What's the loudest noise in the world?

Have you ever wondered what the loudest sound in the world really is? Then maybe you were thinking about Hiroshima's nuclear bomb. In case you can think of the gigantic eruption of a volcano. And in fact, the noisiest sound in the world so far has also been caused by a volcanic eruption.

Krakatau - between Java and Sumatra

It was in August 1883 when a global natural disaster occurred in the Indian Ocean. On the island of Krakatau, a volcano erupted with devastating consequences. The island was largely destroyed. Until then no louder bang had been measured, this was even heard up to 4800 km away, where the sound arrived only four hours later.

How loud that blast really was is only supposed to be today. Recordings, however, show sound pressure from up to 180 dB. Back then, science wasn't as advanced as it is today. During the outbreak, a lot of rock and ash were thrown up. As a result, numerous tsunamis with tidal waves were formed, which were more than 40 meters high.

Two thirds of the volcanic island known as Krakatau are submerged in the water. In the 1927's, a new volcano emerged from the sea. This volcano has reached a considerable height of 450 m and is still growing. More than a hundred outbreaks have been recorded in recent years.

A volcanic eruption is thus the loudest sound in the world.



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