Hörverlust mit Cochlea-Implantat ausgleichen

Hearing loss with Cochlear implant

The foundation stone for a cochlear implant was laid in 1961. Numerous further developments of this technology and experiments with it followed. Then came the medical breakthrough. Many doctors now recommend a so-called cochlear implant. This means that a patient with hearing loss only has to undergo a small medical procedure. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you completely retrain your hearing with such a cochlear implant.

If you have a very severe and long-lasting hearing loss, placing such an implant cannot guarantee that you will regain fully functional hearing. Whether such an implant can be used depends on both your mental and physical condition. The degree of hearing impairment also plays a role in relation to such an implant.

This operation is a very short procedure that takes no more than a few hours. After you have been given an anesthetic, the surgeon will place the small implant directly on the temporal bone behind your ear. An additional incision is made in the cochlea. This is necessary so that the electrodes can be connected. Such an intervention usually does not involve any risks. The healing takes between four and five weeks.

If you want to have a cochlear implant inserted, the cost is around 40,000 euros. This price also includes the rehabilitation measures. The costs are covered by the health insurance company if the indication is given by the ear, nose and throat doctor.

Is a cochlear implant an option for you?

If you have problems with your hearing, contact your specialist doctor to answer this question. Only a specialist can give you detailed advice and explain all the medical options. With him you can also clarify the question of whether a cochlear implant is an option for you or not.

This guide provides you with all the information you need to find out more about cochlear implants and decide whether you want to have an operation. There are already very many people who benefit from this method.

For example, if you have very severe hearing loss in both ears, chances are high that a cochlear implant will improve your hearing immensely. You can benefit from such an implant especially if you lost your hearing after learning to speak. If you are in good physical and mental health, an operation will be possible without complications.

The situation is somewhat different with patients who are deaf from birth. In this case, unfortunately, a cochlear implant is unlikely to bring back hearing. The brain is then unable to learn to hear again because it never had to process and store the corresponding impressions.

You can largely regain your hearing if you also take the necessary rehabilitation measures that become necessary after the operation.

In this situation it is very important for you to have a positive attitude towards such an operation. A specialist doctor carries out a comprehensive medical assessment beforehand. In any case, this is essential for you and everyone involved. It should be possible to rule out the possibility that the procedure might pose risks for you or that there might be problems with follow-up care. It all starts with in-depth and serious advice from a hearing care professional.

We are experts in the field of hearing acoustics and are happy to support you with all questions and concerns about the cochlear implant. You are also welcome to contact us for more information about costs, treatment measures and more. As hearing care professionals, we know exactly what is important. For advice, please feel free to contact us without obligation and free of charge by phone or email.


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