Was kostet ein Hörgerät?

What does a hearing aid cost?

The prices for hearing aids can vary greatly and can be between 10 and 3500 Euro. The deciding factor is whether you decide for a base class hearing aid or for a premium hearing aid. In the following guide you will find out more about which models are in which price classes. We will also give you more information on how the grants from the health insurance company will look like. This gives you an informative overview of hearing aid prices and the performance you can expect to do. We will be happy to inform you individually, so that you can find a suitable hearing aid in your desired price range, that you are in front of you.

Price classes, services and functions of hearing aids


All in all, you can choose between three different price classes for hearing aids:


  • Top Class
  • Middle class
  • Base Class


All variants offer you excellent sound and clear speech recognition. The prices vary due to the additional functions.

The following guidelines and expenditure shall therefore apply:

  • Upper class: 1200-3500 Euro
  • Middle class: 500-1200 Euro
  • Base class: 10-500 Euro


So you only pay a ten-euro prescription fee if it is a cash register or a cash desk. a hearing aid of the base class.

Choose your lifestyle

Hearing aids not only offer themselves as a unified solution, but for you, there is the perfect hearing aid. This corresponds to your requirements and fits seamlessly with your lifestyle.


In order to choose the right device for your needs, you should analyze what your specific needs are. For example, if you spend a lot of time at home and live quietly, a base class hearing aid will suffice for you as a solution.


However, if you are one of the most active people who often go to the theatre, visit concerts or stay in groups, you can opt for a hearing aid from the upper class.

Hearing aids from the upper class

As already mentioned above, a hearing aid from the upper class costs between 1200 Euro to 2500 Euro. For this price you can also expect the maximum listening comfort. Even if the hearing situation turns out to be difficult, you will enjoy excellent performance and support. This is reflected in the following:


  • Numerous colours and shapes to choose from
  • 360 ° hearing and all-around perception
  • the hearing aid adapts automatically to different hearing environments
  • Application possibilities are multimedial

Hearing aids from the middle class

For a hearing aid from the middle class you can expect expenditure of 500-1200 Euro. This device is very reliable and will never let you down with the many automatic functions. You can expect the following:


  • Directional hearing without problems
  • Language detection and highlighting
  • external audio sources can be connected wirelessly

Hearing aids from the base class

A hearing aid of the base class costs for you approx. 10-500 euros. Of course, such a device is also designed for the maximum hearing loss. If you are frequently at home, a basic class model is sufficient. The higher classes, on the other hand, recommend themselves if you are travelling a lot and often keep you with people. The following services offer you the basic class model:

Modern digital technology

  • almost no feedback
  • different hearing programs possible

How do I finance my hearing aid?

In most cases, you will have to count on a surcharge for a powerful and innovative hearing aid. We want to support you in the fact that you can hear again and again. For this, we offer interest-free and very flexible installments for your hearing aid.

When it comes to your hearing, you shouldn't compromise. That's why you're looking for a suitable hearing system. You are welcome to contact us with regard to financing offers. We work together with you to find a suitable solution.


We are also very happy to call us so that we can create an individually tailored offer for the financing of your hearing aid.

A lot of service at a small price

With us, you will receive your perfect hearing aid at a fair price. Have you seen that you can choose between different brand manufacturers? The products in our range come from a wide variety of well-known manufacturers.


If you would like a consultation, we would like to offer them according to the latest criteria for you. Of course, we take specific action on your individual requirements. If you have any questions about the purchase or need other information, you can see us as your perfect contact person. It does not matter to us, at what price you buy your hearing system, because with us customer service always has priority.


Did you know that we can offer you many additional free services? These can be seen as follows:


  • Acousticians of the highest quality


Our acousticians are very well trained, so that you are in the best hands. You can't expect even more quality from anyone else. With us, you enjoy the service of the best master companies in your region.


  • Best advice


We are happy to advise you both by telephone and directly on site. Our acoustician team supports you in finding exactly the right product. So you are well secured.


  • Medically accurate hearing test


Our hearing aid acoustician performs a medically precise hearing test with you, so that you are in the picture about your hearing performance.


  • Individual adjustment


As soon as you have chosen a hearing aid, this will be adapted to your individual needs according to the latest findings of the acoustics.


  • Changes possible


We are aware of the fact that both preferences and listening performance can change over time. But this is not a problem for you, because you can always let your hearing aid adapt to us again.


  • Warranty and Warranty


If you experience problems with your hearing aid, you will be guaranteed a warranty and a warranty. You can get in touch with us in a very simple way.

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