Various MySecondEar hearing aids

Are you aware that these are true high-performance computers when you Hearing systems of today more exactly considers? No other technology brings so much power in such a compact and small design. Basically, you can distinguish between two types of hearing aids:

Both variants are no larger than a coffee bean. For you, that means they're almost invisible. This article informs you about the following:

  • Construction forms
  • Technology
  • Manufacturer
  • Accessories and useful information

Overview of the best known and best manufacturers of hearing aids

Without surgery

If you suffer from hearing loss and are looking for a non-invasive solution, a hearing aid is the perfect solution for you. No other method is promising such success. Can you imagine how beneficial such a hearing aid can be to you? This will not only strengthen your relationship with work colleagues and your friends through improved communication. A hearing aid will give you a lot more quality of life.

Because in everyday life you can hear exactly what you want, even though there are so many sounds. This smart device actually manages to reduce the background noise automatically. With a hearing aid, you can clearly and clearly perceive the language again and understand what is being said to you. Used to be afraid of difficult conversation situations? You can master this with the right hearing aid without problems.

The construction forms

As mentioned above, there are "hearing aids behind the ear" and "hearing aids in the ear." In the technical language, the language is used as a language for any other language.

There are other distinctions:

Im ear hearing aids:

  • IC - In the Canal - these are partly in the auditory canal and are almost invisible
  • CIC - Completely In the Canal - are directly in the auditory canal and are invisible
  • IIC - Invisible In the Canal - are directly in the auditory canal and are invisible

Probably the biggest advantage for you as a hearing aid wearer is the invisible design. For outsiders, such a hearing aid cannot therefore be perceived. The adjustment is made individually so that the hearing aid sits perfectly in your auditory canal. If you suffer from mild to severe hearing loss, this execution is best for you.

Behind the ear hearing aids

  • Hearing aids with sound hose - the receiver sits in the housing
  • Hearing aids with external receiver RIC - the listener in the auditory canal

In both variants, you can benefit from the high wearing comfort. This design is also very subtle in design. Such hearing aids are suitable for any type of hearing loss.

IdO - In the ear hearing aids

This variant is placed directly in your auditory canal. Such a mini hearing aid can hardly be seen from the outside. Although this type of hearing aid is relatively small in proportion, there is still enough space for the accessories. This means loudspeakers, microphones and sound processors. These are merged.

In this case, everything depends on how your auditory canal is. The auditory canal must be large enough for this type of hearing aid to be placed in it. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, you can look for such a mini hearing aid. Before, it's best to take a detailed hearing test. You will find out which system is right for you and fits your hearing loss.

The main manufacturers of mini hearing aids:

  • Phonak Virto
  • Phonak Lyric
  • Oticon Opn IC
  • Signa Silk NX

TisO - behind the ear hearing aids

This design is either connected to the fitting in the ear via a sound hose or via an external receiver. The smallest version you can imagine, like a coffee bean, in terms of size. The placement takes place behind the ear. You hide the tube in the auditory canal.

Such hearing aids are suitable for any type of Hearing loss. Even if your hearing loss is high, you can use such hearing aids and rely on them. The power of these hearing aids is remarkable. Nevertheless, the design is very discreet and unobtrusive. You have a choice of different sizes. The strength of the battery is also decisive here. In this case, you can opt for a mini hearing aid or a superpower hearing aid.

Leading manufacturers of SPC hearing aids:

  • Oticon Opn
  • Signia pure
  • Widex Clear
  • Phonak Marvel Audéo

How do I find the right hearing aid?

You may also wonder how to find the right hearing aid for your needs. The decisive factor is that your hearing aid fits your lifestyle without any problems. It should therefore meet your individual requirements as best as possible. You decide in which situations and how often you want to wear your hearing aid. This fact is decisive in the selection.


For example, if you are looking for a hearing aid, which helps you master walks and normal conversations with a few people in everyday life, you can choose the base class.

On the other hand, if you are a very active person, you should choose an upper-class device. These devices not only shine with customizable speech recognition, but also with a Bluetooth function and an automatic 360 ° hearing, as well as other first-class technologies.

Tips for your selection

To really find the right hearing aid for you, you should be honest. You have an immense choice and should take your time, so patience is needed. If you don't have a hearing aid, there are many other options for you. This is the only way to find the right version and adapt the hearing aid to your requirements. Under no circumstances should you leave your hearing aid unused in the closet because you are not satisfied with it.

What does a hearing aid cost?

The more performance, the higher the cost - you can orient yourself to that. Thus, the design and technology are decisive for the price of a hearing aid. The price range is actually between ten and just under 2000 euros, after you have deducted the funding of the health insurance.

As far as the surcharge of the health insurance is concerned, it is individually dependent on the respective health insurance. MySecondEar of course supports you in getting a grant from the health insurance.

What can a hearing aid from the upper class do? - Cost and performance

Of course, a hearing aid from the upper class has the typical basic functions. Nevertheless, you are excited about additional technical services, such as:

  • Transmission of telephone calls
  • Listening to music via the hearing aid
  • Bluetooth are of use
  • Highest wearing comfort in all situations
  • Suitable for very active lifestyle
  • HD Sound quality
  • Back coupling reduction
  • Drunkenness reduction
  • Richtmikrofon

Maximum discretion is guaranteed by the different designs and colors. If you choose the top class, your device always adapts individually to the hearing environment. Did you know that it even makes it possible for you to hear 360 °? Thus, you enjoy a safe orientation.

If you are looking for the right hearing aid from the upper class, you can expect to spend about 1200-2300 euros.

What can a middle class hearing aid do?

Middle class hearing aids offer themselves for you as a functionality companion in everyday life. A middle-class hearing aid recognizes speech, adapts the listening program accordingly and enables you to have a comprehensive language understanding. This gives you extra comfort every day. Should side noises appear in a conversation, they can be prevented by targeted direction listening. Thus, you understand your interlocutor clearly and clearly with a middle class hearing aid. You can also use wireless connections between your hearing system and your phone or TV.

 What does a middle class hearing aid cost?

For a middle class hearing aid you should expect expenses of 500-1200 Euro. This is your own share after you deduct the health insurance funding.

What can a base class hearing aid do?

If you want to provide basic hearing care, you should choose a base-class hearing aid. This allows you to understand the language optimally in the home situation. Four channels are covered in terms of frequency ranges. Feedback is suppressed in each of these devices. There are usually four listening programs that help you hear. With a base class hearing aid you can talk to someone without problems or even at normal volume television.

What does a basic hearing aid cost?

An entry class hearing aid or a base class hearing aid costs between ten and 500 euros after the surcharge has been deducted by the health insurance.

 What amount does the health insurance pay for my hearing aid?

Since 1 November 2013, the health insurance company in Germany has supported you with a higher amount if you need a hearing aid. The payment of costs can vary greatly, because each health insurance company treats the case individually. Generally, you can assume that the surcharge means an own share between ten and 2000 euros for you. This depends on the demands you make on your new hearing aid. Even if your budget is relatively small, you can achieve beneficial listening success.

Where can I find cheap hearing aids?

We are happy to help you find the right system for a reasonable price. Let us advise you directly, because this advice is completely neutral. We help you find relevant products for your purposes. You will receive detailed information and we will inform you about all leading manufacturers.

You benefit from our many years of experience from the last years, because we have already adapted many hearing aids. That's why we are just the right contact for you if you want to choose and find the perfect hearing aid. Of course, the same applies to other accessories.

Can I insure my hearing aid?

Of course, if your hearing aid is damaged or lost, you have different options for insurance. We would be happy to provide you with information for a so-called hearing aid protection letter and more. That's why you have to deal with situations such as:

Water damage

  • Break
  • Theft
  • Loss

Don't worry. It's all covered by your insurance. This insurance service is available in all hearing aid classes.

 How do I find the right acoustician for my hearing aid?

Are you interested in hearing aids and are looking for an acoustician near you? We would be happy to give you such a recommendation, because this is included with our service. On request, we can even offer you support to arrange an appointment. Just contact us about this Form or compatible equal to one Consultation with us.

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