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Connect your hearing aids to the iPhone

Nowadays, hearing aids are very normal and no longer count as a new phenomenon. Do you know how sophisticated the technology of hearing aids is now? As a carrier, you don't just become helps you to understand your environment better, but you also enjoy many other functions.

The modern device series “Made for iPhone” is causing a particularly high sensation. Translated, this means “made for the iPhone”. This gives the wearer a lot of advantages. Are you a fan too and do you have an iPhone? If you have a hearing loss, you are probably wondering what is behind it.

The name means nothing else than Compatibility with all other Apple devices. Hearing aids are much more than just a hearing amplifier. The service is now much more extensive.

If you have a hearing impairment, a small hearing aid with its numerous functions can be a very useful aid for you in everyday life. You will notice that when you use a modern hearing aid. After the first phase of getting used to it, you won't even want to live without it. Thanks to the different technologies, you can master everyday situations without any problems. Apple offers highly innovative devices for this purpose. The product range is convincing in any case.

Various products from various manufacturers already have the "Made for iPhone" technology. It is possible to connect to other iPhone devices using Bluetooth. As a wearer, you enjoy unimagined possibilities.

You can set, adjust and optimize your hearing aid individually yourself. Thanks to this new development, it is possible for you to establish connections with other compatible devices. This is how you prepare yourself for all situations.

Convenient control of your hearing aids via remote control and app

So that you can take advantage of all the advantages of the new Apple technology, you also need the for the respective hearing aid correct app on your smartphone. You can easily download them from the network. You can assume that you don't have to pay anything for it. This means you can easily configure your hearing aid via your smartphone.

Of course, your personal needs are individual, because as a person you are unique. That's why you can choose from different programs via the app on your smartphone. You can create these specifically for your hearing aid. Depending on the situation, you will always decide on the right hearing program. For example, a typical setting is the one you use to watch TV.

Many of the devices have a automatic situation recognition. This function is now very mature. Nevertheless, you may still need manual adjustment of your hearing aid in everyday life. You can also achieve this manual adjustment via radio transmission.

Basically, these Apple devices are compatible with small remote controls. So you can switch between the different programs as needed. If you like, you can readjust the volume at any time. You will be very pleased that these functions allow you to react promptly to every situation and to customize your listening experience.

Better audio quality and automatic detection of situations

In your everyday life, you certainly have better things to do than spend all the time with your hearing aid. You don't have to be careful to adjust your hearing aid to the situation all the time. These adjustments take place automatically in the background so that you don't even notice it.

A modern hearing aid has iIntegrated motion sensors. In addition, the acoustic information is always evaluated. In this way, the adaptation that is helpful for the respective situation can take place automatically.

This function not only increases your comfort with the hearing aid, but you are also safer on the go. For example, imagine the situations in traffic. There you are then dependent on the acoustic signals, among other things.

Your hearing aid also registers other road users through the movement sensors. The sound settings are adapted accordingly to the traffic and the other sounds and tones.

Even if you want to relax at home with your favorite music, today's hearing aid technology can provide you with significant support thanks to Apple.

You will see that you no longer need any additional devices to transfer the music. Using the wireless connection, your hearing aid transmits the audio signals from your iPhone directly into your ears. Can you imagine how the high quality audio gives you the maximum music enjoyment? And there is another advantage, because the consumption is particularly energy-saving. So you can also save energy.

Connection, compatibility and uses

You use Apple technology when you are using a compatible device. If you have an iPhone from the fourth generation, you can start right away. The same also applies to the fifth generation of the iPod Touch and the fourth generation of the iPad.

First, activate Bluetooth on the respective Apple device so that you can establish a connection. Then you go to the settings. You can make your settings under the menu items "Accessibility", "Hearing" and "MFi hearing aids".

If your hearing aid is still not displayed, open the battery compartment once and then close it again. Your hearing aid will now be displayed. If so, click on the button for “pair” and you have successfully established the connection. If you have already installed the correct app, you can now configure everything.

As a wearer of a hearing aid, you can try out countless new possibilities. You are not only happy about the individual adaptation, but also about the better usability. Your data will be recorded, which is a great advantage for you.

Many manufacturers of hearing aids are now relying on this very modern technology. Nevertheless, there is always more research and development. The aim is to make everyday life as pleasant as possible for hearing impaired people. It is therefore definitely worthwhile for you to use a high-quality hearing aid with the latest technology.

Everyone's hearing is different. Therefore, no uniform solution in the form of a single hearing aid can meet the demand. We are happy to support you professionally with all questions. We are also at the cutting edge of hearing aid technology. With our experienced hearing aid experts and our individual advice you are well on your way. Together we can test the latest hearing aids with you so that we can find exactly the right one for you.

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