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Phonak is a manufacturer of hearing aids and is headquartered in Switzerland. Incidentally, it is one of the largest acoustics companies in the world. The company was founded in 1947. In the meantime there are many different types of hearing aids, these refer to both IDO and BTE models. Both the award-winning design and the numerous technical innovations convince at first glance. You will also quickly see why Phonak is one of the market leaders in hearing solutions.

In the last few years there has been a trend towards hearing aids that are more powerful and still smaller. Phonak is implementing both trends. Phonak hearing aids are not only advanced, they are also extremely user-friendly. This will help you improve your hearing as a person with hearing loss.

The products are named according to the technology generation. B stands for the latest, newest variant. A good example is the latest RIC hearing aid Audeo B. V, on the other hand, refers to devices of the previous generation.

Newer products, such as:

  • Audeo B
  • Bolero B
  • Cros B

can be found as rechargeable models. If you don't want to buy a battery again and again, these models are for you. The latest model from the B family is called Audeo B direct. This is a modern RIC hearing aid. You can use it to establish a direct Bluetooth connection with other devices. An example of this would be your smartphone.

Information about the company Phonak

Phonak products are available in more than 100 different countries around the world. Phonak AG was originally founded in Zurich with a focus on electroacoustics. That was in 1947. Phonak has been operating on the German hearing aid market since 1978 with its own sales company. There are also other production facilities in China and Vietnam. However, the management is from Switzerland. In the canton of Zurich, more precisely in Stäfa, a new center for production and technology was opened in 2010.

Phonak is known for constantly setting new standards in the development of the most modern devices. Not for nothing is it about the Swiss manufacturer who regularly takes the lead. The company's history is continuously successful and spanning many years. In recent years, both the Lyric hearing aid and the Audeo have been among the appealing variants. Both the design and the technology leave nothing to be desired. In terms of size and performance, this is the best compromise you can hope for. The case is also water-resistant, which is another technical feature. This feature was introduced with the range called Naida.

There is a parent company called Senova Gruppe, which is a direct descendant of the Phonak company. The goal is to give third world countries better access to hearing aids. That is why there are collection points for used hearing aids.

The Unitron company is also operated by the Sonova Group. It also includes Advanced Bionics, which specializes in cochlear implants.

Phonak and other hearing aid manufacturers also offer various technologies at different prices. The highest prices are for the hearing aids with the most functionality. If you want a hearing aid with basic functions, it can be the Phonak Essential. This is also known as V30 or B30. Altogether you can make an adjustment with eight channels, you choose different frequencies. If you pay attention to the price, this model works well. You use it in a quiet environment and benefit from its basic functions.

The standard models from Phonak are also called V50 or B50 and also offer you the basic functions and special properties. These include, for example, telephone signals that are transmitted directly to the hearing aid. Of course, the same speaks for an advantageous telephone program. In total, you can make your adjustments for twelve channels using different frequencies.

If you as a hearing aid wearer are often in quiet places, the technological level is just right. You can choose this model for small group or one-to-one discussions. You can also use it to talk to friends on the phone or watch TV.

Phonak's Advanced models are also referred to as V70 or B70. These also offer additional functions, such as improving speech intelligibility or music programs. This can also suppress wind noise. There are a total of 16 available program channels to choose from. If you are often in a noisy environment, this technology is for you. The same is true if you often do outdoor activities or make frequent phone calls.

Phonak also offers premium hearing aids, these can be found under the name V90 or B90. With these models you can enjoy most of the functions. You also get additional bonus features. There is even a program that will automatically improve the speech reproduction. You can choose from 20 programming channels. We are happy to support you with the setting and adjustment. You can contact our hearing aid acousticians for this.

If you want to buy a mature and excellent technology, this level can be it. The Bluetooth function helps you in everyday life in many situations. You can use it to seamlessly connect other hearing aids, for example. The transmission works smoothly. You can also transfer the audio content in a noisy environment. It is best to get in-depth advice on the products. We are happy to support you here if you have questions about price and costs.

Special functions in hearing aids

For the treatment of tinnitus - Phonak also offers devices that have an additional tinnitus function. You enjoy the choice from different technology levels. Your hearing care professional will help you set up to use the tinnitus therapy program correctly. You can also use this function with the Phonak Lyric to fall asleep, for example. You don't even have to remove your hearing aid all day. Often times, tinnitus is most pronounced at night. Then at the latest you can prevent sleep disorders with the right hearing aid. You keep your hearing aid in your ear even when you fall asleep. This will help you suppress the sounds of tinnitus.

Children's hearing aids and pediatrics - Phonak is also represented with numerous pediatric hearing aids and has a good reputation in this area. The current line in terms of pediatrics is called Sky B and V. These are suitable for profound or moderate hearing loss. The styles are colorful and include features specially designed for parents, teenagers, children and infants.

With profound or severe hearing loss - the SuperPower hearing aid called Naida V is suitable for adults who have profound hearing loss. You use the special RIC and HDO versions for this. You use many different levels of technology.

For unilateral deafness - the hearing aids from Phonak with the designation CROS II and CROS B are an ideal solution for people with one-sided deafness. You use two hearing aids. One has a microphone, the other has a handset. The signals are picked up and redirected. If you want to determine the source and direction of sounds, or just want to hear the language, this technology is best for you.

If you have bilateral hearing loss - the latest Phonak models are equipped with Binaural Voicestream technology. It mimicks how your brain processes and understands the sounds. The communication between the two hearing aids is coordinated. The hearing aids adapt to real time, and the sound environment is also adapted. This way you can understand language better and hear it naturally. You can also achieve better sound quality with it.

Long-term hearing aids - Phonak also offers you various hearing aids for long-term use. These are called lyric. This is an IIC model that is placed deep in your ear canal by a hearing care professional. It stays there for months. When the battery is empty, the devices are replaced. Such a device is attractive to you if you want to avoid the daily maintenance and handling of hearing aids. The same applies to regular cleaning and changing of batteries. However, such hearing aids are not suitable for all types of hearing loss and not for all types of ears. Therefore, you should weigh carefully and seek good advice.

Do you have a problem with the intelligibility of the language or do you want to be able to hear your friends or family clearly again? Then feel free to contact us. Our hearing aid experts will be happy to advise you in a serious and understandable manner. Then you know which hearing aid is best for you. You are welcome to call us or fill out the form online.

Artificial intelligence from Phonak with the Audeo Marvel

This variant is a high quality RIC hearing aid. This means that it is a "receiver in the sewer device". It uses its very own operating system. Phonak calls this AutoSense. Different methods of artificial intelligence are used. As a result, the reproduction and the sound are perfectly rounded and automatically optimized. The batteries can be recharged. The hearing aid also comes to you with a Bluetooth function.

Artificial intelligence is now part of today's industrial progress. The hearing aid manufacturers have also recognized this. This is why this artificial intelligence is also used in hearing aids for a better hearing experience. Phonak has developed its own algorithms for this. The operating system is unique and of particularly high quality.

The adaptive system from AutoSense deserves special mention. All changes in the acoustic environment are recorded and automatically recognized within 0.4 seconds. The adaptation to your current hearing situation takes place immediately and automatically. 200 different settings and parameters are used for this. In this way you will achieve at least 60 percent better intelligibility of speech in a noisy environment. Your general speech intelligibility also increases by more than 20%.

You get such a hearing aid with a lithium ion battery, which you can recharge. The total service life is six years. When the battery is fully charged, you can use it for 24 hours. This is also possible if you are using the hearing aid's Bluetooth functions. A mini charger will help you to charge. You can also do this on the go. As soon as you remove your hearing aid from the charging cradle, it switches on automatically. If you let it dry overnight, it will turn off automatically.

Have you ever had a problem with this because you wanted to listen to music and had to remove your headphones? Such situations also exist when using the phone. Phonak solved this problem. This is possible using the Bluetooth functions. These are standard equipment. You are welcome to wirelessly connect your hearing aid to your television or smartphone, or even to your iPhone. The audio track is transmitted directly to your hearing aid.

An invisible hearing aid

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is invisible and sophisticated. This will be inserted directly into your ear canal. It can stay there for several months. Meanwhile, you don't even have to take it out. You can exercise with your hearing aid or take a shower. IIC means practically invisible in the auditory canal.

Such models first came on the market in 2012. There are now many different models from this series. These are completely invisible. Therefore they are suitable for business and professional as well as for the private sector. Such a hearing aid is guaranteed not to attract attention. If your hearing loss is very intimate for you and you want to be discreet, this type of hearing aid is best for you.

This hearing aid is invisible at all times. Even if you have a very active lifestyle, you can integrate this hearing aid into everyday life without any problems. The design is discrete above average. This is possible because the small hearing aid is right in your ear canal. It is a premium hearing aid. Nobody can see it. There is also no feedback from headphones or telephones.

You can have the model used directly by an expert. A specialist will help you find the perfect setting. It will check whether your hearing aid is well matched. A test is then made. Getting the right size is an essential part of customization. Such a hearing aid will be made especially for you when all measurements have been taken.

It may take a while for all measurements to be taken. This will achieve the perfect fit for your ear. The hearing care professional places the hearing aid in close proximity to your eardrum. It stays there for about four months or even longer. So that you don't feel any pain while you are wearing it, it is all the more important that you choose a qualified hearing aid acoustician. We are exactly the right people for this job!

You never need to change the batteries during these four months of wear. After this time, the hearing aid is removed and you will receive a new one. So you don't have to worry about charging the batteries or changing them. It all makes an expert for you when the time is up. For example, if you have limited dexterity, this model is particularly suitable for you.

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, you can get this Phonak hearing aid. The amplifier output is not sufficient for severe hearing loss. Otherwise there will be a restriction. The ear canal must be wide enough to place the hearing aid. In addition, you shouldn't have any allergies to the materials.

Of course, the price plays an important role. The numerous functions of this high-tech device cost money. But there is a subscription because the hearing aid is replaced regularly. This subscription usually lasts for a period of one to two years. This means that you have to reckon with average costs between 1000 and 1500 euros per year. The exchange as well as the adaptation and the device are included in the price. You are welcome to start a small calculation to find out whether this top-quality hearing aid is suitable for you.

Additional devices and accessories from Phonak

Not only can you order many hearing aids from Phonak and have them fitted, but you will also find numerous additional devices and accessories. One example is the Roger Touchscreen Mic for teachers. The same applies to other products, such as:

  • the Roger Table Mic
  • the Roger Easy Pen
  • the Roger Clip-on Mic
  • the Roger Receiver

These variants are particularly suitable, for example, for special listening situations. You may need to be able to hear from a loud distance or you may often attend lectures. You need the TV Link 2 in conjunction with ComPilot 2 or ComPilot Air 2 to be able to transmit the soundtrack of the television or other audio signals to other hearing aids.

Not all devices are equipped with a Bluetooth function. In this case you need an additional device as a converter. The audio signal from the TV or from another device is captured and converted. This is how you can transmit the signal to your hearing aid. To do this, you use a remote control and an interface between the source of the medium and your hearing aid. In any case, it is always easier when a device is already equipped with Bluetooth.

For example, mobile phone calls are transmitted directly to your hearing aid with the Phonak EasyCall 2. So you can hear easier. The latest ALD products from Phonak are also compatible with the latest models of hearing aids. This is often not the case with older models. Therefore, ask us or your hearing aid acoustician whether compatibility is possible.

Older hearing aids from Phonak

When looking for hearing aid models from Phonak you might come across the older models, these include:

  • Bolero V
  • Virto V
  • Audeo Q
  • Bolero Q
  • Ambergris
  • Virto Q
  • Naida Q
  • Sky Q
  • Solana
  • Cassia
  • Dalia

If you would like to compare the functions, please feel free to contact us for advice.

Upper class hearing aids

Phonak also offers you top-class hearing aids, these are the Naída S Premium models (as behind the ear hearing aid and as micro behind the ear hearing aid), Audéo S Premium (as micro behind the ear hearing aid) and Phonak Ambra. So you can enjoy intelligent volume control. So you can hear high-frequency signals better. You can also suppress background noise or wind noise or perceive natural sounds better. The price for this starts at around 2500 euros; possible cash benefits have not yet been taken into account in this list.

Upper middle class models: Audéo S Advanced, Naída S Advanced and Solana

Mid-range models: Naída S Standard, Audéo S Standard and Cassia

Entry-level models: Milo and Milo Plus as well as Audéo S Basic

Other Phonak hearing aid models: Exélia Art, Versáta Art and Certéna Art

Overview of Phonak hearing aids

Here is a small overview of all Phonak models:




Audéo Marvel

Receiver in Channel (RIC)

Essential (M30)

Standard (M50)

Advanced (M70)

Premium (M90)

Audeo B and B-direct

Receiver in Channel (RIC)

Essential (B30)

Standard (B50)

Advanced (B70)

Premium (B90)

Bolero B

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Essential (V30)

Standard (V50)

Advanced (V70)

Premium (V90)

Virto B

In the ear (idO), In the canal (ITC), Completely in the canal (CIC), Invisible in the canal (IIC)

Essential (V30)

Standard (V50)

Advanced (V70)

Premium (V90)

Virto B-Titanium

Invisible in the sewer (IIC)

Advanced (B70)

Premium (B90)

Sky B

Receiver in the canal (RIC), behind-the-ear (BTE)


Standard (V50)

Advanced (V70)

Premium (V90)

Naida B and B-R

RIC (rechargeable), behind-the-ear (BTE), superpower BTE

Standard (V50)

Advanced (V70)

Premium (V90)

CROS B and B-R

Receiver in the canal (RIC), In the ear (idO), In the canal (ITC)

Unilateral deafness

Essential (V30)

Standard (V50)

Advanced (V70)

Premium (V90)


Invisible in the sewer (IIC)

Longer use

Virtus and Virtus +

Behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver in the canal (RIC)

Entry-level model

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