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Hearing aids as your mini high-performance computer

Did you know that with a modern digital hearing aid you can even transmit the audio signals from your television to your ears via Bluetooth and radio? This is also possible with other modern multimedia products. Examples of this are not only watching TV, but also listening to music or making phone calls. With a high-tech device, such as a Bluetooth hearing aid, you can also enjoy fully automatic headphones. Depending on the setting, the audio signals are sent to both ears and you get absolute stereo quality directly into your ears.

New modern hearing aids are developed in such a way that they work with all current wireless technologies and of course with Bluetooth. Have you noticed how small these devices are? Nevertheless, you don't have to back down when it comes to performance, because they shine with versatility to the power of ten.

You can easily connect multimedia devices, such as your computer, tablet, smartphone or iPod, to your hearing aid via Bluetooth transmission. This creates a wireless connection with your hearing aid. If you are also one of those people with impaired hearing, you will benefit immensely from this multimedia revolution. You take part in life much more actively.

Bluetooth as a trend

Have you already had a quick look at the current devices on the market when it comes to hearing aids? It does not seem to work without wireless technologies, this is reflected in everyday areas of application both at home and at work. Of course, you can also get high-quality hearing aids to benefit from an improved quality of life. Incidentally, more and more younger people are dealing with hearing problems. So why not choose a good hearing aid with Bluetooth functionality?

What is behind the technology

The transmission with Bluetooth enables data to be transmitted between two electronic devices. But that only works over a short distance. Usually mobile devices such as cell phones are connected to the headset or coupled to your computer. The biggest advantage is that no cables are required with this connection. As far as the distance is concerned, it depends on both the sensitivity of the receiver and the transmission power. With Bluetooth transmissions, distances between ten and 100 m can be overcome. Encryption is normally carried out with a special pin code. This means you don't have to worry about any security gaps.

The latest hearing aid technology with Bluetooth

You use this modern wireless connection so that your hearing aid works wirelessly and without cables. You can create the connection using an app on your smartphone, for example. This means that you do not need a cable to your mobile phone or a headset when you want to make a call. You can use a hearing aid optimally. With the right app, you can even pair the TV through your hearing aid. The same applies, of course, to the sounds of your stereo system. Have everything simply transferred comfortably without having to make any effort. Meanwhile, annoying background noises are automatically minimized. By enjoying music perfectly, you get a better quality of life. You can even control the sound and volume individually with your smartphone. In this way you can define yourself what is transmitted to your hearing aid in the ear. These noises are not even heard by other people in the room.

Hands-free calling with Bluetooth functionality

Component solutions or complete solutions are offered as accessories by almost every hearing aid manufacturer when it comes to the latest technologies with Bluetooth. Therefore, you enjoy a huge range and have a large selection.

There are special multifunctional devices and streamers that are offered as wireless solutions. These often combine remote control, receiver and transmitter in a simple and lightweight housing.

Actually only one transmitter is needed for the function to send the signals. With the Bluetooth function in the hearing aid, it is also possible to drive and make calls or listen to music.

You can find everything you need for the transfer in the App Store and install it on your smartphone. You can even take calls via Bluetooth transmission or play music. You can of course also perceive other sound recordings. The tones are sent directly to your hearing aid via this Bluetooth wireless connection. They arrive there clear and clean. You can define the volume for this. If you are in an environment with a lot of background noise, this setting option is particularly useful. The same applies to situations in which, for example, you go jogging, want to take a walk or do sports. At this moment you can hear your favorite music through your modern hearing aid without any problems. An additional transmitter is only necessary for the audio signals from landline telephones or televisions.

Absolute stereo quality for all audio signals

A single device for training can do without an adapter if you are looking for a wireless solution. There are now different manufacturers for this.

There are special 2.4 GHz wireless technologies that offer you several advantages at once. For example, these technologies optimize the signal-to-noise ratio, the transmitted data packets are perfectly synchronized and shine with the best audio quality. The direct transmission to your hearing aid offers you noticeable comfort in everyday life. For example, you can easily receive the sound from your television in stereo quality. The range is approx. 7 m. You not only enjoy the highest quality with all audio sounds, but also comfortable freedom of movement. Such a modern projector is just one of many examples of a wireless radio connection that you enjoy with modern devices and systems.

Is the Bluetooth technology reliable?

If the transmitter and receiver are out of range, the connection can be interrupted. The manufacturer can provide more information on this. The radio signal via Bluetooth is rarely disturbed by other radio frequencies. It cannot happen that the signal is completely interrupted, there are at most slight secondary tones. You are very welcome to give us a call or contact us by email if you have any questions about a hearing aid with Bluetooth functionality. Our hearing aid experts will be happy to advise you without obligation and free of charge.

MySecondEar adjusts your hearing aids remotely

When it comes to Bluetooth technology and modern hearing aids, we are exactly the right contact for you. In a conversation, we will explain all the facts to you and are also happy to advise you on the device you want for better hearing. We will explore all options together with you. Of course, we will also support you with fine-tuning to improve your quality of life. So you have to deal more with background noises in your surroundings or in the household, but can listen to your favorite music or watch TV undisturbed.

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