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In the field of hearing aids, Signia is a particularly familiar and well-known brand. Signia is part of the Sivantos Group as a company. You can look at numerous very modern and innovative hearing technologies from this company, the product line is very broad. That's why you use Signia hearing aids for all kinds of hearing loss.

The technology company Sivantos is recognized worldwide. The company is also known for installing IT systems and power grids. It is one of the leading providers of hearing aids. An especially effective binaural hearing system is the NX platform.

You have the choice from numerous to in ear models"as well as"behind the ear devices"and can even choose a discreet" RIC model "of this provider called Signia. The selection is huge. The color adjustment possibilities are also immense. Something can be selected for every hearing loss. The hearing aid style is divided into a total of three power levels. That's why you can find something for every budget and for every price. The innovative NX platform is virtually the flagship of all Signia hearing aids. The technology is more than forward-looking.

You can also use Signia's TeleCare service if you are a customer. This works very conveniently. From a distance, your hearing aid acoustician can support you directly. Even the status of your hearing aid can be checked using TeleCare 3.0 technology. Adjustments can also be made in this way.

Modern Signia hearing aids

You'll find two major technology platforms at Signia. This means that you can choose either the NX or the Primax version. The former is the current technology platform. NX stands for the natural experience. This means that you can perceive a particularly natural sound quality when it becomes a hearing aid from this platform. The size of the battery is described with reference to the number combinations 10, 312 and 13.

Most variants of Signia have up to three power levels. These levels of technology naturally relate to the price and degree of complexity. The highest level of technology of Signia hearing aids refers to 7NX and 7PX. If you are technically very versed and demanding as a hearing aid wearer, it may be such a product. This suits you when your lifestyle is very active and demanding. Do you have many hearing needs? You may often participate in a conversation in a noisy environment or in business meetings. Then it may be such a Signia device for you.

Signia's mid-level technology includes devices called 5NX or 5PX. If your listening requirements are relatively simple or you simply want to master the typical hearing situations with them, such a model is suitable. If you want to use Signia's simplest technology, it can be a hearing aid called 3NX, 3PX, 2PX or 1PX. If you are more of a hearing aid wearer who has individual conversations most of the time or is less socially active, you are well advised.

The latest Signia products can be recharged as far as the battery is concerned. These refer to the devices:


  • Inflexion 13NX
  • Pure 312 NX
  • Pure Charge & Go NX


Sometimes it's hard to hear the sound of your own voice when you're wearing a hearing aid. The special algorithm of these hearing aids makes it easier for you to wear the hearing aid. We are talking about the technology OVPTM. Thus, a natural sound is generated so that you can better accept the hearing aid and the sound of your own voice.


You can also buy a waterproof offer from Signia, this model is called Aquaris. You can use the device in the rain, in the Swim and wear it when showering. The hearing aid is not 100% waterproof, yet it is a very robust version with an IP 68 certification. You're also excited about a special nano coating. This makes the device very resistant to water or dust. The model is currently unavailable.

 What makes a Signia hearing aid?

Nowadays, the environments for hearing have become very complex. 20 years ago, the situations were still different. You may have a very active and busy lifestyle. Then digital and mobile hearing aids are particularly in demand. Today, models are needed that go with time. That's exactly what you can expect from a Signia and Siemens hearing aid. The modern versions are available with the functions Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For you it means in everyday life, a wireless connection with TV, tablet or Smartphone easy to manufacture.

There are also smaller hearing aid models from Signia. Suitable products also exist for young people or children. These can be carried particularly discreetly. You may need Support with yours Tinnitus or you want to choose a model that you can recharge? We are happy to advise you in detail and support you in your selection.

If you little Batteries does not like to replace, it is allowed a again the rechargeable Be Signia's hearing aid. You can place your hearing aid on the charger every night, it is ready for use early in the morning. You will be pleased that your charger simultaneously removes the moisture and serves as a dryer. This extends the Life span your Signia hearing aid.

For most Signia hearing aids, the proven Binax chip platform is the basis. Such devices can efficiently reduce and filter disturbing wind noises or background noises. Hearing aids, such as the Intuis 3 or Prompt model, you get at a very advantageous price performance ratio and can drop your choice to the middle price range. You enjoy complete compatibility with your smartphone and 16 channels.

Signia hearing aids and the beneficial functions

You can see that the manufacturer already has a lot of experience in the latest model series of the company. The individual functions make your everyday life easier. The unique integrated technology and the special features of Signia hearing aids convince you immediately.

Functions at Tinnitus: Signia's technical solutions immediately convince carriers with tinnitus. Thus, you can better cope with your disease with the tinnitus. Numerous Signia hearing aids have a so-called tinnitus function and offer you various therapy tones and tinnitus notch therapy. You can program all this yourself. Then it is easier for you to get used to your tinnitus. We are happy to help our hearing aid acoustics with the settings.

Own Voice Processing: a typical and central popular function is for the own voice processing. With the basic problems of hearing aids, this feature supports you. After all, you no longer perceive your own voice distorted. This makes you feel more comfortable wearing a hearing aid. Your body itself produces sound waves that penetrate through the bones and tissue. These are then interpreted. Signia NX hearing aids can handle such problems with a special technology. We are talking about "Ultra HDe2e binaural link."

The algorithm is aligned with the user's voice. This is processed, thereby compensating for occlusion. So the natural sound is better imitated. The conversion is dynamic. That is, this hearing aid constantly performs an adjustment. So it always depends on where you are and what ambient sounds are, or how loud you speak yourself.


Stream HD music: if you like to listen to music, you can experience it even better. You can play the recorded music brilliantly with your Signia hearing aid. Of particular note are the NX and Primax variants. You can make different settings if you want to listen to music. The same is true of a live show and concerts. So you can hear the music perfectly. Then you rejoice in a particularly good listening experience. In addition, you will enjoy the wireless Bluetooth connection with all suitable components. So you can redirect the music directly to your hearing aid. You can combine your hearing aid with other digital audio devices, such as the TV, the MP3-Player, an attachment, various Apple smartphones or a Samsung smartphone, or your stereo. The Bluetooth connection works at a speed of 2.4 GHz. As a result, high-quality music can be processed well. Whether you're listening to a radio show or a TV show, it doesn't matter in terms of quality.

The BestSound technology: this results in an excellent balance between the speech comprehensibility and the natural sounds. The development work lasted for years. You enjoy a very special microphone technology. This gives you three-dimensional forwarded sounds. The sound waves are directly located in the room and amplified into the ear via your speakers.

Compatibility with iPhone or Android: you can control and adjust Signia hearing aids using your smartphone. The direct audio input is also done on your device for most "behind the ear models." For example, you can use this in various public institutions or in a classroom with FM systems.

App with Touch Control: to improve your listening experience, you can order numerous accessories from Signia. This sometimes includes the Touch Control App, which allows a very discreet adjustment of your hearing aid via your smartphone. You can also use the traditional control system. In this case, use an easy pocket remote control. This is compatible with almost all Signia hearing aid models. With an additional device, you can even control the volume of your hearing aid and switch to different hearing programs.

With one-sided numbness: the unique CROS/BiCROS Signia's solution will convince you of problems with one-sided numbness. The battery is rechargeable and environmentally friendly. These models are suitable for people who have problems replacing the tiny batteries. You get such models either in the RIC or CIC design. This solution is suitable for all unilaterally deaf people. On the bad side, the system uses a special microphone. All sounds are diverted differently good ear. So you get the impression that both ears can hear. The "e2e wireless 3.0" technology is used here. This requires only little energy. Although there is a permanent exchange between the two ears, you are excited about a very extensive battery power.

TwinPhone: this new Signia feature will surprise you. After all, if you hold a phone to your ear, the caller's voice will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid on both sides. You'll hear the phone call straight into the stereo. For example, if you hold the phone to your left ear, you will automatically receive the phone call on both ears. Meanwhile, there are many people who make their phone calls with headphones. Studies have shown that. This preference is taken into account by the hearing aid manufacturer Signia. So it doesn't matter what type of phone you are. With this feature you can always hear stereo. In practice, this means a seamless phone call for you in everyday life. The effort for hearing is much smaller as a result.

For hearing aid, it is very difficult to distinguish sounds from sounds. You don't always want to hear everything. This is a challenge for the hearing aid. For example, if you have a conversation in a very noisy environment, such as a bar or café, it is difficult for a hearing aid. Signia's NX and Primax technology has a solution to this problem. The algorithms for this are very highly developed. Thus, relevant, important and acoustic signals are isolated. This technology has been highlighted several times in many clinical studies. The function includes:

  • Drunkenness suppression
  • Strengthening
  • Direction dependence

If you have any questions about Signia hearing aids, we will be happy to provide you with serious advice. You can call us or send us a message, we will support you in all cases!

The Signia Pure NX hearing aids

The robust construction and the compact solution are particularly important in this model range. These devices have an ITE microphone. Such models are suitable if you have moderate or severe hearing loss. The size plays an important role in this. The T-coils are also part of the standard equipment of Signia Pure hearing aids. You can also use the tinnitus therapy function with the programs.

You can connect to the Bluetooth function with either the iPhone, a smartphone from another manufacturer or various EasyPocket devices. For example, you use your smartphone as a remote control. You can download your own Signia app. This allows your hearing aid to be used and operated intuitively. The rechargeable batteries are another advantage in terms of power supply. Change the batteries at least once a year or let us help you.

Signia hearing aids Intuis 3

You have the choice of a total of five designs: RIC, SPO, IdO, ITC or CIC. If it can be a cheap entry-level model, you should get it. The hearing aid is very straightforward and easily affordable. Furthermore, the durability and user-friendly operation are to be emphasized positively. You also enjoy the function of directional microphones and noise suppression. So it's easier for you to focus on the important noise sources. This protects you from distractions. You adjust the degree of your hearing loss or amplification levels individually. Most models in this series have integrated T rinsing. Of particular note is the ergonomic design of these models.

The fit is customized. The housing impresses with its robust workmanship. Thus, such a hearing aid is dirt-repellent, heat-repellent and moisture-repellent. It is suitable for both mild and severe hearing loss. You can focus on your interlocutor better because you can use multiple directional microphones.

These microphones have a very special membrane. This in turn extends the service life. The least complex model is the RIC model from this series. This offers you a push button and a battery compartment. All models of the Intuis range offer you a collective Ext. using Bluetooth. For example, you can also use the appropriate remote control.

NX Hearing Aids Silk by Signia

This binaural and very advanced CIC hearing aid lies in your auditory canal. The size is very small. Practically, the hearing aid is invisible. But you enjoy maximum performance and many advanced features. If you're a digital affin, this variant is great for you. The device works reliably and very quickly. With Bluetooth you can connect your devices. The app makes it easy to adjust. You can broadcast music or TV shows, or the radio.

Overall, you can choose from three levels of performance: 3NX, 5NX, and 7NX. Both size and comfort play the most important role when wearing a hearing aid for the first time in your life. You may want to handle it discreetly. Then this variant is the perfect solution for you. The Click Sleeves are quasi small soft silicone caps. This allows you to enjoy stability and comfort at the same time. You can choose the sleeves in the appropriate shape.

This ensures that the hearing aid fits perfectly in your auditory canal. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions. Of course we also support you in the adjustment.

Prompt hearing aids from Signia

This hearing aid is a custom made as behind the ear device of Signia. The focus is on connectivity and longevity. The background sounds are shielded, the quality for music and speech are improved. You also enjoy a better listening experience through feedback suppression. If you want a cheap Signia entry-level model, you should choose the Prompt hearing aid. You will enjoy a variety of equipment to choose from. In addition, this variant also has a possibility for a Bluetooth connection.

Accessories for Signia hearing aids


If you are experiencing hearing problems, this will result in a more difficult ability to communicate. This has professional and social implications. He can counter that. That's why Signia supports you in your everyday life with helpful accessories. So you enjoy a better listening experience.

The easyTek Streamer

This allows you to enjoy perfect connectivity with other devices on the go. You wear this accessory directly around your neck. It almost coordinates your Bluetooth connections with other devices. At the same time, you use it as a remote control and can control everything. You can use all the hearing aids you use. This is all done wirelessly.


This makes it easy to charge your selected Signia hearing aids. This also improves the reliability and performance of your hearing aid. If you use the device every day, it automatically removes the moisture from your hearing aid.

Children Signia hearing aids

Signia does not offer hearing aids for children. However, some models are child-friendly, or can also be used for babies. These are often requested by paediatric hearing aid acoustics.

Here you can find a list of all models of Signia Siemens hearing aids

You are welcome to read the following table with all To models and more details:


Product row

Construction forms


Pure NX & Primax

RIC hearing aid (Pure 10 Nx, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, Pure Charge & Go Nx)

7NX - Premium

5NX - middle class

3NX - Standard

Insio NX & Primax

IdO, ITC, CIC or IIC hearing aid

7NX - Premium

5NX - middle class

3NX - Standard

Motion NX & Primax

Wireless hearing aid (Motion 13 Nx, Motion 13 P Nx)

7NX - Premium

5NX - middle class

3NX - Standard

Silk NX & Primax

complete in the canal (CIC)

7NX - Premium

5NX - middle class

3NX - Standard

Signia CROS NX

Complete-in-channel (CIC), RIC hearing aid (CROS Pure 312 Nx, CROS Silk Nx)

7NX - Premium

5NX - middle class

3NX - Standard

Signia Styletto

RIC hearing aid (miniature receiver in the channel)

7NX - Premium

5NX - middle class

3NX - Standard




Ace Primax

RIC hearing aid (miniature receiver in the channel)

7PX - Premium

5PX - middle class

3PX - Standard

Carat Primax

RIC hearing aid

Middle class


Cellion Primax

RIC hearing aid

Middle class



Intuis 3

Spec O, RIC hearing aid, CIC, IdO









Orion 2

RIC ,-O, IdO, ITC or CIC hearing aid

Not available



Sirion 2

Spec O, IdO, ITC or CIC hearing aid

Not available



Signia Aquaris

Splash O with water and dust protection

Not available



Nitro Micon

Spec O, IdO, ITC or CIC hearing aid

Not available





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