Sollte ich mir eine gebrauchte Hörhilfe zulegen?

Should I get a used hearing aid?

Perhaps you've looked around the hearing aid market and realized that there are many offers for used hearing aids. The situation is similar to that of other things that are also offered frequently used. These include, for example, toys, computers, clothing or televisions.

Is a used hearing aid worthwhile for me?

Many private individuals therefore offer their used older hearing aids for sale. You may be wondering now whether it makes sense to buy such a used hearing system. Perhaps a supposed saving of money plays an important role for you. We would be happy to explain to you in the following guide whether it might be worthwhile for you to buy a used hearing aid or not.

In principle, you can massively increase your hearing ability with a hearing aid, because it is a technically highly developed product. If you plan to get a new hearing aid, you are guaranteed to get a lot of quality of life back. Therefore, always put your personal well-being in the foreground. In the end, it is always the result that really matters. It is therefore difficult to make a final judgment on used hearing aids.

Of course, you can expect differences if you want to get a new or used hearing aid. There are advantages and disadvantages to used hearing aids. So that you can better assess your situation, we have discussed a comparison for you.

If you have any questions, you are of course very welcome to contact us at any time. Our hearing aid experts support you with advice and action free of charge and without obligation.

Used hearing aids and hygiene

Remember that every hearing aid comes into contact with sweat and skin in everyday life. Therefore there can always be residues on used hearing aids. It is not easy to control this. A lot of dirt may develop on a used device over the years. These residues cannot be identified or removed immediately. If, on the other hand, you get your own new hearing aid, you are guaranteed not to have this hygiene problem. You have control over how often you clean your new hearing aid. By the way, this also improves the overall life expectancy of your hearing system.

Have the used hearing aid adjusted by an acoustician

In order for you to be able to use your used hearing aid properly, you have to have it fitted by a professional acoustician. Otherwise you will not be able to realize the potential. Then you have nothing more than a hearing amplifier. However, a hearing amplifier can only transmit and amplify the ambient noise unfiltered. It is not possible to deal with a special situation with a hearing amplifier. You can only make use of all the options if you have your hearing aid optimally adjusted and adjusted by a hearing care professional. The specialist will provide you with extensive information and offer you professional advice. This is the best way to find the right hearing aid for you. Together with an acoustician, you choose the device you want and know that you will be advised by a specialist. If you have any questions, you can always expect help. These services do not apply if you buy your hearing aid in a used condition.

No health insurance subsidy for used hearing aids

If you want to get a new hearing aid, you can expect a subsidy from the health insurance company in the maximum amount of up to 786.86 euros. This maximum amount applies to hearing loss that borders on deafness - the situation relates to one ear. If both ears have to be treated with hearing aids, you can usually expect a subsidy of between 1000 and 1500 euros from your health insurance. This support or this additional payment from the health insurance company does not apply at all if you buy a used hearing aid. Did you know that the first-time buyer is the owner of the hearing aid and that it will remain so from the perspective of the health insurance company? This means that the entitlement for the subsidy was already due when the first purchase was made. If a used hearing aid is resold, no additional payment can be made by a health insurance company.

What are the advantages of a new hearing aid?

By now you may have noticed yourself that the advantages outweigh the advantages of getting a new hearing aid. Even if you have the impression that you will save yourself some money by getting a used hearing aid, you will make your life easier with a new hearing aid. Used hearing aids make it impossible to get a subsidy from the health insurance company. You should also consider the hygienic conditions, because you can never clean a used hearing aid 100% hygienically. Did you know that a POS device costs no more than ten euros? This flat rate is relatively low.

We are professionally trained hearing aid acousticians and support you in all matters. You are welcome to look for a new high-quality hearing aid and get support from us. Customer service is our priority. We make sure that your hearing aid fits you perfectly and gives you a better quality of life. To do this, simply contact us, we will be happy to advise you without obligation and without risk.

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