So gehst du mit einem Hörverlust in deiner Freizeit um

How to deal with hearing loss in your spare time

In our free time we let our obligations and work rest and recover from everyday stress. Comprehension problems due to hearing loss can quickly turn out to be greater challenges. In the following text we write how to best deal with hearing loss in your spare time.

In your free time you can do many activities, such as a TV evening together or have intensive conversations with friends, or listen to your favorite music carefree. But these joys are clouded by hearing loss. Actually, you should spend your free time relaxed and find a balance. Due to your hearing impairment, you do not have to spoil your relaxation in your free time. We are happy to give you some tips, what you should pay attention to in your everyday life in your spare time if you have a hearing loss. 


Typical problems in leisure time with hearing loss

  • You understand women's voices and children's voices more difficult, because higher pitches are problematic for you
  • Conversations are a challenge for you
  • you no longer enjoy playing instruments so much
  • the noise in your free time, such as too loud music, may even increase your hearing loss or lead to hearing loss


Solutions for you with a hearing aid

We recommend a hearing aid adapted by the expert acoustician that works perfectly in your familiar environment. Do you know how many integrated functions such a modern hearing aid can offer? So you can enjoy your free time again carefree.


Conversations become exhausting due to hearing loss

Our solution for you: with The Voice Boost on a hearing aid, it is again easier to simply chat with other people in a familiar atmosphere or to have a conversation with depth. Both variants are usually spoken moderately in terms of volume. Exactly in such a Situation hearing loss is an immense burden for you. The relaxed mood is automatically lost because you don't understand what is being spoken. In this case, you can use numerous functions make use of your hearing aid. Some of them are specifically designed for better language understanding. 

Your Result: by raising your voice, you can understand much more with your modern hearing aid, even if the atmosphere is relatively relaxed.


Children's voices, birdsong or women's voices I no longer hear well

Our solution for you: you can balance this with the frequency shift in your hearing aid. The high notes are usually lost first. Mostly children and women are affected. The same applies to birdsong. These sounds are forbidden to your ears if you have hearing loss. But you can fix this with the frequency shift from your hearing aid.

 Your Result: you can better understand birds, children and women again and finally fully perceive and enjoy the entire soundscape of nature again.

Our expert tips for you:

  • Inform your family about your hearing loss and tell them how you feel in some situations. Everyone must know that you cannot always understand everything said and sometimes have to ask.
  • Do not compensate for a hearing loss by social behavior, such as turning the head, otherwise the hearing loss becomes even worse.
  • Have your hearing aid optimally adjusted to your environment by a hearing aid acoustician. So you can also use the hearing protection. We are happy to help you. If you need Information, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone call.


How do I deal with my hearing loss in the cinema or theatre?

So that you can enjoy pleasant acoustics in the cinema or Theater, we can give you some good advice. In terms of acoustics, there are immense differences in both variants. In the Theater, the stage actor has to speak very loudly, so that everything is understood even in the last rows. It's quite different with the sound in the cinema. Sometimes it is so loud that the ears start to ache. If you are a person with hearing loss, you can especially easy remedy.

The noise can be relatively extensive both in the theatre and in the cinema. Either the neighbor whispers, or someone has to cough or the Popcorn crackles too loud. These are just a few examples of the distraction in terms of good hearing in this environment. The sonorous peculiarities of the sound of the film or play are also a challenge.


What solution does a hearing aid offer?

A hearing aid adapted by a device acoustician helps you to enjoy cinema visits or theater visits finally again. The following useful tips will help you to enjoy successful evenings again in the future.


Optimal sounds in theatre and cinema

Our Solution Proposal:With the voice lift in your hearing aid, as well as the noise suppression, you can understand the language of the play or Film better again. Your hearing is challenged differently. With the voice lift you also understand quiet voices on stage better. You no longer feel uncomfortable with the hearing aid when the sound in the cinema is too loud. The noise reduction ensures this.

Your Result:A modern hearing aid supports you with voice raising. This allows you to better understand the language in theatre. Your ears no longer feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable in the cinema when it gets loud. For this you use the noise suppression. You can also use the frequency shift as a function of your hearing aid, the automatic volume control helps you significantly. For example, you can suppress noise with noise suppression. So understand you the language even in everyday situations much better.


What can I do about annoying background noise in the cinema?

Our solution for you: Talk, crackle or rustle can be suppressed by the induction coil and noise suppression of your hearing aid. The disturbing sounds can make your hearing aid quieter so that you can only hear the most important thing. By the way, a hearing system with an additional induction coil can connect to the hearing system in the cinema or theatre. This allows you to transfer the audio track of the film or play directly to your hearing aid. Then you are happy about a noise-free cinema experience or a beautiful theater visit. 

Your Result: with a modern hearing aid, you're less distracted by your neighbors and hear exactly what the actor is talking about.


Do I need to adjust my hearing aid in every new Situation?

Our solution for you: because a modern hearing aid has different programs for different places and also an automatic volume control, you have no Problem with it. Thus, you can visit different locations and set the respective individual program of your hearing aid. You can do this either via a handy App on your Smartphone or via a switch on your device. The volume is automatically adjusted by your hearing aid to the current hearing environment.

Your Result: only a few gestures are required to optimally adapt your hearing aid to the environment. This allows everything to be perfectly adjusted and adjusted to the tonal characteristics, if this is not done automatically.


Listening to plays or movies exhausts me. What can I do about it?

Our solution for you:Wear your hearing aid permanently. If you have a headache after watching a play or a movie in the cinema, you should talk to your acoustician about it. The goal is to adjust the hearing aid in the same way so that it is optimally adapted to your daily needs.

Your Result: the more often and longer you wear your hearing aid in everyday life, the better the results will be. You feel more comfortable with it in the long run. As a result, you enjoy movies or plays more.


Our expert tips for you

  • In the cinema or in the theatre, you may ask whether it is possible to transmit the audio track via the hearing aid for your hearing aid through the induction coil. Thus follows a better understanding.
  • In the Theater, you can sit further and further forward in order to better understand the actors.
  • You should talk openly and honestly with your acoustician about your hearing problems. You are welcome to mention that you often go to the Theater or the cinema. Your hearing care professional will help you to find the right Hearing System for you. Your device is optimally adapted to your individual requirements.


How do I deal with my hearing loss while watching TV?

So that you can enjoy the TV evening again despite your hearing loss, we have different solutions and suggestions for you. You don't have to make an above-average sound when you're sitting in front of the TV in the evening. Otherwise, your Partner may have problems with it. Usually Tinnitus is added to a hearing loss. Then it's hard for you to understand the shows on TV. There is but one way to recover the lost tones to make audible.

You want to be able to watch TV undisturbed? Then you may have already thought about getting TV headphones. These are available from different providers in various price ranges and sound classes. But did you know that you can connect your hearing aid directly to the TV or other multimedia devices?


Typical problems with television with hearing loss

  • Very often you find it difficult to understand dialogues when there is background noise
  • the sound can be lost over long distances when the TV is further away
  • while the dialogues are too quiet for you and almost impossible to understand, shootings, explosions or car chases on TV are too loud for you, even if there is no other background noise in the room.


I can never adjust the volume of my TV properly for me

Our solution for you: with listening programs, TV streamers or connectivity, you can enjoy TV again. Very often the dialogues in films are relatively quiet. For you, this means a real roller coaster ride at a movie night. With a Streamer you can connect directly via the hearing aid and virtually bridge the distance. The hearing aid acoustician helps you to create the ideal hearing program for you to provide additional relief.

Your result on TV: the sound is transmitted directly via your hearing aid. So you can replace almost classic TV headphones. An individual fine adjustment allows you to satisfy all listening needs for your TV experience. An individual adaptation with the hearing aid acoustician is necessary in order to enjoy perfect television evenings again.


Minimal background noise interferes with television

Our solution for you: due to the noise suppression in your hearing aid, it is no longer a Problem if there is background noise during the television evening. The typical disturbance factors then recede into the background. Do not let your TV experience diminish any more, but use the variety of possibilities from your hearing aid. The so-called noise suppression helps you immensely in this case.

Your Result: even with noise suppression, you can still perceive the background noise, but it goes into the background because it is suppressed. They do not disturb you when watching TV.


Our expert tips for you 

  • If you are not watching TV alone, you should agree with the others with viewers on a volume. You may express yourself openly if you do not understand anything.
  • If dialogues are too quiet or film scenes are too loud, this can also be due to the setting on the TV. Maybe your TV has the 3-D Sound option. Control this noise as far as it goes down. If in doubt, you may also contact your specialist dealer.
  • You should generally avoid typical meals or Chips that make even more noise.


My hearing aid during sports - how to stay fit despite hearing loss

Of course, you can also stay fit if you have hearing loss. Depending on the sport, different requirements are always placed on you and your hearing, or on your ears. As different as the places of your Sports are, so different are the sports also operated. On the dance floor, things look very different than in the swimming pool or on the football pitch. These are just a few examples of Sport that demands your hearing. 

With all of these examples mentioned above, your favorite sport is only half as much fun if your hearing loss remains untreated. So that you can practice your Sport carefree, but there are some possibilities.


Typical problems in sports if you have hearing loss

  • If you stop exercising because of your hearing problems, it will have a negative effect on your Fitness
  • there are sports that additionally affect your hearing performance
  • Agreements or calls are even more complicated for you in team sports
  • during sports you can ignore warnings


I can't hear my teammates playing sports-what can I do?

Our solution for you: with The Voice Boost and noise suppression from your hearing aid, you can perceive your opponents and teammates better again. Therefore, you should choose a hearing aid that additionally has the function of voice uplift. In addition, noise suppression helps you immensely to completely eliminate unnecessary background noise if necessary.

Your Result: not only do you get more from your fellow human beings in your favorite sport, but you perceive your environment much better overall and can exchange better with others. You therefore interact more easily.

You should pay special attention to your hearing aid during various water sports. Did you know that especially modern and novel hearing systems are even waterproof? You can even go underground for a short time. But make sure that you do not overuse your hearing aid, it should not come into permanent contact with the water. Otherwise your hearing aid will be damaged.


How do I best protect my hearing from particularly stressful and noisy sports?

Our solution for you:Through individualized otoplasty and impulse noise suppression, you can protect your hearing at the shooting range, for example. Otherwise, it can come to a bang trauma. Use hearing protection or impulse noise suppression exactly in such cases. So that no water comes into your ear canal while swimming, a hearing protector is particularly recommended.

Your Result:Through the function of impulse noise suppression, your hearing is no longer damaged by loud noises. So you are spared. Pay attention to a very well adapted hearing protection. This can seal the ear while Swimming. As a result, no water can penetrate your ears. If necessary, you can even use your hearing aid as hearing protection. It's best to talk about it with your acoustician.


How do I better perceive dangerous warning calls during sports?

Our solution proposal to you: if you wear your hearing aid regularly and use the all-round hearing function, you can better perceive warning calls. Whether an opponent approaches or a Ball flies in your direction – you can perceive this better with the hearing aid. In sports, there are sometimes situations where a warning call is needed. Your hearing aid supports you. 360 ° listening helps you to hear warning calls.

Your Result: your risk factor, or the danger itself, decreases because you can perceive warnings better, because that way you can react correctly.


Our expert tips for you

  • So that you can protect your hearing aid from moisture during sports, we recommend you wear a headband. So you fix it additionally.
  • You should inform the other sports participants about your hearing loss. This leads to fewer misunderstandings in sports.
  • If you are practicing a sport that is associated with loud and sudden noises, you should definitely wear hearing protection. Alternatively, you may also use a hearing aid with a specially adapted earpiece.


What do I do with hearing loss when I need to make a phone call?

With a hearing aid, you can make calls as usual, if you know how to do it. In everyday life, you will certainly very often reach for the phone to have a conversation. This is also possible with hearing loss. There are ideal aids in the form of modern hearing aids that support you.

If you can hardly understand your interlocutor at the end of the line or there are disturbing feedback, things often get difficult. Maybe you even feel really exhausted after such phone calls. If you are aware of this Problem, it is obvious that you too suffer from hearing loss. This is particularly noticeable in telephone calls. You have to make a lot of effort and focus to make a phone call at all. So that the phone calls for you in Future will be easier again, we can offer you help.


Typical problems with calling with hearing loss

  • Background noise distracts you from your conversation
  • you have to ask frequently when calling
  • Phone calls are very stressful for you because they require a lot of concentration
  • a carefree phone call is almost not possible for you


What tools are there for calling with hearing loss?

Our solution for you: Connectivity, induction coil and listening programs are the solution for you. Almost every current and modern hearing aid today offers you these functions. It is a special program for you, so that you no longer have to fear feedback when making calls. In addition, with the telephone coil, another Option is given to connect the telephone call directly via radio via the Smartphone and transmit everything.

Your Result: whether you're connecting directly to your phone or using a listening program, a well – adjusted current hearing aid makes phone calls much easier for you.


What helps against the disturbing background noise when making calls? 

Our Solution Proposal:With noise suppression, you can turn background noise into the background. So you can only concentrate on the phone conversation.

Your Result:When making calls with the hearing aid, you no longer have to fear accompanying sounds or background noise, so you can concentrate much better on your interlocutor and your phone call.


After a long phone conversation, I am exhausted – what can I do about it?

Our Solution Proposal: use your hearing aid regularly, so you can concentrate more easily. The prerequisite is that your hearing care professional adjusts your device correctly. 

Your Result: by wearing your hearing aid regularly, you can last longer and understand much more. Did you know that this also works if you use your hearing for a long time? At first you have to get used to the device, so it must be worn regularly and often. Only gradually does your brain learn to deal with it and to relive the sound diversity of your environment.


Our Expert Tips

  • Please ask your interlocutor to speak clearly and slowly when making a phone call
  • if possible, it is best to go to a quiet room to make a phone call
  • if possible, use a hands-free system if the voice on the phone is too vague for you


How do I deal with my hearing loss while listening to music?

Do you love music and do you have problems because you are one of the deaf people? Maybe the familiar sounds of your favorite music are getting quieter and you often turn up the volume relatively high. In this case, however, your hearing continues to deteriorate.

 Music is often just too loud in many situations. Not only when you turn on your headphones too loud, but also in everyday situations, such as in the Club, in the Disco or in the train, it often gets very loud. If you listen to music too loud permanently, you can benefit from hearing loss.


Typical music listening problems with hearing loss

  • Your hearing performance deteriorates because you put the music louder and louder
  • the variety of sounds is missing and many sounds disappear completely-especially the high notes
  • The sound of your music is distorted by a hearing protector
  • you lose quality of life because you can no longer rejoice over your favorite songs


What do I do if I can't hear high notes?

Our Solution Approach: with the frequency shift in your hearing aid, you can compensate for hearing loss. Usually the high notes are lost first. With this function, you can hear them anyway.

Your Result: the music has more sonority again, because you can hear the high notes again. Talk to your acoustician and tell him which music you prefer to listen to. So your hearing aid can be perfectly adjusted.


How do I know that listening to music does not damage my hearing?

Our solution for you:With the impulse noise suppression, with which most hearing aids are equipped, unexpected and loud noises are automatically detected and not amplified, or these remain in the background.

Your Result: You no longer have to fear disturbing noises and frightening moments when a plate falls down or people suddenly clap their hands. You will be spared.


Everything sounds very different when I wear a hearing protector-will it be better?

Our Solution Proposal:With an individualized otoplasty you enjoy the opportunity to connect your hearing aid directly with the hearing protection. These fitting pieces for your ears are specially made for your ear canal. This allows you to perceive high and low tones equally muted. The sound remains unadulterated.

Your Result:The music is created for you in a healthy relationship and your hearing loss does not worsen.


Our expert tips for you:

  • When wearing headphones, you should never listen to loud music
  • Wear a Hearing Protector to loud music at a concert or in the discotheque
  • if you play an Instrument yourself, you should have your hearing protection from your audiologist to adjust.
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