Was bedeutet Hochtonschwerhörigkeit?

What does high-frequency hearing mean?

In the high frequency range, the consonants and also the onions, such as for example S and F, are perceived by the ear. In the deep-tone area, on the other hand, the vowels are found, such as O, U, E, I, A. These vowels are less important for the understanding of the language.

If you have a pronounced high-frequency hearing loss, but your low-tone perception is normal, you can hear your conversation partner at normal volume, but only unclear. The understanding of the language is restricted for you. The volume, on the other hand, can be perceived as normal. If you are affected by the high-frequency hearing loss, you can get a hearing aid that can help you very well. You can take advantage of a professional adaptation and a detailed consultation with us.

Do you want to finally hear your interlocutor clearly again and basically have a problem with understanding language? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our hearing aid experts will advise you without obligation and free of charge. This way we will find the right hearing aid for your needs together. We are very happy to call us at any time, the consultation will be without obligation and free of charge for you. On request, we will be happy to accompany you on your way to a better hearing and will help you with the settings of your hearing aid and other details.

How does the high-frequency hearing loss occur?

The causes and reasons for a high level hearing loss are very different. If you can no longer hear high tones, this is usually done at an advanced age. Even if the hair cells are damaged, which are located in the inner ear or if you are exposed to enormous noise, the high-frequency hearing loss is created.

Typical symptoms of high-frequency hearing loss

Your language comprehension is massively restricted in the case of high-frequency hearing loss. You can perform the volume without restrictions. But you have the feeling that the people in your environment don't speak clearly. However, you feel that the volume is normal. Maybe that's why you don't think that you might have a hearing loss. Nevertheless, it is all the more important to provide your hearing loss as quickly as possible.

The high-frequency hearing loss in different degrees

There are different degrees of high-frequency hearing loss. In everyday life, this hearing loss hinders you very strongly.

A slight high level of hearing loss is characterized by the fact that you have problems in everyday life with the understanding of the language. Conversations with people and conversations are very tedious for you. Television is no longer quite as entertaining as it is. With the light hearing loss, you can already use a hearing aid to remedy the situation. The sooner you take care of it, the better. You can achieve the best results with a hearing aid behind the ear.

With the medium-grade high-altitude hearing loss, you have problems in group discussions. You're already trying to read out the words from the lips of a conversation partner. You can understand a deep male voice better than a high female voice or a child's voice. Very often you get advice from friends and family members that you may need a hearing aid. Even with a medium-grade high-frequency hearing loss, a behind-the-ear device will help you as a good option.

In the case of high-grade high-frequency hearing loss, your hearing loss is already very pronounced and the inner ear is damaged. You can almost no longer understand language. Without a supply of a hearing aid, it is not possible. In this case, too, the variant behind the ear device is recommended for you. Top quality should be a priority for you. With a good consultation, you can achieve very good results and improve your language comprehension enormously.

What are the options for treating high-frequency hearing loss?

As mentioned above, high-frequency hearing loss occurs to varying degrees. With a hearing aid, you can treat this hearing loss well. Individual adaptation is crucial. Your hearing aid should be properly adapted. In this way, you can perfectly tune into the current life situation or hearing situation. A good hearing aid provides you with optimal support in everyday life. The desired tones can be distinguished from the modern technological functions of a hearing aid from the noise and other ambient types of noise and separate. The adjustment is done automatically to the environment. The best way to choose a hearing aid behind your ear is to choose a hearing aid. Our experts support you so that you can choose exactly the right design for your hearing situation.

A special hearing test will help you decide whether or not a hearing aid is needed.

Such a test is made in room volume. We are talking about a volume of 65 dB. This is about "one-syllable understanding" in a low-sound space. You should reach at least 80% on each ear. Otherwise, they are advised to provide you with a hearing aid. This allows you to understand the high-frequency hearing loss or the diminished tones. You are looking forward to a clear perception of language. Even if you have high-frequency hearing, you can understand your surroundings well again and enjoy a better quality of life.


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