Die richtigen Batterien für dein Hörgerät

What batteries do you need for your hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a small technical miracle of today. Can you imagine how much know-how there is in such an advantageous device together with the installed electronics? Then it probably also illuminates you that it is necessary to supply your hearing aid with energy. This is the only way it can work properly and support you in everyday life. The power is supplied by special hearing aid batteries. 

In most cases, microbatteries or button cells are used for the hearing aid. I'm sure you've had a button cell in your hand before. Compared to the past, the service life of the zinc air system in the microbattery has significantly improved.

The battery for your hearing aid is available in the following sizes:

  • 10
  • 13
  • 312
  • 675

Basically, you can always assume that you are supplying your hearing aid with more energy when the battery is larger. However, this is determined by the design of your hearing aid itself. This is adapted to the energy requirement of the hearing aid.

How a hearing aid battery works

The basic principle of a zinc air system battery is relatively simple. The battery surface has incorporated holes. Through these holes, air can penetrate into the housing. Inside the air connects to the contained zinc. Zinc oxide is formed. The result of the chemical reaction is therefore the energy required by your hearing aid in the form of electricity.

For protection, however, the holes of this battery are sealed ex works with a protective film until you get it delivered. As a result, the air can only penetrate when the energy is also to flow. As soon as you remove the slide and use your hearing aid, the power for the power supply runs. For you, however, this also means that the battery discharges from this point on. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not activate your battery in the hearing aid until you really use your hearing aid.

Which hearing aid battery do I need?

Basically, you cannot insert every button cell into your hearing aid. The right size is decisive for your hearing aid. In Germany, most hearing aids operate with the distributed type 13. Did you see that the four possible batteries have different protective film colors? These are:

  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Blue

How long does my battery last in the hearing aid?

Depending on the following criteria, you will need to replace the battery in your hearing aid:

  • Individual use
  • Hearing aid performance
  • Size of the battery

Depending on the model, you may need to replace your hearing aid batteries every 3-5 days or every three weeks if you wear your hearing aid every day.

Hearing aids with battery

Looking for an alternative to a battery for your hearing aid? Then you are sure to enjoy the good news that there is also a battery for this purpose.

The integrated battery system offers you the immense advantage that you never have to replace batteries in your hearing aid again. Normally, a hearing aid keeps battery for a day. Afterwards, it can comfortably recharge at home overnight. You don't have to remove the battery from the hearing aid. Alternatively, you are free to use rechargeable batteries for your hearing aid. There are also batteries which have the form of a commercially available button cell. To recharge, use either a universal charging station or the manufacturer's version.

How do I store my hearing aid batteries correctly?

If you don't need your batteries for your hearing aid, you should store them properly. Avoid too high or too low temperatures. It is best to keep the batteries at room temperature. This is how you reach the maximum energy potential. The protective film of your batteries for the hearing aid should not be damaged. Otherwise, air can penetrate and promote a chemical process. This will result in the battery being discharged for your hearing aid.

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