Cotton swabs for cleaning ears

You are constantly making earwax even though you are not even aware of it. However, some find this vital secretion particularly unpleasant. Very often, therefore, many resort to drastic measures to get rid of earwax and get rid of it.

Do you realize how harmful excessive ear hygiene can be to you? It is much better if you know how to clean your ears in a healthy way. That's why we recommend this guide.

Your ear wax

Your earwax is mainly used for protection. It's also actually responsible for cleaning your ears themselves. Therefore, ear wax is a very useful and important body secretion. The consistency of the wax is sticky because it makes it easier to remove dead hair and flakes of skin from the ear. The ear wax automatically transports the dirt to the outside. In addition, the ear secretion has additional nourishing properties that you may not even know about. This will keep your ears supple in the inner part. This is an important prerequisite for this natural function of cleaning. On the one hand, your ear wax is used for cleaning, on the other hand it protects against fungal infections and has an antibacterial effect.

What to do about too much wax

Do you feel like your ears are producing too much wax? Is there a possibility that the natural removal of wax through your earwax has been disturbed by manual manipulation? In this case, a plug may have formed in your ear canal. It is a natural impulse that you want to remove this plug from your ear. However, you should be very careful with this. Neither a crochet hook nor a staple are suitable for this. These objects have absolutely no place in the ear canal.

This is by no means suitable for cleaning your ears, otherwise you will irritate or injure your eardrum. Your ear canal is a very sensitive structure, which is why such radical cleaning methods should not be used. Otherwise, you can permanently damage your ears.

Cotton swabs and their disadvantages

Have you ever used a cotton swab to clean your ears? Then you probably didn't realize that this would only partially remove the wax. Although cotton swabs are relatively well padded, they should never be inserted directly into the ear canal, because they too can irritate the sensitive skin of your ear canals and possibly push the wax deeper into the ear canal. With this procedure, you therefore favor the formation of plugs. It can also cause painful ear infections.

Are ear candles recommended for ear cleaning?

Many people consider ear candles to be a good alternative to such cotton swabs. Ear candles are funnel-shaped, thin and long. They promise a good cleaning of the ears due to the negative pressure generated. The goal is supposedly to have the ear wax sucked out. This method sounds advantageous and plausible, but ear candles are only partially suitable for cleaning your ears. You may get burns on your auricle and face. Very often it happens that the hot wax penetrates the ear canal. There the eardrum is immensely damaged. But maybe you are now wondering how you can actually clean your ears correctly.

Cleaning only up to the ear canal

For regular cleaning of your ears, it is sufficient if you only remove the wax from the outer part of the auricle with a damp cloth. All you need is lukewarm water and a cotton swab. As mentioned before, you should actually only clean up to the ear canal. With the warm water you soften the secretion.

To make it easier for the ear wax to drain away and exit the ear canal, you can also use almond and olive oil, which you carefully warm up. Alternatively, you can buy special ear drops or ear sprays from the pharmacy.

If your ear has already produced an above-average amount of wax, you should see an ENT doctor. As soon as your ear wax comes into contact with water, it automatically swells up. If the plug has already formed, it will settle in your ear canal at this point at the latest. You will notice such plugs when your ears start to itch. You may also feel pain in your ears. Often such a plug in your ear is also associated with a slight hearing loss.

Your ears are only cleaned professionally and gently by an ENT doctor. If your ears produce a lot of secretion and you have a lot of wax, you should see your ENT doctor regularly. Clean your ears not only inside the outer ear, but also behind the ears. Lukewarm water is sufficient for this. Then you should make sure that you dry everything well. So you don't risk an ear infection.

So consider your ear wax as useful body secretions. This is essential for keeping your ears healthy and for your hygiene. Therefore, ensure that your ears are properly cared for and do not underestimate the self-cleaning function.

Interesting information about your ear wax

Europeans have an increased fat content of 50% in their ear wax. Europeans' earwax is therefore relatively moist. The situation is a little different for Asians, as the fat percentage in their ear wax is only 20%. The consistency is therefore rather crumbly.

Do you know why ear wax is bitter? Researchers assume that the bitter taste is an additional protection against insects so that they do not nestle in the ear canal.

A child produces significantly more wax than an adult. This one is also softer. In addition, the colors of ear wax vary a lot. The colors of the moist form can be yellowish-light brown to dark brown, those of the crumbly form are more dusty-gray.

On average, older people and especially men produce more ear wax. Often this is also the cause of hearing loss, because then the ear canal is blocked. A professional cleaning by an ENT specialist offers a noticeable improvement.

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