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Optimal performance and still inconspicuous

Hearing aids that are worn behind the ear are the most popular design. Such models are extremely small and light at the same time. You can wear this type of hearing aid invisibly behind your ear. Did you know that this model is suitable for almost everyone Hearing loss suitable? More than 90% of all hearing aid wearers opt for this variant.

The selection of BTE hearing aids is diverse

You have a choice different Designs and colors. In this way, your hearing aid can be optimally adapted to your skin color or hair color. You simply choose your personal style to find exactly the right device.

The range of functions of “behind-the-ear devices” can vary greatly. As a user, you enjoy many additional functions and the devices can be much more powerful.

In most cases of hearing loss, it is sufficient to use a small, behind-the-ear device. But also for one profound hearing loss this variant can be a very good choice.

There are two BTE hearing aid variants

Almost all hearing losses are compensated for with the "behind-the-ear device". You can choose from two variants:

  • "Behind-the-ear devices" with a sound tube - suitable for severe hearing losses, the sound is guided through the ear adapter
  • "Behind-the-ear devices" with an external receiver - for moderate to mild hearing losses, the sound is conducted through an almost invisible cable into the receiver, which is located in the ear canal

Hearing aids with an external handset

This variant is the most popular with newbies. This allows you to opt for a relatively discreet device. The wearing comfort is particularly high. The cable is barely visible because it is hair-thin and amplifies the signal in the handset. This sits in your ear canal and is just in front of yours eardrum. It is therefore external and outside of the housing. The position of this receiver is supported by a fixation screen or a specially adapted earpiece.


The voice quality is very natural and clear. You perceive environmental noises or your own voice very naturally. You enjoy the advantage that your ear canal remains free and is well ventilated. The hearing tube is the direct connection between the eardrum and the hearing aid. Therefore the sound quality is optimal. Experts speak of an open supply. This open fitting is suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses.

Behind the ear hearing aids with sound tubes

You need such a model if you have a stronger one Hearing loss have. It is very comfortable to wear, and the hearing aid performance is above average. You are wearing an individually adapted earpiece. The sound is conducted there via a hose. The piece is perfectly adapted to the wearer and to the ear. The case is larger compared to the above-mentioned model because it contains a powerful amplifier and a larger battery. Here, too, you can enjoy a large selection of color combinations and designs. That's why you have a huge selection for a discreet hearing system of your choice.

The wearing comfort of “behind-the-ear devices” is compared to "In-the-ear hearing aids" higher. In addition, natural perception is a huge advantage when it comes to sounds and speech. You also enjoy greater ease of use.

You can find a clear explanation of current hearing aids here:


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