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A hearing aid helps with tinnitus

In Germany there are 19 million people who have had tinnitus or so-called noises in their ears. Most of the time, the following factors cause tinnitus:

  • Misalignment in the cervical spine
  • stress
  • Circulatory disorders
  • strong noise
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Misalignment of the temporomandibular joint

If you also have tinnitus and it has lasted for at least three months, then it is chronic. Approx. 50% of all people who have tinnitus also have hearing loss at the same time. So it makes sense to have something called a Tinnitus Noiser to use with a hearing aid. This finally puts an end to the ringing, whistling and beeping.

The term tinnitus noiser

Not only can you hear better with a hearing aid, but you can also get back a better quality of life with the help of a tinnitus noiser. If you use this additive, the discomfort from the tinnitus will subside. The intelligent technology ensures that the disturbing noises are effectively overlaid by a noise. After a few uses you will notice a significant improvement. Both the noise and the tinnitus itself are then no longer perceived by your brain. There are hearing aids that also have a tinnitus noiser integrated. You also have another advantage through the tinnitus app for your smartphone, which you can use to set and activate at the same time.

Brief information:

  • You no longer notice the tinnitus.
  • Your brain learns to classify the noise as unimportant and to filter it out.
  • There are different hearing aid models that have an integrated tinnitus noiser.

Support from the tinnitus noiser

The noise that the tinnitus noiser creates in your ears is very pleasant. It's even quieter than the tinnitus itself, and that in turn calms the nerve pathways in your brain.

Do you know that your brain has a special filter system to classify sounds as important or unimportant? The noiser emits a continuous noise, a background noise in the ear, so to speak. We humans find this noise pleasant. Through this noise, the brain is reprogrammed in the area of ​​hearing, so to speak, and it learns to classify both the noise and the tinnitus as unimportant. For you, this means that you finally no longer have to perceive the tinnitus, because your brain filters out both the noise and the tinnitus.

Your hearing system with a built-in tinnitus noiser

There are different combination options and devices that have an integrated tinnitus noiser. Most manufacturers also offer an app for your smartphone. Some apps work with a special range of music, as research shows that certain sounds and types of music have a positive influence on therapy. So you have different options to successfully fight your tinnitus with a good hearing aid.

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