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Your hearing aid offers you many advantages

The little everyday helpers offer you a lot of advantages when you wear them for the first time and can hear something again. Your memory for sounds then works at full speed so that the new listening impressions can be processed.

Hearing aids are worthwhile

Surely you won't be hard of hearing overnight, because this process takes longer. It can take just as long if you are familiar with your "new ears" or your hearing system. Maybe you can't remember certain sounds and sounds. The brain forgets them over time. Some sounds may also be too loud, and there is no routine in handling your new little helper. Still, it pays off if you're patient.

Give your ears time

The longer you wear your hearing aid, the more satisfied you will be with it. After a few days, your brain has become more accustomed to the new impressions and the new sound world and can understand them. Almost everyone who wears a hearing aid for the first time finds it unfamiliar at first. In hindsight, however, 98% of all hearing aid wearers report that the quality of life has improved dramatically as a result.

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