So nimmst du trotz Hörverlust aktiv am Leben teil

So you actively participate in life despite hearing loss

Do you not want to be limited by your hearing loss in everyday life? Maybe you have many interests and hobbies, do sports and like to meet with family and friends. Are you traveling a lot? Hearing loss doesn't mean you have to give up all these habits. With a modern hearing system you are always well on the road, and you can be sure that today's hearing systems are almost not perceived by your fellow human beings. Modern hearing aids are a small, almost invisible high-performance computer. They recognize the environment in which you are, and then independently adjust the settings. And it doesn't matter at all whether you are spending a sociable evening with friends, travelling, sporting or doing your work in the office - a modern hearing aid supports you in all situations in everyday life. With a good modern hearing aid, you can always actively participate in life, and so you get a huge amount of joy back.

So don't hesitate too long, because if you don't do anything, your hearing loss can worsen. From the age of 50 onwards, the risk of hearing loss increases enormously. However, if you perceive your hearing loss early enough, examine you quickly by your neck-nose-ear doctor and then get advice from a hearing practitioner, then you can actively act against a high degree of hearing loss.

You will receive free and non-binding advice from us. We help you find the right hearing aid for your individual everyday life. You are welcome to contact our experts on this topic. We help you shape your life so that you can continue to be actively in the middle of life. You can come to us with all questions about hearing aids and hearing systems.


Your hearing aid is customized for you

A good and modern hearing aid will always be individually adapted and perfectly adapted to your lifestyle. In your different life situations, it adapts exactly to your hearing needs. This makes it a helping companion for you in everyday life. This is the only way to get the right support. Today's modern hearing aids are small high-performance computers. They automatically adapt to your acoustic environment. Thus, they allow you to have a realistic listening experience at any time, and you continue to actively participate in your environment.


Our hearing aids are hardly visible

There are hearing aids for every type that are almost invisible. The modern hearing systems have a discreet design and at the same time an intelligent technology. Just a few years ago, hearing aids were much larger and hardly overlooked. Nowadays, the hearing aids are tiny and compact. So you can choose whether to wear your device in your ear or behind your ear, and you have the choice of a variety of different designs. Thus, the ideal solutions with small hearing aids are also available for spectacle wearers. Most importantly, of course, your hearing aid is genetically adapted by a hearing musician. You can tell him your individual wishes and tastes so that the hearing aid is perfectly adapted to your everyday life. Choose a hearing aid that really suits you. We are happy to adjust everything to your skin and hair color according to your wishes.


A comfortable life with your hearing aid

With a modern and good hearing aid, you stay in the middle of life. The new high-tech devices allow you to see what is happening around you at any time. So you are always part of active life. You no longer need to inquire when talking to your family or friends. The mini computer automatically supports you in every hearing situation in everyday life. It is not even necessary to activate and adapt the corresponding program, because this also happens automatically. So you can just focus on your life and don't have to constantly remember to reset your hearing aid.


Finally, with your new and modern hearing aid, you can enjoy evenings with friends and family again in relaxed and fun conversation rounds, because your new hearing aid makes this possible. With this you clearly and clearly perceive the voices of your fellow human beings. Disturbing ambient noise no longer distracts you. Phoning will also be easier with your hearing aid. You can enjoy the TV in normal volume. The same goes for your favorite music.


Enjoy cultural events

With a really good hearing system, you make sure that your hearing loss does not take control of your life. Pay attention to a well-adapted model that supports you in everyday life. Thus, theatre visits, cinema visits and concert visits become a real sound experience for you. You don't miss a single sound anymore.


Exercise with the hearing aid

Do you like to go outside because you are one of the active people? The modern technology used in today's hearing aids makes it possible. Even if the ambient conditions vary, the sound quality remains high. So you can hike, ski, cycle, walk and even more to not only see but also hear nature. The ambient sounds are authentically mixed by an intelligent hearing aid. Therefore, you can perceive the voices of your fellow human beings as well as bird chirping and driving wind in exactly the right volume and intensity. Despite hearing loss, you remain physically fit without restriction. You owe it to a modern hearing system.


Hearing aid on the journey

When traveling, you can take your hearing aid with you and use it. This will also make everyday life easier. Of course, you can also wear a hearing aid on an airplane, which is no longer a problem with today's technology. Do not miss anything anymore and enjoy your holiday to the fullest with all the small acoustic details.


Loss and theft of your hearing aid 

If you are on the road often and a lot, it can happen that you lose your hearing aid or that it gets damaged. There is not really a problem with theft, defects or damage due to special insurance policies. Some models also have their own search function. So you can find and find the missing device within a very short time.

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