Mit Hörverlust innerhalb der Familie umgehen lernen

How to deal better with your hearing loss with friends and family

Do you suffer from deafness and are looking for good advice and tips to better enjoy your family's everyday life? Then we can help you. Your hearing loss may also have been relatively creeping and was not immediately noticed by the family. It is all the more important to pay close attention to the first symptoms and to communicate them. This way you can clear up misunderstandings early enough and start looking for a permanent solution to an unproblematic communication.

Maybe your hearing loss will make you lose the joy of the little things that happen in your family every day. Maybe you can't understand all the jokes anymore. That's normal for deafness. Don't let it get to that point and get a modern hearing aid. These devices help you especially in your family's everyday life. This way, great family meetings are simply mastered for you and you can look forward to a pleasant experience.

How to deal better with your hearing loss with friends and family

  • You hear children's voices worse
  • social isolation arises
  • you understand the words of family members only very hard or often not right
  • If you don't treat your hearing loss there may be a conflict with your family

Our solutions for you

Hearing aids offer many solutions that help you understand everything more easily. Both the home environment and the outside world will be easier for you to master.

Understanding your partner better

Our solution for you: you can use your hearing aid especially at home to improve your hearing situation significantly. Conversations with friends or your family are finally understandable to you.

Your result: you need to ask less often and there is almost no misunderstanding because the hearing aid improves communication in general.

Understanding children's voices again

Our solution for you: with the frequency shift and noise suppression it is easier to understand the children's voices again. A child's voice is usually relatively high-pitched. If you lose your hearing very often you can no longer hear the high sounds, these are the first to be lost. Then you'll hear the children's voice or they'll go completely under.

The result: with a modern hearing aid, you can finally hear children's voices and loud sounds again, including, for example, bird whisperers. The disturbing noise is pushed into the background.

Talking to strangers is easier

Our solution for you: wear your hearing aid permanently to make improvements. Maybe it's not easy for you to deal openly with your own hearing loss. Is it always hard for you to explain that you don't understand everything right away? It'll be a lot easier if you hold back on talking. However, this often results in you generally having fewer conversations with others.

Your result with a hearing aid: a hearing aid helps you to actively participate in conversations. It makes your social life so much better.

Our expert tips for you

  • Tell your friends and family about your fears and concerns. Tell everyone you ask more often when something is said.


  • Provide a level of trust in your circle of friends and family. So you can rely on the understanding of others and on mutual support.


  • Work against social isolation, which is often the result of hearing loss and becomes active. You might want to make an appointment with your hearing aid kisser today. We are happy to advise you!


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