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The company called Intertone has been around for more than 60 years. The company was founded in Cologne in Germany. Today the company belongs to the Danish GN Group. The aim is, on the one hand, to produce inexpensive and, on the other hand, functional hearing aids. People should be able to hear better in an uncomplicated way and compensate for hearing loss. Interton sells hearing aids to more than 70 countries worldwide.

If you want to actively participate in the event again despite your hearing loss, this allows you to have a good hearing aid. In recent years, technical development has progressed considerably. The housings are getting smaller and smaller, but the modern hearing aids shine with the latest digital technology and power. I'm sure you've heard from Interton about hearing aids before.

This is a hearing aid brand of the GN Group. This group stands for highest sound technology and progress at the same time. The hearing aids are customizable, lightweight and discreet. You still enjoy particularly affordable prices on Interton hearing aids. These are developed directly in Denmark. The excellent price is particularly noteworthy.

The company Interton

In 1962, the company Interton was founded by Hans Herbert Türk and Helmuth J. Türk in the German city of Cologne. Interton has only been part of the Danish GN Group since 2005. The aim of the company is to give people with hearing problems a better life through "Essential Hearing."

The focus is on:

  • Price-performance ratio
  • an easy service
  • Compactness
  • Comfort
  • Linguistic intelligibilit

These devices are sold by Interton to more than 70 countries around the world. Here you can find more details about Interton hearing aids.

The latest Interton hearing aids

You have the choice of a wide variety of designs if it can be an Interton hearing aid for you. For example, you can choose one behind the ear hearing aid so that the sound can be passed over a formwork tube in your auditory canal. If you have either high or severe hearing loss, it may be this variant.

Maybe a behind the ear model, or an open supply would be well suited for you. You never feel like your ear is clogged. You enjoy the maximum freedom with this solution. The same speaks of course also for the hearing aids of Interton in the ear. These are of course individually adapted. As a result, they appear visually inconspicuous and at the same time very comfortable for the carrier.

Of course it may also be a combination of behind the ear and in the ear hearing aid, the so-called RIC hearing systems. The housing is located directly behind the ear. The receiver is right in your auditory canal. This offers many advantages in terms of sound quality.

The technology levels and differences of Interton hearing aids

Most Interton products have a total of four levels of performance. These also relate to the price and complexity of hearing aids. At Interton there is the highest technology level with the number 6. If you have a high standard, or maintain an active lifestyle, the technology level six is particularly suitable for Interton hearing aids. Your hearing needs may be very diverse. Do you often attend business meetings or do you have many group meetings in a noisy environment? Then it may be this level for you.

Otherwise, of course, you also have the opportunity to opt for a medium technology level of three and four, even such Interton hearing aids offer themselves. If you have typical hearing situations, which are predictable and the requirements in your everyday life are simple, it may be the technology level four or three. In this case, your claims are not so complex.

The simplest technological level for Interton hearing aids relates to the technology level with the number 2. This level is suitable for small-group conversations in a quiet environment, individual conversations and carriers that are less socially active. Of course, you can do great TV with that.

Older Interton hearing aids and models

You may be looking for older Interton device models that you can't buy anymore. Here you can find the following list: Scope, Avio, Start and Stage.

You can contact us if you have an explicit question for the expert. Our hearing aid acoustics will gladly be there for you by phone or by message to advise you and answer all your questions.

Interton hearing aid from the premium segment - Skope 6

Models from this range are particularly extensive and can ideally be ideally adapted to your individual hearing. This is always custom-made for you. You enjoy maximum comfort with such hearing aids. The sound is detailed, natural and pleasant at the same time. You get used to it relatively quickly. In addition, you enjoy a very good spatial perception with such hearing aids. In addition, you use the modern feedback suppression with such devices. Then there is no whistling and no feedback. Such a hearing aid adapts automatically to your respective environment situation.

Comfort class hearing aid from Interton - Skope 4

This hearing aid is preferred by many people who have an active lifestyle and need a hearing aid. This device automatically adapts to the various everyday situations. If you are looking for a hearing solution, you may also like this comfort class. The full and pleasant sound and easy operation make your everyday life easier. The sophisticated technique supports you in addition to the spatial sound feeling. Feedback or a whistle is not available here.

A unique price-performance ratio - Interton Hearing Aids Avio 1

We are talking about the Interton basic models and the technology level one. So that you can easily master your everyday situations, it can be a hearing aid from this model series. The price will surprise you, because you can order these hearing aids already from about 1200 Euro without taking into account possible cash benefits. The price includes a so-called T-coil. This allows you to make phone calls to your hearing aid without any problems. There are a total of three freely selectable individual hearing programs for the respective environment situation. You can also use the Feedback Manager as well as noise reduction as needed.

The beginner hearing aids from Interton - Start and Stage

These inexpensive hearing aid models are suitable for beginners if you want something at a good price-performance ratio without technical compromises. The quality is particularly high quality and you order at a very fair price. Overall, you have the choice of three different attractive colors. You also select from different listening programs and use the respective amplifier power of the device as needed. You can also switch among the programs, for this there is a push button. You also adjust the volume similarly.

Here, too, you have the choice of different designs for your entry level hearing aid. You can adjust and adjust both the different hearing programs and the volume manually directly on the hearing aid. The telephone coil ensures trouble-free communication via the landline telephone. You can already buy these entry-level models from 400 euros, if you deduct the statutory cash benefits such an Interton hearing aid costs you nothing.

An overview of the current Interton hearing aids

Here you can find an up-to-date list of all Interton designs and models:


Construction form



Spec O, IdO, Ric, Super Power, CIC, ITC, ITE

6 - Premium

4 - Middle class

3 - Standard

2 - Beginners


Spec O, Mini-Spin O, RIC, Super Power-Spin O, ITC, ITE

3 - Standard

2 - Beginners


Spec O, Mini-Spin O, RIC, Super Power-Spin O, ITC, ITE





Tap dance

HdO, IdO



Bildquelle of the Interton logo: www.interton.de

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