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Widex is the third largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world. There is constant, very close cooperation with specialists and audiological researchers on an international level with the company. That is why Widex offers a wide range of such products and digital hearing aids.

If you have severe hearing impairment or hearing loss, you can get back to life with a Widex hearing aid. This will improve your quality of life immensely. The company cooperates with numerous research institutes as well as with university hospitals. In addition, the exchange with scientists is a top priority in order to continuously improve the hearing aids.

On the one hand there is the design, on the other hand it is the technology of Widex hearing aids that will change your life. The designs and housings are unique, the technical solutions offer you enormous comfort and top performance. You can buy Widex hearing aids in all designs, you can choose from different price ranges and technology levels.

The Widex company

When it comes to hearing aids, Widex has been one of the leading manufacturers since 1956, when the company was founded in Denmark by the Westermann and Topholm families. The products are now sold in more than 100 countries around the world. The company employs over 4,000 people worldwide. The head office is in Denmark, in Lynge.

Widex is a true pioneer in the field of digital technology for hearing aids. The Senso was the first digital hearing aid on the market in 1996. Hearing aid technology has continued to evolve since then. That is why there are so many Widex hearing aids that are offered and touted by hearing care professionals. The very first digital in-the-ear hearing aid was also developed by Widex. In 2018 the company shone with the product called Evoke and the artificial intelligence of this new generation.

A German branch of Widex also has a location in Germany; to be precise, the company is located in Stuttgart. In 1951, the predecessor company called Micro Technic was founded there.

A merger with the company Sivantos and, among others, the brands Siemens, Siginia and Audibene took place in 2018. That was the reason why it is now the third largest hearing aid company in the world.

The latest and most modern hearing aids from Widex

You can choose from different hearing aid models, if you want one from Widex. You choose the hearing aid with the best design or technology level for your needs. Each model has its own design and its own brand name.

The classification of Widex devices is based on the technology level, the design and the product range. The highest technology level with the number 440 applies to the Unique model series. If you choose an invisible in-ear hearing aid, it will be placed deep in your ear canal. It is then invisible to others.

You can choose from different color options for Widex hearing aids. You are welcome to use such a hearing aid for tinnitus therapy. There are also new technologies and developments from Widex for this purpose. Have you heard of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

The technology levels of Widex hearing aids

Most products and hearing aids have up to four power levels. This is how you can tell the complexity and price of the hearing aid. The highest technology level of Widex devices is 440. If your lifestyle is very appealing and you are an active person, or your needs are very diverse, then this high-tech model from Widex should be. In noisy environments, you can easily take part in group discussions, and business meetings will no longer be a problem for you.

Widex's middle technology level is 330 and 220. If you encounter typical listening situations in everyday life, this middle class is definitely suitable for you. This is suitable if your requirements are relatively simple and less complex.

The number combination 110 refers to the technological entry level of Widex devices. You may be less socially active, or you may have mostly one-on-one conversations in a simple and quiet setting. Then it can be such an entry-level device for you.

The artificial intelligence of Widex hearing aids - the Widex Evoke

This is the currently most appealing premium hearing aid from Widex, we're talking about the Evoke 440. With the help of the app, you can personalize the sound and adjust all your preferences. You can easily connect to your Apple devices and you can also adjust the high audio quality. You can also enjoy energy-saving Bluetooth technology with 2.4 GHz. With it you can transfer the audio tracks for your music enjoyment, for example. The same goes for television. This does not affect the batteries.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the artificial intelligence method of these Widex hearing aids. You also use permanent machine learning. Several sound patterns and tones are personalized and set via the app. So of course you can hear. You simply choose your favorite variant. The algorithms will help you so that your personalized profile can be set correctly. With your app on your smartphone, you virtually replace a hearing aid acoustician for fine-tuning. You can also treat your tinnitus with your hearing aid, masking tones are generated for this. Then it is easier to ignore the typical tinnitus noise.

You can regulate both balance and volume settings using the app. Of course, the same thing works with two Widex hearing aids. The use is completely individual and you determine everything. By the way, the app is free for you. An update takes place automatically. Coupling via Bluetooth is necessary for this. The process is very user-friendly and sophisticated for you. You can find all information about the functions of the app online. So you can control your hearing aid perfectly.

Perfect for iPhone owners - the Widex Beyond

This is the latest invention from Widex. If you're a proud iPhone user and owner, you'll be fine with it right away. The radio zones are very advanced and perfectly matched to Apple devices. With it you can, for example, transfer music perfectly and use the special technologies with DEX. You can easily connect your hearing aid to your TV to watch TV. You can also use the iPhone app to check and personalize your hearing aid. This hearing aid is state-of-the-art and particularly technologically advanced.

The advantageous function of the integrated processor amounts to 100 percent signal separation. The latency times are particularly low, the hearing aid has a total of four transducers. In this way, the quality of the tones can always be improved and the signal arrives smoothly. This is especially important with audio content or music if you want to transfer it. You can also hear better in a conversation. The sound equalizer takes care of that. This is how the language reaches you clearly. The noise cancellation ensures that the sounds remain clear. This also works in a very complex environment, such as a restaurant. Communication with others is then particularly easy for you, because you can always listen to your conversation partner. Your social situations can then be made easier and very comfortable.

The particularly energy-efficient design of the Widex Beyond will also impress you. Although very advanced processing components have been used, the hearing aid is always energy-saving on the move. In everyday life, the hearing aid does not need more than two mA of current on average. This is much less than the typical standard hearing aid models. You need conventional disposable batteries for this hearing aid. With the newer model, you use a rechargeable battery. You may not like it when you have to replace small batteries. This can be avoided if you choose the model with the battery. So you stay flexible. You can also change your mind later. We would be happy to advise you on this.

The wind noise can also be suppressed with a special function. Disturbances caused by the wind are automatically suppressed and compensated for by the algorithm. This can sometimes be irritating for the hearing aid wearer. This is exactly where your Widex hearing aid helps, because strong wind noises should never affect you again. So you can also have conversations outside.

With this model, too, you can choose from different price categories and models. It can be a popular receiver in the hearing aid canal. You can also use it to connect the iPhone and transfer the audio content directly. The number of custom settings available differ between models. Depending on what budget you have available, you make your choice here. You are welcome to try out all the technology levels to determine yourself. So you know which variant best suits your individual needs. We are happy to help you here too, you are welcome to let us advise you.

Widex hearing aids with tinnitus functions

Widex also has a focus on specific tinnitus functions. This means that you can set and select a variety of tinnitus therapies with a special program. This contributes significantly to the medical treatment plan so that you can suppress and hide the annoying tinnitus.

Additional equipment from Widex

At Widex you also get practical additional devices that support you in everyday life. These are:

Com-DEX, Uni-DEX and Phone-DEX

This gives you the best technical solution for your smartphone. You can easily transfer the audio content directly to your hearing aid.

Phone DEX

This means that every landline phone call can be transmitted directly to your hearing aid.

TV-DEX and remote control RC-DEX

So you can easily watch TV and transfer all audio content to your hearing aid.


This neck tube will help you to connect to the telecoil of your hearing aid.

SCOLA FM system

With this technical system you have advantages in public facilities, such as in lecture halls, classrooms or schools.

Our hearing aid acousticians will be happy to help you if you have any questions about the respective Widex hearing aid models. This makes it easier to have adjustments made or to select a device.

Older hearing aids from Widex

During your research, you may have come across other Widex hearing aids that are of the older generation. These can no longer be bought, they may be: lear, Mind, Passion, Micro, Inteo, Aikia, Flash, Real or Bravo.

The HD hearing system from Widex - the Widex Clear

You enjoy the absolute best sound in HD quality. By the way, you can enjoy that with the models 220, 330 and 440. The color variants and price ranges vary. This offers you the highest level of listening comfort. The wireless connection using Bluetooth is particularly noteworthy. For example, you can use your TV or stereo system with even greater ease.

You can adjust all settings directly to personalize your hearing aid. With this you can create your own hearing profile. For this, a three-dimensional sound analysis is carried out for you. Your ear virtually leaves a unique fingerprint. So your preferences are saved. This series offers the following special functions:

  • Noise cancellation
  • Orientation towards the interlocutor
  • Bluetooth connection with audio devices
  • Spatial hearing
  • Suppression of whistle sounds
  • Emphasis on the other party's voice
  • Suppression of feedback
  • Speech enhancement
  • Automatic volume control
  • Binaurality

With these hearing aids, speech is amplified automatically. If you participate in a good conversation or one-on-one conversation, the environment will automatically adjust.

Hi-fi quality for two-way listeners with the Widex Mind

This little sound miracle will convince you too, once you have tried it out. It doesn't matter whether music or voice should be transmitted, because the Dual ISP technology platform does everything for you in every situation. Your listening experience is therefore always tailor-made and perfect. The functions of such Widex hearing aids are:

  • Reinforcement of high notes
  • Emphasis on the other party's voice
  • Orientation towards the interlocutor
  • Tinnitus reduction
  • Speech enhancement
  • Feedback suppression
  • Frequency shift
  • Directional hearing
  • Tinnitus masking
  • Suppression of annoying whistling

Loud and quiet noises are authentically perceived and redirected by TruSound technology. Hearing will never be uncomfortable for you. Such hearing aids have automatic feedback detection. Therefore, there are no unpleasant noises. These models are priced in a range of 1500 to 3000 euros - possible cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

A combination of design and technology - Widex Passion

These Widex hearing aids are made very small and compact. The design is very modern and consistent. That is why it was awarded the Red Dot Award. These hearing aids also convince technically.

This allows you to enjoy an authentic reproduction of a wide variety of sounds. The following functions make your everyday life easier:

Good sound quality with high tones

Tinnitus reduction

Good language understanding

Hearing aids can be paired with TV

Frequency shift

Tinnitus suppression

Individual adaptation to different listening situations

High quality sound

So you can understand speech well and enjoy a high level of listening comfort. The price is between 1500 and 3000 euros, possible cash benefits have not yet been deducted.

Inteo-m, AIKIA-m and Flash-m - Widex Micro

Here, too, you can freely choose your attractive design and also have a choice of different colors. These models are also suitable for babies or children. The excellent sound quality is to be emphasized.

Inexpensive and of high quality - Widex Bravo and Real

You can also order and use these models as in-ear hearing aids or behind-the-ear hearing aids. The pleasant wearing comfort will convince you that speech comprehension is excellent. At the same time, you enjoy simple operation in everyday life, and the price-performance ratio is uniquely good. The prices for these models start at 800 euros, any cash payments have not yet been deducted.

These entry-level models are for you if your listening needs are not very complex. Maybe you are looking for something for a low budget - then it can be exactly such a model from Widex. Even in a noisy environment, this hearing aid gives you good speech intelligibility. Incidentally, you get the Bravo hearing aids from Widex free of additional payments, a maximum additional payment of up to 300 euros is possible.

Overview of the current WIDEX hearing aids

Here is a small overview of all models and designs of Widex hearing aids:




Widex Evoke

Behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), mini receiver-in-the-ear (mRITE), in-the-ear hearing aid (idO), completely-in-the-canal (CIC), invisible in the canal ( IIC)

110 - beginners

220 - standard

330 - middle class

440 - Premium

Widex Beyond

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

220 - standard

330 - middle class

440 - Premium

Widex Unique

Behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), mini receiver-in-the-ear (mRITE), in-the-ear hearing aid (idO), completely-in-the-canal (CIC), invisible in the canal ( IIC)

110 - beginners

220 - standard

330 - middle class

440 - Premium

Widex Dream

Behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), mini receiver-in-ear (mRITE), in-the-ear hearing aid (idO), complete-in-canal (CIC)

110 - beginners

220 - standard

Widex super

RITE hearing aid for severe to profound hearing loss

220 - standard

440 - Premium

Widex baby

RITE hearing aid for toddlers

440 - Premium


RITE, mini BTE for one-sided deafness

440 - Premium

Image source of the Widex logo: www.widex.ch
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