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How to travel with your hearing aids

When you go on a journey, life gives you new impulses along the way. That is why traveling is a very invigorating experience. Even if you have hearing loss, you should still be able to enjoy your travels. We help you so that you don't have to back down when it comes to quality. The following guide explains what you should look out for with your hearing aid when traveling. Then you can enjoy your next trip despite your hearing loss and your trip will be a positive experience.

You can expand your own horizons very well through your travels, because you experience a lot of new things. Perhaps it is a bit sobering for you as a hearing impaired person if you cannot properly understand the tones, the music and the noises that are typical for the countries. But you can change this situation. You will experience the impressions even better with a hearing aid.

When you go on a trip with hearing loss, the main problems you will encounter are:

  • Accommodation may not be geared towards the typical needs of the hearing impaired. This may include poor acoustics in the hotel room, unclear sound reproduction on the television or the like.
  • You have difficulty communicating with other people. This may increase your language barrier even further during your trip.
  • Your hearing loss makes you less perceiving dangerous situations. For example, you can quickly ignore warning signals.

This is the best way to protect yourself against dangerous situations while traveling

Our suggested solution: it is best to use hearing aids with the Function of all-round hearing. The better you can hear what is going on around you, the less likely it is that you will notice danger too late. These dangers can be, for example, inner-city traffic, a wild animal or an impending thunderstorm. A modern hearing aid can help you even with the basic equipment. We also recommend the 360 ° hearing function. This will help you understand even better what is happening around you.

Your result: with a good hearing aid you can be more aware of your surroundings. The same applies of course to dangers that are announced acoustically. In an unfamiliar travel destination, you will then be able to assess unfamiliar and new situations much better.

This will help you communicate better on your journey

Our proposed solution: with the Noise suppression and the Speech enhancement with modern hearing aids you can clearly understand the locals. The basic functions of a modern hearing aid will also help you. This allows you to better perceive the hotel staff or the tourist guide, for example. Communication with the hearing aid is much more pleasant overall.

Your result: if you can better understand what has been said on your travels, you automatically respond better. Communication is all the more important if you want to travel to a country that is not German-speaking.

Our expert tips for you:

  • Educate your hotel staff as well as your companions and the guide about your hearing loss and make them aware of it. Share your needs.
  • Bring a mobile device or a translation book. This allows you to look up the vocabulary you need more quickly.
  • You may be looking for travel accommodation that is specifically geared towards hearing aid users. You may then receive the necessary accessories for watching TV or listening to music.

How to deal with your hearing loss on a plane

We offer advice and tips on how to best use your hearing aid while flying.

If you want to travel by plane, it is a very convenient and fast way to travel. However, it can be a little more difficult if you have hearing loss. The loudspeaker systems are indistinct for you, and the roaring engine noise bothers you. This may add stress to you during the flight. But you can do something about that.

If you are traveling by plane, it gets noisy because aircraft noise is normal. For many, aircraft noise is also a nuisance. Some perceive this as intense, others not. On longer flights, the noise can even cause hearing loss. An already existing hearing loss can develop further under certain circumstances.

Typical problems with hearing loss on an airplane

  • Further hearing loss or tinnitus can occur on arrival or departure.
  • You miss announcements on the plane.
  • the exposure to noise can be above average for you. This can make your existing hearing loss even worse.

What you can do about the loud noise in the plane

Our proposed solution: with the Hearing programs, the Directional microphone and the Noise suppression can you do something about aircraft noise. You can wear your hearing aid during the flight without any restrictions. By suppressing background noises, you are spared the loudest noises.

Your result: you only perceive the noise quietly and your hearing is less stressed.

Our expert tip for you: when you go through the airlock at the airport, you don't have to remove your hearing aid. If there is a reaction because the scanner might work, you can inform the staff directly via your hearing aid. You are also welcome to pass on relevant information when buying a ticket, then the on-board staff will adapt.

This is how you know that you can really hear the flight crew

Our proposed solution: through the Directional hearing and the Speech enhancement you can hear and hear the announcements on the plane better. Your hearing aid should have the speech enhancement function. As a result, the language is recognized directly by the device and automatically highlighted. You can even focus on a specific voice when using the directional microphone.

Your result: through your hearing aid you can hear and understand everything spoken better.

A brief piece of information for you: You do not have to switch your hearing aid to flight mode during the flight like your smartphone. You can continue to wear your hearing aid as normal and use all its advantages and functions.

What you can do about tinnitus

Our proposed solution: with the Tinnitus App or that Tinnitus Noiser In modern hearing aids, you can create a diffuse background noise. As a result, the tinnitus ear noises take a back seat and you hardly even notice them anymore. Alternatively, there are also special applications and apps or hearing programs. You simply install these on your tablet or smartphone. You then adjust the noise according to your personal preferences.

Your result: with this procedure you weaken the tinnitus significantly and significantly reduce whistling noises.

Our expert tips for you:

  • If you have a bad cold or an ear infection, you should definitely not fly. Otherwise, the inflammation is very likely to get worse.
  • As soon as you feel pressure on your ears, you should equalize the pressure. Chewing gum or candy will help you with this.
  • As soon as you book your ticket for the flight, you should make a note of your hearing loss for the flight crew.

Out and about in a tent with hearing loss

So that you can relax, you can of course go into nature. Many do that. However, if you have untreated hearing loss, the next excursion into the countryside can quickly lose its appeal. But there are ways to prevent this.

Provide the appropriate support so that the next nature excursion can be relaxed.

You should pay attention to this when camping and camping

  • In the high mountains you can feel pressure on your ears. Your hearing loss may increase or you may experience additional hearing loss.
  • You may find it difficult to communicate with others.
  • It may be that you can no longer properly understand the soundscape in nature.

So you can hear the birds singing better again

Our proposed solution for you: with the Frequency shift you can especially hear the high notes, the singing of birds or even children's voices better if you have a hearing loss. Your hearing aid can shift the frequencies so that you can hear the high tones again.

Your result: you can perceive the high notes and the high voices again. You can finally hear noises and sounds again that were previously denied you. If you use your hearing aid regularly, your brain can relearn and get used to these noises and sounds. This improves your attitude to life and thus your hearing immensely.

What you can do about noise at the campsite

Our proposed solution: with the Noise suppression With your hearing aid, loud partying, barking dogs or screaming children can no longer bother you. This is how you automatically lower the volume of noise and noise.

Your result: the noise is no longer unpleasant on your ears. You can only concentrate on the beautiful noises and sounds.

This will help you understand the others better

Our proposed solution: with the Directional microphone and the Speech enhancement it is easier to follow other conversations. The conversation partner you have chosen remains in focus and you can concentrate fully on him.

Your result: you can talk to yourself in a noisy place, such as a busy campsite, without any problems. Loud and annoying background noises are no longer a problem for you.

Our expert tips for you:

  • Choose a campsite in a quiet area.
  • Let your companion know about your hearing loss and let them know in which situations you have difficulties.
  • If you are planning a trip to higher regions, you should bring a piece of chewing gum to equalize the pressure. With the chewing movement you can compensate for the pressure fluctuations and influence them positively.

This is how you enjoy your visit to the restaurant

Despite the hearing loss, you can of course also enjoy your visit to the restaurant. This is often a challenge, because other guests are talking at the next table, the waiter rattles with the dishes and the voice of your companion is completely lost. So that you can enjoy the situation in the restaurant despite your hearing loss, we give you the following tips.

You are likely to struggle with background noise in particular when you are in a restaurant. The babble of voices doesn't make the situation any easier for you. If the cutlery and crockery also rattle, it becomes particularly uncomfortable for you. You can hardly understand the person you are talking to in the restaurant. You may also have problems ordering or paying.

Typical hearing loss problems in a restaurant

  • You may avoid going to a restaurant because you have already had negative experiences with your hearing loss.
  • The hearing loss can be exacerbated by the noisy environment.
  • There may be misunderstandings when communicating with staff.
  • You get stressed because you have to concentrate so hard when you have a conversation.

Communication is made very difficult by background noise in the restaurant.

We can offer you the following solutions

Modern digital hearing aids offer many features that can eliminate your hearing problems. You will also find numerous possible uses in the restaurant.

This will make the conversation easier for you

Our proposed solution: with the Noise suppression you can let the annoying noise take a back seat. Our hearing care professionals will be happy to help you adjust your hearing aid optimally. The volume level is adjusted perfectly to your needs.

Your result: you only perceive the noise very quietly in the background. Your ears and hearing are also spared and protected at the same time.

This way you mainly concentrate on the person you are talking to

Our proposed solution for you: with the Speech enhancement and the Directional hearing you can concentrate particularly on your conversation partner in the restaurant. The focus is on a single specific voice. This is recognized and highlighted thanks to the language enhancement.

Your result: you can hear exactly the voice you want to hear clearly and clearly. In order to achieve the maximum effect you want with your hearing aid in the restaurant, it is best to talk to your acoustician. We are happy to help you make all the settings exactly and explain all the functions to you.

Sudden noises and disturbances in the restaurant

Our proposed solution: using the Impulse noise cancellation can you manage to automatically suppress noises that occur unexpectedly? These are not amplified and remain in the background.

Your result: sudden noises no longer frighten you, because you will be spared.

What to do when you change location

Through the automatic volume control and your suitable hearing program it is no longer a problem if you change locations. You choose the program either via a practical app on your smartphone or via a switch on the device. There are also high-quality hearing aids that can independently adjust the volume to the listening environment.

Your result: only a few gestures are necessary with which you and your hearing aid can optimally adapt to the environment. Therefore, other locations are no longer a challenge for you.

Our expert tips for you:

  • When you make a reservation in a restaurant, you can ask for a quiet place.
  • Before you go to the restaurant, explain to your companion in advance which situations are more challenging for your hearing in the restaurant. You can be completely open.
  • Have your hearing aid adjusted to your needs by one of our hearing aid acousticians. We are happy to support you in finding the right model for you.
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