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Bernafon was founded in the 1920s, originally from Switzerland and opened as Gfellner AG in Flattmatt. For more than 70 years, the company has been working with To hearing aids. The company has held its current name since 1995. The name Bernafon has two expressions: on the one hand, the company focuses on hearing aids and on the city of Bern in Switzerland. The headquarters of the company are located there.

the innovative and modern technological solutions of Bernafon are considered worldwide. If you suffer from impaired hearing, these hearing aids can help you immensely. Thus, you can communicate fully again and participate in family life.

The technically and optically demanding hearing aids from Bernafon have been on the market for hearing aids for more than 70 years. These are subject to continuous improvement and further development. That's why you're excited about a better quality of life with such devices. You are welcome to get an overview of Bernafon's company and products.

The company Bernafon

The current name, which the company bears for hearing aids called Bernafon, came only far after its foundation. In 2000 Bernafon took over the Canadian company of the hearing aid manufacturer Dahlberg Sciences. Meanwhile, Bernafon's hearing aids are distributed worldwide. In 2011, the company even established a new distribution for Korea. However, the heart of the city is still in Bern, a city in Switzerland.

Overview for all Bernafon hearing aids

All of Bernafon's first hearing aids were developed and launched in 1946. Gradually there was a continuous improvement of the hearing aid technology of this company and developer. In 1988, Bernafon introduced the first hearing aid to the global market, which could be programmed digitally.

Another very significant improvement in terms of digital technology occurred in 2002. Bernafon introduced the Channel Free technique. Today you can enjoy numerous innovative listening programs and a noise-free understanding of Bernafon devices. Despite the innovations, the housings are getting smaller and smaller. You can read more about this further down in "Bernafon's own technological creations."

At Bernafon, you get hearing systems behind the ear devices, in the ear devices, as well as RITE with an external receiver. Even the most modern technologies, such as Bluetooth, belong to the equipment. These relate to level seven models.

As a customer, you select your preferred color or shape of the case. All Bernafon hearing aids bear the CE seal of approval and are certified with ISO9001 and ISO13485.

The technical progress of Bernafon

The basic need of man is that he can understand or hear. Right here Bernafon can shine with its high-quality products. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hearing aids.

Modern hearing technology is used in every device. This allows you to Hearing loss compensate. In addition, you use numerous practical radio zones in everyday life. This includes, for example, the possibility of establishing a wireless Bluetooth connection. Audio content can be transferred directly. You can do that from your smartphone. Bernafon's hearing solutions support you with your Hearing loss. As a result, you can communicate better with friends or family again. So if you have hearing damage, you can use it with Bernafon hearing aids optimally equalise.

Certain speech elements, or music, are often in very high frequency ranges. You may not be able to perceive this correctly as a result of your hearing loss. So that you can recognize these frequencies naturally, hearing aids from Bernafon help you. Finally you can also perceive and hear high frequencies again. Bernafon has everything that is necessary for full speech recognition. So you can hear your beloved music and understand language again.

Bernafon's own technological creations

Bernafon has developed many different technologies to make today's modern hearing aid wearer happy. This includes the-free technology, audio efficiency technology, BeFlex technology, Bluetooth technology and DECS technology. These are shown individually in the following.

ChannelFree technology:

This particularly modern technology was developed directly by the Bernafon. It is used for signal processing. You especially use the function to listen to music. You can use the audio signals that go in as a whole. Nothing needs to be divided into other channels multiple times. Consequently, for example, you harmoniously perceive the musical tones. As a result, you don't have to worry about losing audio quality. As a result, the sound is rich and natural.

Audio Efficiency technology:

Depending on the power level, a Bernafon hearing aid also has this technology to help you understand speech better. Then you can cope as a hearing aid wearer in any environment, because you experience better sounds. The functions improve speech comprehension immensely. You also enjoy maximum hearing comfort even in a louder environment. The audio feedback is suppressed before problems occur.

BeFlex technology:

The adaptation process is simplified by this technology. Your advantage is that your hearing aid acoustician or audiologist can program the device right at the beginning so that it can work with the basic, medium or luxury functions. As a result, customers can switch between different classes. This gives you a better feeling for the appropriate technology level, which is best suited for you. This saves you time, effort and patience with lengthy adjustments.

Bluetooth technology:

Bernafon hearing aids from the Zerena, Viron or Chronos classes have a Bluetooth interface, so you can do anything connect wirelessly to another device and initiate a transfer. You will also receive an additional TV adapter. This allows you to transfer the sounds of TV without cables to your hearing aid with good quality. Accordingly, you no longer have to fear disturbing background sounds. The same also works with the landline telephone. A special phone adapter is available directly for your hearing aid.

DECS technology:

So that the signals are processed better, this technology is used with a special system. The sounds are classified for certain noise situations. This is the basis for good hearing in every situation. For Bernafon, it is not enough to simply classify the sounds. It is important to be able to process the acoustic signals appropriately. This is exactly what the system is designed for. Consequently, no hard classification limits are drawn. Moreover, this leads to a seamless and dynamic amplification. The company's goal in manufacturing hearing aids is to capture the world as it really is. This will return you to a good hearing.

The iPhone hearing aid Zerena

This model series has a lot to offer, you have the choice of various hearing aid types. How about the RITE version, for example? As a customer, you even enjoy a rechargeable option in these versions. It can also be a model for behind the ear or you choose one in the ear model from this series. You also have the choice from a total of five technology levels, which are: 9,7, 5,3 and one. The differences relate both to the selection of channels and the possibilities, as well as to the adaptation. Most of these models have a Bluetooth feature. So you can easily use your hearing aid with an Android smartphone or iPhone connect. The smallest hearing aid ever made by Bernafon is the Zeren IIC hearing aid.

The chip is super fast and particularly powerful. Bluetooth technology saves energy at just 2.4 GHz. An intermediate device is not necessary for a connection.

The environment of the sound is automatically analyzed by these hearing aids, this happens constantly. This procedure is carried out with precision and maximum speed. This improves your language comprehension enormously. Thus, the noise is reduced and the speech signals are not disturbed. This results in a measurement of a relationship between speech and noise. This information is forwarded directly to the processor. Therefore, only the voice signals can be amplified with this technique.

Analyze hearing environment in real time with a Bernafon Viron hearing aid

The first hearing aid with True Environment Processing comes from this series. Never before has there been such a chip platform. Thus, the sound can be detected and utilized in real time. This offers many advantages for you as a hearing aid wearer. Your acoustic environment is immediately perceived and processed. You also enjoy dynamic feedback suppression. You can also choose a Mini-RITE. In a dynamic and noisy environment, this system improves speech comprehension enormously. This allows you to master everyday situations very naturally and realistically.

Not only is these devices classified, but the information can amount to up to 33,000 a second. The amplifier power can be adjusted up to 20 000 times a second. Your listening environment is always analyzed and adjusted, which happens in Real time. Artificial sound images are thus avoided equally. For you as a hearing aid wearer, a very natural sound world then arises. This comes very close to reality and reality.

You can order this model series in four different behind the ear models. There are three power levels available, and you also have the choice of different color combinations. If it is an inflatable hearing aid, the model version Mini RITE T R is particularly suitable. You will receive a charger with induction technology. In total, it does not take more than 3 hours before the battery is 100% charged. Then you can wear your hearing aid again all day long.

Smartphone compatible with Bluetooth functions

All of Bernafon's models mentioned above are also suitable for iPhone. This allows you to directly control and communicate everything. By the way, this applies to all Apple devices if you want to be mobile. A conference microphone, as well as a Remote control are additionally also present. The optimal accessories make your everyday life easier with your tablet or smartphone. Which brand you have doesn't matter here. The simple connection possibility is a clear advantage. So you can use everything easier.

The Bluetooth technology is particularly energy-saving with 2.4 GHz. Transmission via Bluetooth does not require much energy as a result. All of the mentioned models you can Earphone you can use it to listen to music or other audio signals. Even the audio track from your TV can be easily transmitted and played back in the best quality. By the way, you will also find a Bernafon EasyControl app for even more comfort.

Older Bernafon hearing aid models

In your research, you may encounter the older Bernafon hearing aids, which may be: Inzia, Win, Neo, Dalia, Avanti, Prio, Chronos, Verite, Veras, Xtreme and Move.

If you have questions or want to make comparisons, we will be happy to help you.

The entry class with Inzia 1, Win and Neo

If you want such a Bernafon hearing aid, it may also be the entry class for you. This refers to a very high level of comfort in noisy ambient situations or best language comprehensibility. Feedback is thus reduced. You have the choice in the ear hearing aids and behind the ear hearing aids. The prices start at approx. 700 Euro, possibly Cash restitutions have not yet been considered here.

Bernafon hearing aids with technology level three: Inzia 3, Avanti and Prio

These devices also have three programs so you can enjoy an automatic customization in everyday life. Different hearing situations then do not cause any problems. In addition, customizing your hearing habits is not a problem for such hearing aids. You have the choice of behind the ear hearing aids and in the ear hearing aids at this power class three. Of course, the product you want to choose is decisive. Here you can expect prices from about 1000 euros, possible cash benefits have not yet been taken into account.

Technology level five of Bernafon hearing aids: Chronos 5, Verite 5, Veras 5X and Xtreme

Here you can expect the full range of equipment, such as Bluetooth transmission and many more functions. If you have extremely limited hearing or even need to resolve high hearing loss in everyday life, this category is great for you. Prices start from about 1500 euros, refunds from cash desks have not yet been deducted.

Technology level seven of Bernafon hearing aids: Chronos 7, Verite 7, Veras 7 and Move

With this class, you can achieve better spatial orientation with the help of special functions. Pulse-like noise is quickly suppressed. In this price range, you have the choice of in the ear hearing aids and behind the ear hearing aids. On average, prices start at about 2000 euros, and possible cash receipts have not yet been taken into account.

Absolute top class with technology level nine: Chronos 9, Verite 9 and Veras 9

If it can be the absolute top class, it should be such a highlight product. The sounds are particularly natural, you will notice that at the latest when listening to music or visiting the cinema. Here, too, you can choose from in the ear hearing aids or behind the ear hearing aids. The decisive factor is the product you want to buy. Prices start at approx. 2500 Euro, possible cash charges have not yet been deducted.

Overview of all Bernafon In-the-Ear (IdO) and Behind-the-Ear (TisO) hearing aids

Here you can find an overview of all designs and models of Bernafon with the respective levels:



Construction forms



Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), behind-the-ear

9 - High-end

7 - Premium

5 - Middle class

Viron R

Mini receiver-in-the-ear (mRITE)

9 - High-end

7 - Premium

5 - Middle class


Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), Behind-the-ear (FO), Complete-in-the-channel (CIC), Invisible in the channel (IIC), In-the-ear hearing aid (idO)

9 - High-end

7 - Premium

5 - Middle class

3 - Standard

1 - Beginners


Super Power Behind-the-Ear

7 - Premium

3 - Standard


Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), In-the-ear hearing aid (idO)

9 - High-end

7 - Premium


Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), In-the-ear hearing aid (idO)

5 - Middle class

3 - Standard


behind The ear (HdO)

1 - Beginners


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