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Starkey is a company in North America and is one of the six largest manufacturers for Hearing aids across the industry. This is because the company keeps delivering interesting technological innovations. In essence, Starkey focuses on improving understanding of speech with the help of hearing aids. This is how people enjoy Hearing loss a better quality of life.

From bad reputation to growing star

Hearing aids didn't have a really good reputation for a very long time. In recent years, however, the situation has largely changed. You have probably heard that. At that time it was an average of seven years that it took until it came into being Hearing loss came to a diagnosis and could be treated with a hearing aid. In the meantime, however, this period has shortened very sharply and dramatically. This is ensured by the small designs and new technologies of the hearing aids. So it will be easier for you, yours Accept hearing aid and you will be satisfied. Starkey stands for technical innovations and the latest developments. As a hearing aid user and Starkey customer, you will quickly see that various hearing situations can be recognized automatically in your everyday life. In addition, the feedback suppression is very beneficial when listening. A hearing aid with a water-repellent nano-coating be if that's what you want. So that noise suppression can help you, you use the Starkey SoundLens system.


The Starkey company

It was William F. Austi who founded the company directly in the USA in 1967. Originally, he only specialized in repairing hearing aids. The company soon developed its own models. The first Starkey in the ear hearing aid was presented and launched in 1973. Starkey has had a head office in Germany since 1981. The center is still in the USA in California. Starkey even runs its own research center there.

To this day, Starkey is run by an owner. The company employs over 3,600 people in more than 72 countries worldwide. The head office is in Minnesota, more precisely in Eden Prairie. The company is also involved in charities there and is active in this area. People in developing countries are helped, and Starkey offers the latest hearing technology.

Technology is Starkey's strength

Starkey has shone with in the past few years important technical developments. This includes the nano-coatings to protect the electronics and sensors, as well as the Pure Wave System and the Livio Al technology. In this way, language comprehension is actively improved. The company was also the first to bring the particularly compact version for in-ear hearing aids onto the market. You place these special hearing aids directly in front of the eardrum. So they are almost invisible.

Retail chains and other hearing aid brands are also part of Starkey. These include NuEar and Audibel, for example. You have probably heard of the products Audibel A4i, Audibel A4, Start and Synergy, NuEar, iNOW, NOW, SDS II, Intro and Synergy.

Incidentally, Starkey also markets and produces its own hearing aid brand called Micro Tech. You can get the best from the company Tinnitus Expect solutions.

Current and modern hearing aids from Starkey on the market

You can choose from different product families if you Hearing aids from Starkey in mind. The technology levels and styles also differ from each other. The latest products include, for example, devices that are compatible with smartphones and can be connected. In addition, the latest directional microphone technology should be emphasized. That’s a better one Intelligibility of language given. This is also possible in noisy situations in your everyday life. You use Bluetooth functions and can connect to external audio devices using the Muse iQ products.

The technology level "i" indicates this. You can enjoy a huge selection, depending on the version and price range. If you have an iPhone, Halo iQ products might be especially good for you.

Demanding and active everyday life?

Most products and model series offer you different performance levels. So you can choose the degree of complexity or the price. The highest technology level for Starkey hearing aids is 2400 and 2000. If you want absolute high-tech and your lifestyle is demanding and active, it may be such a device for you. This is true if your listening needs are very diverse. You should often Participate in business meetings or prefer quiet conversations or have group discussions in noisy environments, then you make your choice with exactly such models.

Simple everyday life?

On the other hand, if you prefer the standard technology level from Starkey, then it can be either 1200 or 1600. These models are suitable if your everyday requirements are relatively simple. Do you need a Starkey hearing aid for typical listening situations that are predictable and seem less complex? Then the middle class is very suitable for you.

Quiet everyday life?

By the way, the entry-level devices amount to the number 1000. If you are perhaps less socially active or mostly only have individual conversations in a small group or actually individually, then it may be an entry-level device for you.

All power levels offer you high-frequency technology, directional microphones, feedback suppression and noise reduction. So various background noises are suppressed even in a noisy environment. Examples for this are:


  • Business meeting
  • Parks
  • Shopping centers
  • full stages


You won't hear any background noise due to the feedback suppression. After all, that's important in conversations. You use the directional microphone so that you can concentrate on the right person during the conversation. Thus the voice of the conversation partner is specifically amplified. In addition, the background noise is reduced at the same time.

Starkey's patent for high frequency technology: Starkey hearing aids can detect and reproduce high frequency sounds. They do that in the lower frequency range. So you can hear them more easily. In this case, there is very often high-frequency hearing loss. Maybe you are affected too. Then you have difficulty hearing the voices of children or women. This is exactly where a Starkey hearing aid comes in and solves your problems.


The Starkey hearing aid models and their differences

As already mentioned, you can choose from different Starkey product families. You can differentiate these through the respective technology performance levels. Your requirements for communication and your lifestyle are always decisive. Then you will make the optimal choice for your required technology level of Starkey hearing aids. We are happy to advise you on this. Our hearing aid acousticians are at your side at all times.

If you want to use Bluetooth technology, choose the designation i for the Starkey hearing aids. You can find the different Starkey technology levels as follows in the description:

i2400 (Premium and High End)

If you have a very active lifestyle, this level is very suitable for you. Maybe you often have conversations in your car or like to go to the theater. The hearing aid with such a performance is also suitable for the cinema or various music performances.

i2000 (middle class)

Maybe you are a hearing aid user with a very active lifestyle. Then you probably spend a lot of time in work groups and want to be able to communicate and hear well. The same applies to common situations in a meeting or maybe you work in a noisy office.

i1600 (standard)

If your lifestyle is not very active, this variant is suitable. With this you can have good one-on-one conversations and can go to church services or visit a restaurant.

i1200 (entry-level)

If your lifestyle is predictable and calm, then this stage may be for you. In this case, your communication requirements are relatively low.

i1000 (entry-level)

If you are on a tight budget, then this hearing aid may be for you. This is also good for a quiet lifestyle and if you mostly have one-on-one conversations in a quiet environment.

Muse, Muse IQ, Halo 2 and Halo IQ devices from Starkey offer you a Bluetooth function

There are also devices that are specifically designed for the Apple iPhone, and Starkey specializes in this. Even if you have profound hearing loss, you will find exactly the right model at Starkey.

The ease of use and longevity of Starkey hearing aids deserve special mention. All models have a nano-coating. This will keep your hearing aid protected. There are then no problems with dirt, moisture or ear wax. In addition, the level of performance remains particularly stable.


Your Starkey hearing aid tinnitus therapy

Do you have problems with one Tinnitus? In this case too, Starkey can help you with his own therapy solution. The Livio, Muse, Muse IQ, Halo 2 and Soundlens Synergy models are particularly suitable for this case. You can even set your preferred acoustic signals personally.

You simply choose a tone of your choice for the Tinnitus to suppress. So there is no longer any distraction from the tinnitus and you can concentrate on the most important things. You soon get used to it and your brain learns which sounds are relevant and which are not.


Pediatric functions and children hearing aids from Starke

Starkey does not produce any explicit hearing aids for Children, however, there are special features and a service specially tailored for children. Starkey enables special pediatric features as well as free new customizations for one year old children. There is also a pediatric care set with all tools and a hearing manual.


Suitable for any type of hearing loss - Starkey Muse iQ

If you want a hearing aid that can produce a natural sound in almost any environment, it can be a Starkey hearing aid. Speech comprehension is generally improved, voices and words are amplified, while strange noises can be filtered out. Even in a highly complex noise environment, you will have no hearing problems.

The audio improvement takes place in the range of around 6 dB. You will then understand the language even more clearly. The binaural hearing is supported if you two using such hearing aids. The management software is particularly advanced and offers you a single listening experience that comes very close to natural hearing. The other function with the Lifescape Analyzer will also help you.

This allows you to recognize the situation, the hearing aid automatically calibrates all sounds for you. You use a total of seven sound classes. These cover almost all situations in everyday life. Examples are work presentations, family meals, theater visits or live concerts. The practical Bluetooth function is also an advantage for you. This allows you to transfer the audio tracks directly. A connection option with the iPhone is possible for you. You don't need an additional device for this.

You enjoy a huge selection of different designs with the respective performance levels. You can therefore make a selection depending on the severity of the hearing loss. You can also find CIC models from this hearing aid family at Starkey.


The iPhone hearing aid from Starkey - Halo IQ

If you have an iPhone, this hearing aid will convince you. Again, you use the advanced Bluetooth Technology and can transmit audio content directly. You have no background noise, your listening experience is very pleasant. The connectivity is also possible with different Apple devices.

School performances or joint video evenings are no longer a challenge, but a wonderful experience. The tones are razor-sharp. You are also no longer disturbed by strange noises.

Incidentally, you also use the Starkey hearing aids as headphones if you want to listen to music, for example. The audio content is transferred directly from your Apple device. So you can listen to music or watch a movie. Low frequencies or high frequencies are amplified to match exactly. The device adapts to your individual hearing loss. The sound experience is always very high quality for you.

The same also applies to the transmission of telephone calls. There are no whistling noises or other disturbing noises. The new technology automatically suppresses feedback. So you can make phone calls without interference.


Your TruLink app for your iPhone

With this App you can control and adjust everything individually. This applies to your music requests as well as phone calls. The user interface is very simple, the same applies to the navigation in the app. This allows you to control all settings and make them individually. We are happy to help you if you want to set your device using this app. You can use it to program your hearing aid yourself, or have it programmed. Even the location can be determined and saved using the integrated satellite map.

You can also set the volume of your hearing aid using this application. Operation is very easy. The app even has a localization function so that you never lose or misplace your hearing aid again. So you can always find your hearing aid when you look for it.


Older Starkey hearing aids

You may also have come across older Starkey hearing aids during your research. Examples are: AMP, Wi-Series, X-Series, 3-Series, S-Series, Xino, Ignite or Destiny.

The X series from Starkey

You can enjoy the best speech through the X series hearing aids from Starkey. These are available in different forms, for example as an invisible in-ear hearing aid or as a behind-the-ear hearing aid. Background noises are optimally suppressed. The language is amplified at the same time. So you can easily engage in a conversation in a noisy environment. In addition, wind and weather do not cause problems. The same applies to traffic noise, because everything is filtered out perfectly. Thanks to the feedback suppression, whistling tones get in the background and you can no longer hear the noise.

Your sensitive hearing aid and electronics are optimally protected by the HydraShield system. This also ensures that your Starkey hearing aid has a very long service life. You can adjust the volume individually. The setting is made directly on the device itself for larger ones behind the ear hearing aids. You can transfer your content from stereo systems, smartphones or television to the hearing aid.

Crystal clear sound from the S and S IQ series from Starkey

The crystal clear sound is particularly noteworthy here, unpleasant whistling noises fade into the background. You can do this with the help of feedback suppression. Unwanted noises are faded out, speech is amplified. You can adjust the volume either via an extra external remote control or via sensor buttons on the device.


Transfer audio content from your smartphone or television with the Starkey Wi series

You can also use other comfort functions and similar features with this range of hearing aids. You enjoy targeted suppression of feedback or other background noises. This will give you a very good sound. You can also communicate well in noisy situations. You can use an additional device to transfer the audio content from your computer, radio or television directly to your hearing aid.


Detect listening situations automatically with the Ignite series

Different requirements arise automatically in the respective listening situations in your everyday life. The voice of the person you are talking to cannot always be recognized when the environment is very complicated and loud. Exactly such hearing aids from Starkey have specialized in this. The important voice is recognized and emphasized or amplified for you. This also happens with loud background noise. Wind noise, for example, is also effectively suppressed so that you can hear and understand your conversation partner well.

This is exactly what this series of devices from Starkey is designed for. Listening situations are automatically recorded and recognized. The acoustic signals from the environment are analyzed and classified by the hearing aid. Your hearing aid will be adjusted automatically. Interfering noises or background noises are automatically removed, there is no feedback and there is also no whistling. You can of course change the volume or the hearing program manually if necessary.


A barely visible hearing aid as the CIC - SoundLens and AMP

If you don't want your hearing aid to be seen, a Starkey model can be for you. This is almost invisible and lies directly in front of an eardrum in the ear canal. The models are characterized by their small size and high performance. In addition, you can automatically suppress disturbing noise or automatically eliminate feedback.


Overview of the different Starkey hearing aids

Here is a short list for an overview of all Starkey models and designs:





Livio and Livio AI

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC, Mini RIC), behind-the-ear (BTE)

2400 AI high end

2400 premium

2000 middle class

1600 standard

Muse iQ

Receiver-in-canal (RIC, Mini RIC), behind-the-ear (BTE, Mini BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), in-canal (ITC), completely-in-canal (CIC)

i2400 Premium

i2000 middle class

i1600 standard

i1200 beginners

i1000 beginners

Muse IQ Power Plus

Super Power BTE

i2400 Premium

i2000 middle class

i1600 standard


Mini RIC, mini BTE

i2400 Premium

i2000 middle class

i1600 standard

Halo iQ

RIC hearing aid

i2400 Premium

i2000 middle class

i1600 standard

Halo 2

RIC hearing aid

i2400 Premium

i2000 middle class

i1600 standard

i1200 beginners

i1000 beginners

SoundLens Synergy IQ

Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC)

i2400 Premium

i2000 middle class

i1600 standard

SoundLens Synergy

Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC)

i2400 Premium

2400 premium

2000 middle class

1600 standard

Z Series

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC, Mini RIC), Behind-the-Ear (Mini BTE, BTE), ITC, CIC





Behind-the-ear (Mini BTE, BTE)




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