparisons or require advice.

ReSound hearing aid Lex

Here, too, you can choose from different variants for this model. But you can adjust and adjust all of them to your needs in your everyday life. For example, you can easily block out disturbing wind noise. You don't just have to manually adjust the volume yourself, either. The hearing aid does this work for you automatically. You will particularly like the natural design of the hearing aid. You can find these models as external headphones or in the ear hearing aid for the respective application. If you have mild to severe hearing loss, this variant is particularly suitable for you. These variants are priced at around EUR 1200 to EUR 2000, cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

ReSound hearing aid Verso

Overall, you can choose from three different models: 5.7 and nine. A distinction is also made between further functional groups: Power, mini, BTE, CRT and CRT Wireless.

Because there are so many customization options and designs, we recommend that you contact us for customization and advice. Incidentally, these hearing aids are suitable for all types of hearing impairment. The sounds emerge cleanly and precisely for you again. The scope refers to in-ear hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids and external headphones. These models are suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The prices amount to 1500-2400 euros, possible cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

ReSound LiNX hearing aids

This new line of products was released and launched by ReSound in March 2014. If you like to use Apple devices, such as the iPhone, you are well advised to do so. The handling is straightforward and simple. Everything can be controlled with the app. It is the smallest in the ear hearing aid model from ReSound. So you can transfer everything wirelessly. You use this model for your hearing aid as an in-ear hearing aid. It is suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss. The prices range from 500-2000 euros depending on the technology level. Possible cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

ReSound hearing aid Alera

In this product family you will find the variants 4,5 and seven, as well as nine. So you have a total of four possible options. The practical nano-coating protects your hearing aid from dirt, moisture and wetness. The models can be customized. You have the choice of various different skin tones. The scope refers to in-ear hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids and external earphones. The variant is suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss. The prices are between 1200 and 2600 euros, possible cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

ReSound hearing aids Vea

Here you can choose from two so-called basic models, these have either the designation two or three. If you want to meet your basic needs as a hearing impaired person, choose one of these models. These shine with the highest level of robustness and are very resistant. The additional protective layer is dirt-repellent and water-repellent. You can quickly adjust the volume yourself. The scope refers to in-ear hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids. The models are suitable for people with mild to profound hearing loss. The prices range from 900 to 1100 euros. Possible cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

Overview of the different hearing aids from ReSound




Linx 3D


9 - Premium

7 - middle class

5 - standard

Linx 2


9 - Premium

7 - middle class

5 - standard



3 - base

2 - beginners

Enzo 3D

Super Power BTE

9 - Premium

7 - middle class

5 - standard



9 - Premium

7 - middle class

5 - standard

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