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A hearing aid letter has many advantages

With a hearing aid letter, you enjoy security for five years. We offer this protection letter for you. This means that you are well secured worldwide with your hearing system. This applies both to holidays and to your workplace and to your home, because sometimes these devices can be broken or even stolen. Enjoy your day-to-day life and your new attitude towards life and join us in a cover letter.

More security

Of course, you will receive the required statutory warranty on your hearing aid. If, however, you are still safe with our protection letter, then you enjoy both safety with regard to technical defects as well as protection in the event of breakage, loss and theft.

Extended Warranty

With our protection letter you extend the warranty to 5 years, i.e. your hearing aid is secured round 5 years all around.

Uncomplicated and easy payment 

The premium for your security letter insurance can be easily drawn once a year by direct debit.

Our protection letter for you

You can cover the following risks with the protection letter:

  • Humidity: Damage caused by moisture and water
  • Break: when your hearing aid falls on the ground, for example
  • Theft: in case of damage caused by predatory extortion, robbery and burglory theft
  • Loss: if you leave your hearing aid somewhere or lose

What does that mean for you?

The protection letter will take over the cost of repairs if your hearing aid is damaged, for example, by breakage. You pay only a small share of 50 euros. 

However, if there is a loss or a total damage of your hearing aid, you will receive a complete new hearing aid within just a few days. In such cases, your own share is 10% per year. These costs are dependent on the age of your hearing aid. In addition, the protection letter and your guarantee will be extended to five years. This means that you are well secured against all technical defects. By the way, the legal guarantee is not so long.

What kind of hearing aids you can secure with the protection letter

Our protection letter offer includes all price levels of the hearing aids that are available and which you have purchased from us. Depending on the performance class of your hearing aid, the insurance premium will also be adjusted accordingly. Our hearing aid acousticians will be happy to inform you of the performance class of your hearing aid.

If you want to insure your hearing aid with our protection letter, you can call us or send us an e-mail. Your personal advisor will be happy to explain everything to you. 

When you can complete your protection letter

You can complete the protection letter up to half a year after you purchase your hearing aid if your hearing aid is still fully functional. However, we recommend you take out insurance from the start. This way you can enjoy a much better new way of life and can handle your hearing aid in everyday life without complain.

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