Eine App für dein Hörgerät

An app for your hearing aid

You can control your hearing aid easily via your smartphone. An app is required for this. You can download it easily and connect it to each other. By linking to your smartphone, you can also stream music or answer your phone calls and talk to you. The transmission of language and sound is done directly to your hearing aid. So you can easily control everything via the display of your smartphone.

No matter if your smartphone runs on iOS or Android-for both operating systems, there are the corresponding apps for your hearing aid.

Support through the hearing aid app

With an app, your smartphone will almost be the remote control for your hearing aid. This allows you to control all settings, such as volume, sound settings and even more. Use the option to listen to and play your favorite music for example. Alternatively, you can also control phone calls via the app and your smartphone. A particularly advantageous feature of such an app is, however, that you can select your desired hearing aid program for each individual situation. Depending on your needs, you choose the setting that is the perfect setting for your current environment. These include, for example:


  • Theatre
  • External activities
  • Restaurant


All apps are designed to be particularly individual and intuitive, so that they are particularly appealing to you through their ease of use. The operation is simply explained, and thus nothing stands in the way of use.

The right app for your everyday needs

Your goal should be to integrate your hearing aid so well into everyday life. That's why the hearing aid manufacturers offer a handy app for your smartphone. In principle, most hearing aid wearers have such a "smart" mobile telephone. This allows you not only to control your hearing aid, but also to use other interesting functions.


With a hearing aid app, you can pair your smartphone with your hearing aid. Thus, for example, the volume of your hearing aid can be regulated in a discreet manner. The settings can be easily adapted to your current hearing situation. The app also helps you assess how well your hearing really is. For example, you can play words with disturbing noises. If you can understand these words well, you automatically know about your hearing. Nevertheless, such test results do not replace an app with a diagnosis of a neck-nose-ear doctor.


With special apps via Bluetooth, you can play TV programs, music, and calls via your hearing aid. There are even manufacturers who offer their own apps for the Tinnitus. This way you can overplay the unpleasant ringing, whistling and beeping in your ears with shaft noise or something else. You just concentrate on other sounds and sounds.

Apps for control

A lot of apps for your hearing aid will help you make use of your smartphone to customize your hearing aid. For example, you can also make the Bluetooth settings when it comes to phone calls, TV, or music listening. If a new hearing situation arises, you can adjust your hearing aid discreetly via the smartphone and the helpful app.


There are even remote controls, which have a 360 ° microphone control. For example, you can set flight mode, battery warning sound, sound and program. Thanks to the motion sensors on the smartphone, such an app can provide you with a very precise hearing. You will then see different voice activities.

Apps for a hearing test

Specially designed apps with hearing testes offer you various ways to assess how severe the degree of your hearing loss is. For example, you can optimally prepare for the real hearing test at your throat-nose-ear doctor. Such hearing apps are especially beneficial if you're nervous before hearing from your doctor. You can significantly reduce this nervousness using the app.


Apps for the hearing test are designed to check whether words can be understood when they are stored with noise. In everyday life, such situations certainly arise with you often, for example in traffic or in a restaurant. Keep in mind, however, that a hearing test app cannot replace a diagnosis with a throat-nose-ear doctor or a hearing care professional.

Special Tinnitus Apps

If you have a tinnitus, a tinnitus app can help you. This can be used to alleviate the symptoms. Most of the time, the tinnitus is reflected in your ears by a constant ringing or similar sound. This sound is overplayed with a more pleasant sound via the Tinnitus app. So you learn how to deal with the actual noise through the tinnitus. Various apps are available for this purpose. Above all, it is important that you have a recommendation for an app from a qualified audiologist. Did you know that tinnitus is a recognized disease? Therefore, you should definitely deal with it with the necessary care.

Finally you can hear better

There are a lot of different apps for hearing aids on the market. Many of them help you to fix the problems with your hearing loss in everyday life. However, you should always seek advice from an expert on the subject of hearing loss. Under no circumstances should you simply use any application software and blindly make various settings. Do not experiment with your hearing aid with such apps, but consult a professional audiologist beforehand. Choose an app on the recommendation of a proven professional to get a better hearing impression. This also makes it noticeably easier to use your hearing system and makes your everyday life much more comfortable and flexible.

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