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Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer from Canada. Mainly, the company focuses on enabling language and understanding of language. That is why speech recognition has been at the center of research at Unitron for more than 50 years. Unitron is now even part of the Sonova Group in Switzerland.

With a hearing aid, you can cope better with your everyday life with hearing loss. Language understanding has developed significantly over the past 100 years. This is the basis of the numerous innovations. Even if the difficult conditions seem overwhelming, you can cope better with your everyday life with better speech understanding through a modern hearing aid.

Unitron has its own research department. This employs more than 100 people. The employees work exclusively on the further development of hearing aid technology. Unitron, for example, has aroused admiration worldwide with its SmartFocus technology. If, for example, there is interference or other ambient noise, this can be suppressed using this technology. There is even clinical evidence of this. Unitron hearing aids are both smart and modern. You will find a wide variety of designs in the wide range. We will give you a brief overview of the models.

The Unitron company

The hearing aid manufacturer from Canada shines with innovative products in the field of hearing aids. The company's own research facility in Canada confirms its competence. There are also branches in the USA and numerous partnerships with hearing aid acousticians, for example with us. Unitron is from Ontario, Canada. Today, however, the headquarters are in Plymouth, Minnesota - this city is located in the United States of America. Unitron's products are sold in more than 46 countries around the world.

The company was founded around 50 years ago in Canada. Unitron is now part of the Swiss Sonova Group. This group also includes other well-known and modern hearing aid manufacturers, such as Phonak, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and acoustic chains such as Audia, Bruckhoff, Geers and Vitaakustik.

Understanding the language is always central to Unitron. Speech comprehension is constantly improving. You can see the technological advances for yourself. These arise again and again through cooperation. Unitron also works with the Universities of Toronto, Rochester, Louisiana and Iowa, among others. The National Audiology Center of the University of Western Ontario is also involved. The research department employs over 100 people and clinical studies are carried out on a regular basis.

The company also cares for the communities where Unitron employees live and work. Unitron also supports numerous fundraising campaigns such as those of the Lions Foundation, the Hear the World Foundation and the Lions International Bank.

Modern hearing aids from Unitron

You can choose from numerous different types of hearing aids what suits you best. When it comes to choosing Unitron hearing aids, you should take your time choosing the right one. You will find numerous differences in the technical properties, as well as in the design and size of the Unitron hearing aids. Mainly, however, you will see a difference between in-the-ear hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids from Unitron. From several different device subclasses and optional functions, you can choose exactly what can best offer you support as a hearing aid and bring maximum wearing comfort.

Most Unitron models offer you up to five performance levels. The degree of complexity and the different price categories are reflected in these technology levels of Unitron hearing aids. The highest level of technology from Unitron hearing aids relates to the Pro and 800 models. If you expect a lot of technology and performance, or if you have a demanding lifestyle, then this variant may be for you. You can cover a wide range of hearing needs with this. Group discussions or business meetings are then no longer a problem for you.

The middle technology level of the Unitron hearing aids relates to the 700 models. If your everyday requirements are relatively simple and your listening situations are also typical, this middle technology level is suitable for you. You can expect the simplest technological level from Unitron hearing aids, which have the designation 600 and 500. If you are a hearing aid wearer who is less socially active, you can choose one. This means that discussions in small groups or one-on-one discussions are no longer a problem.

At Unitron, you make your choice from a wide variety of product families with various performance levels. The degrees of technology are particularly sophisticated and you use numerous functions. The more power, the higher the selling price of the Unitron hearing aids.

Unitron Moxi hearing aids

With this product family, you can choose from a total of four RIC hearing aids. This means that the receiver is directly in the channel. These models are: Moxi Now, Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss and Moxi Dura. The size of the hearing aids is different. These models are suitable for almost any hearing loss. Each model has different characteristics. The individual models include the following:

  • Moxi Fit R.
  • Moxi All R
  • Moxi Now
  • Moxi Fit
  • Moxi All
  • Moxi Kiss
  • Moxi Dura

Moxi Fit R is a particularly new version, you can recharge this hearing aid. The Moxi Kiss 2 makes it possible to have different functions activated after purchase. We are happy to help you to adapt your hearing aid to your needs. The automatic SmartFocus also offers you huge support when you want to add a new wireless zone. You can use it to improve the SpeechZone, for example.

Unitron Stride hearing aids

This product line offers you a total of three behind the ear hearing aids from Unitron. The performance levels vary. The individual models include:

  • Stride M R
  • Stride M
  • Stride P dura
  • Stride P

In total, you can choose from five technology levels from this series that which helps you best. This product line is the most versatile from Unitron.

Unitron Max hearing aids

This line of hearing aids from Unitron consists of two traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids. You can choose from a total of three technology levels. If u have a very severe or profound hearing loss, this variant is very suitable for you.

Tinnitus hearing aids and hearing aids for children from Unitron

Unitron does not offer special hearing aids for children, infants, or adolescents. Nevertheless, all Unitron hearing aids offer tinnitus functions that support you in everyday life. This can mask your tinnitus. There are also numerous designs that are suitable for pediatric care. A direct audio input is very helpful when studying in school or in the classroom, for example.

The function called Flex ensures that the data is logged. If you have a hearing aid for the first time, this variant is very suitable for you. You can collect your experiences with the hearing aid in real time, with an app for your smartphone you can make all settings. As your hearing aid acoustician, we will support you in recruiting when it comes to preferences. This is how you program your hearing aid optimally.

Incidentally, tinnitus masking is included in all product families and technology levels of Unitron hearing aids. We are happy to help you with these settings as well.

Additional equipment from Unitron

Unitron offers numerous accessories and additional devices to support you in everyday listening. This improves your listening experience significantly. We are also happy to advise you in order to find the right accessories that are suitable for you.

A good understanding and the best sound, as well as maximum speech intelligibility are the goal of Unitron devices. Compromises are avoided, thanks to the connection via uDirect to cell phones, televisions or MP3 players.

The direct connection promises you brilliant and pure sounds. The sound is transmitted directly to your hearing aid. You can also use the function as a remote control with the Era, Passport and Latitude platforms.

uControl app

This app is perfect for your smartphone and hearing aid to make adjustments and settings. In this way, we, as your hearing aid acousticians, receive all the necessary information.

Remote control

This device is a remote control. You can use it to change the volume, for example, or make other settings on your hearing aid.

Smart Control

This remote control gives you full access to your hearing aid when it comes to your preferences and settings. In addition, the excellent sound quality and speech recognition are particularly useful in everyday life.

IIC control

This Unitron remote control is the smallest and particularly discreet.


If your mobile phone, music player or TV has Bluetooth, you can use it to transfer the audio content.


This makes an ideal hands-free system because all audio content is transmitted. You can also use stereo sound from your music player, TV or mobile phone. These must have Bluetooth.


This microphone works without any cables. For example, you can hear and hear a speaker more easily in a difficult environment.


So you can watch your favorite program while watching TV, this adapter supports you. You can also regulate the volume individually.

Older hearing aids from Unitron

While researching Unitron hearing aids, you may have come across older models that you can no longer buy. These include, for example: Quantum, Moxi, Passport, Latitude, Shine, 360, Tandem, Yuu or Next. If you want to make comparisons, we would be happy to support you with serious advice.

Premium hearing aids from Unitron - the Unitron Quantum

This hearing aid works fully automatically. The series will convince you in every way. The adaptation takes place completely automatically in every acoustic situation. Even if the situation is relatively difficult and challenging, this is not a problem for such Quantum hearing aids from Unitron. You can actively participate in all conversations. The good sound convinces you at first glance, so you can, for example, also perceive pure music enjoyment in stereo. Telephone calls are no longer a problem either, the content is transmitted directly to both ears if you need it.

Shapely small hearing aids - Unitron Moxi hearing aids

This version by Unitron is particularly small and elegant. The hearing aid can hardly be seen behind the ear. The open ear canal makes it comfortable to wear, and you can also enjoy a very natural sound with this hearing aid from Unitron. You'll never feel like your ears are clogged again. You don't have to compromise on technology either. The automatic noise reduction ensures that you can always understand clear speech. You can also pair phones with it.

An individual premium hearing aid from Unitron - the Unitron Passport

With these hearing aids you can use numerous functions. An individual configuration is not a problem. The respective listening situation is adapted immediately. You choose the right one from your hearing program. Your hearing aid adapts automatically to various environmental situations. Wireless transmission of various content is also possible. For example, you can easily pair your mobile phone. The prices of these models amount to approx. 1500 euros without any cash benefits taken into account.

Technology of your choice with Unitron Latitude hearing aids

You choose the right one from different technology levels. The best way to get started is with model number four, for example. You always choose the hearing program you want. Variant eight, for example, offers you automatic program selection. With level 16 hearing aids, you can configure your hearing program yourself. The WLAN technology should also be emphasized here. This makes it easy to couple other devices. You can expect prices starting at 1000 to 2000 euros without taking into account possible cash benefits. 

Shine hearing aids from Unitron are great value for money

You will find numerous different designs and performance classes with these hearing aids. If you want to enter the world of Unitron products, this model series is the ideal entry point. The sound is particularly clear, the same applies to speech understanding. An automatic volume control makes your everyday life easier. Attractive directional microphones and AntiShock technology help you hear. Depending on the equipment and model, you pay around 1000 euros for such hearing aids from Unitron, and if you have health insurance, this series is even free of charge for you.

360, Tandem, Yuu and Next from Unitron

You can also expect maximum performance from these hearing aids. These are suitable, for example, for very severe or profound hearing loss. The models are available for prices between 1000 and 2000 euros, without any cash benefits being deducted. Maybe you need a hearing aid for one-sided deafness? These models are designed to do just that. The transmission takes place from the good to the bad ear.

Overview of the different Unitron hearing aids

Here you can find an overview of all current Unitron models:





RIC hearing aid (miniature receiver in the canal)

Pro - high end

800 - Premium

700 - middle class

600 - standard

500 - beginners


Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Pro - high end

800 - Premium

700 - middle class

600 - standard

500 - beginners

Shine Rev

Behind-the-ear (BTE), mini BTE, in-the-ear hearing aid (idO)

Pro - high end

800 - Premium

700 - middle class

600 - standard

500 - beginners


Super Power BTE

Pro - high end

800 - Premium

700 - middle class

600 - standard

500 - beginners


In-the-ear hearing aid (idO), Invisible in the canal (IIC), Completely in the canal (CIC), In the canal (ITC)

Pro - high end

800 - Premium

700 - middle class

600 - standard

500 - beginners

Image source of the Unitron logo: www.unitron.com
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