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The shape of your ears has many advantages

Although the eyes are actually a mirror of your soul, the same is true of your ears. Have you ever wondered about the outer shape of your ears and would like to know more about it? Do you ever wonder why your ears look exactly like this and not different? In fact, the shape of your ears has some advantages for listening in everyday life. There are also interesting theories.

Unique ears in the world

Maybe you don't know that your ears are unique in the world. No ear is like any other in the whole world. This concerns both the shape of your ears and their size. These criteria differ from person to person and the ears are folded individually and unmistakably. It makes your ears look like pieces. You can practically compare it to a fingerprint. The outer part of your ears performs the function of a funnel. This funnel collects sound waves which are then conveyed bundled into the middle and inner ear. There the conversion takes place into electrical impulses.

Do you wonder why your ears don't have a surface as smooth as a funnel when they work the same way? The special, relief-like character of the outer part of your ears offers you several advantages at the same time, because this allows for example disturbing noises such as wind to be filtered out of the ambient noises without any problems. This particular surface structure, however, fulfils other functions that are extremely interesting.

Your ears for the location

If the surface structure of your ears were smooth, you'd have trouble locating sound sources. So a location would be impossible. The special shape of your earmuffs enables you to better detect sounds in your surroundings.

Your earmuffs as a survival advantage

Your ears have been shaped by evolution as they are today. Have you ever made a comparison between the ears of humans and animals? There are so many similarities. The ears of most mammals have a shape that resembles a shell. This form has prevailed during evolution, which means that it must have advantages.

A first advantage is that potential prey can be located more quickly. The most important advantage, of course, is that it makes it easier to hear and perceive potential food enemies even in the wind. This allows for a timely escape. In this case, the shape of the ears is even vital to survival. That is why this particular form has become established and is becoming more widespread among the individual species.

Your character and your ears

Do you think there's actually a connection between your character and the shape of your ears? There were many myths surrounding the theory. Is a person with narrow ears really related to me? It is said that people with narrow ears actually act willfully and purposefully, while broad ears suggest a reliable character. People with small ears, on the other hand, are supposed to be very socially minded and to provide support for their fellow human beings in all situations of life if necessary. Another myth is that a person with round ears is often interested and multi-layered.

The following properties are assigned to the respective ear shapes:

  • Large ears: lifelike, goal-oriented, resilient, creative, self-confident
  • Small ears: modest, tolerant, tactful, empathetic, helpful, sensitive
  • Rough ears: superficial
  • Fine ears: sensitive and delicate
  • Right ears: cumbersome, destructive, critical
  • Oval ears: need for harmony
  • Round ears: can inspire other people, special radiance, multilayered
  • Small ears: purposeful, communicative, willful, self-confident, selfish
  • Wide ears: helpful, resilient, reliable

According to this list, you should be careful with people who have edgy ears. Even for the appearance of the relief such statements were made. For example, if an ear is drawn relatively gently, these people are considered to be particularly delicate. A roughly shaped ear, on the other hand, is attributed to a rather robust character.

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