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When it comes to technically sophisticated and high-quality hearing aids, Beltone is one of the leading manufacturers around the world. Originally it was a company from the USA. In the meantime, the company has gathered more than 60 years of experience and know-how in the hearing aid sector. Today Beltone is part of the GN RESound group in Denmark. The range covers both in-ear hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids. You can find more information about this here.

In the past few decades there has been a considerable further development of hearing aids. Digital technology has changed a lot. In addition, there was a very progressive miniaturization, so that the hearing aids work in a similar way to a mini computer. It's like a modern technical interface. Beltone hearing aids offer you the most modern models on the entire market worldwide. Particularly noteworthy are the compact versions.

The Beltone hearing aid company in detail

Beltone has a long history of having an excellent reputation in the hearing aid industry. Beltone stands for the latest technology and first class customer service. When you choose this well-known hearing aid brand, you get quality. The company is headquartered in North America, in the city of Chicago. The products are sold and presented in more than 50 countries around the world. The high-quality hearing aids enjoy a unique reputation, and the customer service is impeccable.

Betone has been developing solutions for hearing for more than 60 years. It was originally founded in North America. Worldwide marketing took place from there. Since 1999, Beltone has also taken over the hearing aid division of the Philips group from the Netherlands.

If you suffer from hearing loss, with Beltone you are guaranteed to find a solution for your hearing and thus improve your quality of life. Beltone is responsive to the customer, we would be happy to advise you in detail with our acousticians and experts. With such hearing aids, you can enjoy maximum wearing comfort and at the same time use is uncomplicated. The manufacturer Beltone attaches great importance to a compact design. At Beltone you will mainly find hearing aids in the ear and behind the ear hearing aids.

The latest and most advanced hearing aids from Beltone

At Beltone you will find different product lines for hearing aids with various functions. So you can find exactly the right device depending on your hearing loss. The price level is also broad.

You are also welcome to choose an invisible hearing aid in the ear canal, in specialist circles this is called an ICC hearing aid. Alternatively, you can of course also use a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Beltone Trust: These Beltone model series are convincing and are perfectly created and certified for the iPhone. The new TeleCare software should also be emphasized. Beltone also calls this RemoteCare. So you can have your hearing aid modified remotely; this function saves you a visit to the acoustician.

Beltone First: these hearing aids are available in three different performance levels. The models are suitable for nine out of ten hearing losses. That makes the products so incredibly versatile.

Beltone Legend: this product family is also available in a total of three different performance levels. It is the newest and most modern variant of Beltone. You can use it to stream either phone calls or music. Here too, the iPhone and the latest technology have been thought of for a perfect connection. You can use the app to make all the settings for your hearing aid.

Beltone Promise: this product line offers you numerous different models to choose from and is also presented in three technology levels. The sound is particularly natural and you can choose something from different price levels.

Boost Plus and Max: if you have severe or severe hearing loss, you can choose this type of hearing aid line. With this variant, too, you can enjoy a hearing aid with a certificate for the iPhone.

Beltone Prime: We would like to highlight the particularly discreet microphone in the Helix hearing aid. This is tailor-made and offers you all the advantages that behind the ear hearing aids can have. Still, the size is very discreet. The use is very simple. This hearing aid adapts perfectly to your contours and ears. Meanwhile, the natural effects of the pina are used. Even as a hat wearer or wearer of glasses you have no problem.

Micro-Invisa: if you prefer a discreet solution, it can be this in the canal hearing aid. It's invisible and lies far in your ear canal. It stays there.

Beltone Ally: the user-friendly features improve the quality of your life. These include, for example, the Whistle Stop, as well as the Speech Spotter or the Sound Cleaner.

Tinnitus hearing aids and children's hearing aids from Beltone

The developer mainly focuses on adult hearing aids. There are no special children's hearing aids from Beltone. The same is true of the pediatric functions. If a child has hearing loss, the child is best cared for by a pediatric hearing care professional. So all progress can be monitored. It is important to support language development and learning with it.

Accessories and additional Beltone devices

At Beltone you get additional supporting devices and numerous accessories. These devices work optimally with your hearing aid. This improves your listening experience. You can also use it to put yourself in a better position for very specific listening situations. Most Beltone hearing aids are iPhone certified. This also means that these models make a Bluetooth connection possible. This is then set up to the respective external audio devices.

Remote control 2

The user-friendly remote control makes everyday life easier for you with a large screen so that you can make changes on your hearing aid.

TV Link 2

You can enjoy your favorite TV programs at a comfortable volume with this device.

Phone Link 2

Your phone has a hands-free function, which you can use with this hearing aid accessory. This is how you transfer your phone call directly to your Beltone hearing aid. The device also serves as a remote control for your hearing aid.


This wireless microphone is very useful because you can understand speech more easily in noisy environments. In addition, the sounds from the television or various audio devices are transmitted directly to your Beltone hearing aid.

Older Beltone hearing aids

We have broken down a list for you so that you can find all the older device models and versions of Beltone that are no longer available. These include, for example: Identity, Reach, Marq, One, Mira, Linq, Access or Acra.

The premium hearing aids from Beltone - Reach and Identity

This series refers to the premium hearing aids from Beltone. The price starts at around 1400 euros, various health insurance benefits have not yet been taken into account. These models compensate for all types of hearing loss. The compact design and the technical performance are particularly noteworthy. Background noise is largely automatically suppressed.

This is the absolute upper class from Beltone. The Reach series is available from around 2000 euros, various health insurance benefits have not yet been taken into account.

Both the design and the special performance of Beltone hearing aids should be emphasized. Nevertheless, the hearing aids always remain inconspicuous. A tailor-made fit ensures good wearing comfort. You also enjoy the very low weight of your hearing aid. Beltone hearing aids are also convincing in terms of technology. The numerous functions support you with phone calls and other everyday situations, and the battery life is very long.

Small Powerful Hearing Aids - Marq and One! from Beltone

These model series are particularly light and small at the same time, the low weight refers to only 1.4 g. You can also expect a lot from these hearing aids in terms of technical equipment. These are priced between 1,300 and 1,600 euros, cash benefits have not yet been taken into account. A clear sound and very good speech intelligibility will convince you immediately. At the same time, unpleasant background noises are automatically eliminated. As experts and hearing aid acousticians, we are happy to support you in customizing your Beltone hearing aid.

The good price-performance ratio of the Beltone hearing aids Mira and Linq

In this model series, the excellent price-performance ratio should be particularly emphasized, for around 1000 euros you can buy such a Beltone hearing aid. Any cash benefits have not yet been deducted. If you want a cheap hearing aid from Beltone, you can order such a model at a fair price. The models are available either as behind the ear hearing aid or as in the ear hearing aid. Particularly noteworthy is the natural and clear speech reproduction. Nevertheless, all background noise is always reliably filtered out. The inconspicuous and subtle design will convince you. You can even order Mira hearing aids from a price of 800 euros, any cash benefits have not yet been deducted or taken into account. This model series also shines with the latest digital technology. Annoying background noises or unpleasant whistling are immediately eliminated. The same is true of feedback.

Affordable hearing aids from Beltone

Beltone's Access and Acra models are also rated positively when the price-performance ratio is considered. You can order this model series from just 700 euros. You can finally understand the language in a natural way again, even if the environment is very noisy. The background noise is effectively suppressed by your hearing aid. That reinforces the language. In everyday situations, this functionality makes all communication easier for you. At Beltone you will find numerous options for entry-level models at a price-performance ratio. A manual program change is also possible at any time with the entry-level models. You will of course also receive a telecoil. Other Beltone hearing aids for beginners are: Force, Concerto II and Mia.

Overview of the current Beltone hearing aids

Here is a short list for an overview:




Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)






Behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE)


In-Channel (CIC)


Microphone-in-the-Helix (MIH)



Boost Max

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Boost Plus

Behind-the-ear (BTE)


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