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There are different accessories for your hearing aids

So that you can hear better, you have the opportunity to use different tools. Once you have suffered hearing damage, you will have to deal with the consequences and use the best possibilities. But even with a pronounced hearing loss, you can hear adequately again with a modern hearing aid. A hearing system of today is far more than just a hearing aid. It's kind of a small high-performance computer that you always carry with you. The technology in this area is now very highly developed.

For everything to work, a good care and a careful handling is a prerequisite. This is the daily mandatory program for you as a wearer of a hearing aid. By the way, most of the damage to hearing aids is caused by ear enamel and moisture. But you can easily prevent that.

There are useful accessories that support you in everyday life with your hearing aid. For example, you can avoid the above damage.

The latest technology for your hearing aid

As already mentioned above, a hearing aid is much more than a device that can only amplify sounds. For you as a hearing impaired person, a hearing aid with modern equipment means a great support in your everyday life. There are many different technical devices that make everyday life easier with a hearing system. This gives your life a real appreciation. Especially in the multimedia area you can choose from many offers when it comes to the necessary accessories for hearing aids. A modern hearing aid from today can be perfectly combined with the digital age.

For example, you can pair your hearing aid with a Bluetooth transmitter. This allows you to easily connect to the following devices via your hearing aid:

  • Smartphone
  • Computer
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Stereo

Enjoy all the benefits of the wireless digital world in multimedia with your hearing aid. If necessary, you can also adjust the volume and more with a remote control.

The different types of hearing aid accessories

Useful Apps

You can control your hearing aid via app with your smartphone. You don't need a remote control anymore. Such apps are offered by almost every hearing aid manufacturer. You can simply download these directly from the Internet to your smartphone. This allows you to check the volume or set the hearing aid program as needed. Alternatively, you can also transfer music or phone calls.

A remote control for your hearing aid

With a hearing aid remote control, you can control your hearing aid. This lets you select the programs or adjust the volume. Handling is relatively easy, and you don't have to be inventive technically.


The signal between an external source and your hearing aid can be translated by a streamer. These audio signals can be transmitted in three ways:

  • Audiocable
  • FM
  • Bluetooth

With a streamer, you can also change TV or radio programs or control the volume. This requires a Bluetooth connection.

A transmitter for your hearing aid

The transmitter is used to send a signal, because some external devices only work in combination with it. This transmitter is usually connected to the respective device, such as the computer, the radio or the television, via a pawl cable.

Dry boxes and ear malt filters

You have a huge choice when it comes to accessories for your hearing aid. As far as care and hygiene are concerned, you can make your everyday life much easier. You can either buy a complete care and cleaning kit or buy the parts individually. The right utensils are always available for each device. For example, if you want to rid your device of earwax (cerumen), there are special brushes and devices. This allows careful and accurate cleaning.

Alternatively, you can opt for a so-called sound channel stick. This also frees your hearing aid from disturbing dirt.

Want to be able to replace your batteries more easily? There is also a solution for this: you use a battery compartment opener for this. Alternatively, there are also so-called battery replacement magnets.

With the earwax filter you can regulate the degree of contamination. You should pay attention to this, because the earwax can significantly affect the sound emission from your hearing aid. In addition, the hearing aid may be damaged.

If your hearing aid has become wet or even wet due to sweat or condensation, you should always dry it properly. That's why it makes sense if you put a dry box for it.

Individual accessories

All hearing aid manufacturers offer a relatively large number of accessories for the respective hearing aids. You can look for microphones or battery charging stations and much more. You can personalize your own hearing experience even further with the right hearing aid accessories. So you adapt everything to your personal requirements.

In the meantime, manufacturers also offer products that allow you to connect to the I-Pod, iPad or iPhone without any additional devices. For example, you can easily stream movies, calls, or music to your hearing aid and don't need an additional device for it.

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