Kommunikation in deinem Beruf - so hörst du besser

Communication in your job - this is how you hear better

In order for you to be able to communicate properly in your job and everyday life, you must have good hearing. Did you know that almost every sixth person in Germany has a hearing loss? This can be a very disruptive factor, especially in your everyday work, because you are impaired. You may also have problems finding or carrying out your dream job because you cannot hear properly.

Communicating properly at work is therefore a primary factor. This also includes good and understandable hearing. Only if the culture of understanding works well within the company can plans be effectively discussed so that they can be implemented. Sufficient hearing is a prerequisite for everything to go smoothly. You may be put to the toughest test in everyday life if the conference is in a large room or if loud building noises are causing noise. Conversations at work can also put you to the test. Did you know that these situations can lead to permanent hearing loss in the long term?

Typical problems with hearing loss at work are:

  • Loud noises at work, for example at the airport or on the construction site, often cause or aggravate hearing loss
  • You can ignore signal noises more easily
  • In general, communication with colleagues or superiors is error-prone or cumbersome
  • It's very difficult to follow a meeting
  • When making phone calls, you often have to ask
  • Understanding in the workplace is burdened by various background noises

Your perfect solution: a hearing aid tailored to your needs

You can solve all of the above-mentioned problems with a modern hearing aid or deal with them better. The modern functions of today's devices support you in a stress-free everyday work and offer you optimal help.

If there is background noise during an important conversation

Modern hearing aids offer you what is known as interference noise suppression as a solution. Loud noises are often a common nuisance in the workplace. These can be seen in the background. This means that there is no smooth communication. Such background noise is recognized and suppressed by your hearing aid. As a result, the noises are no longer the focus of attention.

The result is that you can focus and concentrate on the actual work. There are no longer any distractions from unpleasant background noises.

You understand your colleagues as best as possible

There are speech enhancement hearing aids with directional microphones or so-called directional hearing. This enables you to highlight the voice of a single person who you want to hear.

Your result: background noises or background conversations in your immediate surroundings are pushed into the background. This allows you to concentrate on the most important things and no longer have to stress yourself. Make sure that your hearing aid is perfectly adjusted to your workplace by an expert hearing aid acoustician. Your attitudes in everyday office life are very different from, for example, at home. The situations are therefore always individual. You should therefore consult your acoustician for an optimal setting.

The optimal support for phone calls

You can understand phone calls better because there are special hearing programs for this. This allows you to make phone calls without interference. This is made possible with a hearing aid in the ear. If you like, you can connect the entire hearing system to your smartphone wirelessly. In this case, you use the hearing aid like a headset and follow the call at the same time. There are also devices that are equipped with a telecoil. This allows you to enable direct coupling with the phone. The listener must generate an electromagnetic field. However, if the receiver is not designed for this, you can use a so-called teleloop to use the coil anyway.

Your result: you will receive a phone call transmitted directly to your hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will make the perfect settings. The volume can also be individually adjusted so that you can understand the voice better.

Hearing protection in the noisy workplace

Because your hearing aids and otoplastics are professionally fitted by an acoustician, you can wear them permanently. So you are also protected against noise in a bar or at a building.

Your result: The prerequisite is that your hearing aid has been correctly adjusted. There is talk of hearing protection for hearing aid wearers. So you can also wear it as personal protective equipment.

Our expert tips for you

You should be open about your listening situation with your colleagues. Certainly there are situations in your work that are particularly demanding on your hearing. It is best to place the telephone receiver above the earpiece when using a "behind the ear device". If, on the other hand, it is an "in the ear device", you can hold the telephone receiver at a little distance from your ear as usual.

Important meetings and discussions

You can master your upcoming meeting perfectly with the hearing aid. Lectures are often given, but there is no microphone or amplifier. So that you as a listener can hear everything from the speaker, it is best to use a perfectly tuned hearing aid. Otherwise the information cannot be adequately passed on to you. The result is time-consuming and cumbersome debriefing. This problem occurs when you have hearing loss. But you can do something about it!

As a rule, lectures and meetings are very important matters. Therefore you should be able to hear and understand everything. All of this won't just go down if you wear the right hearing aid.

Problems that can arise with hearing loss during a meeting:

  • Your own professional potential does not come into play
  • you have to concentrate more and you are burdened twice
  • the acoustics of the room are usually unfavorable
  • the speaker is too quiet and what is being said cannot be understood

Ideal solution approaches with a hearing aid

Especially when the listening situation is very demanding, modern, up-to-date hearing aids with the appropriate accessories provide the perfect remedy for greater speech intelligibility.

Mastering poor room acoustics

If the acoustics in a room are too bad for the sounds to be swallowed up, you can use reverberation suppression. It's about the so-called echo effect. In this way, what is said is passed on directly to your ears.

Your result: the reverberation disappears in the large room and you can understand a lot more even in difficult acoustics and demanding listening situations. If you have hearing loss in a meeting, your hearing will be very challenged. It can lead to poor concentration, headaches and exhaustion. Therefore, you should have your hearing aid individually adapted to your needs by an acoustician.

Less effort with hearing loss

With a hearing aid, you have to concentrate much less to understand what is being said better. Remember that you can hear and understand not only with your ears but also with your brain.

Your result: Meetings and conferences and long conversations in a demanding situation are no longer so stressful for you. Your general well-being improves noticeably.

With foreign languages

Very often sounds are emphasized or emphasized differently in a foreign language than in the normal mother tongue. It is therefore recommended that you wear your hearing aid regularly and that you make sure that the entire hearing system is properly fitted.

Your result: everyday work becomes much more balanced because you understand the environment better.

Our expert advice to you:

  • Choose a location for the meeting that is free from background noise or background noise
  • Take steps to improve audibility during a presentation
  • use supporting accessories with your hearing aid, such as an FM transmitter and receiver. This means you can understand everything well even at a greater distance.
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