Modern hearing aids are now small high-performance computers. Therefore, they need small, high-performance hearing aid batteries that have been specially developed. At MySecondEar, you will receive all the different battery types for your hearing aid.

Batteries by MySecondEar

At MySecondEar you will find high quality hearing aid batteries from well-known manufacturers at a very affordable price.

Colour marking and greetings of hearing aid batteries

A rule of thumb says that the bigger a battery is, the more energy it brings. That means that the more power a hearing aid is supposed to provide, the greater the hearing aid battery

There are hearing aid batteries in four different sizes, which you can see on the protective film.

Hearing device battery types and colors in comparison

Lifespan of the hearing aid battery

The service life is very different even for batteries of the same type. It is highly dependent on the daily useful life and on the services of the hearing aids. On average, a button cell holds for 5 to 7 days. In this article, you will learn more about the useful life of hearing aid batteries.

Store your hearing aid batteries properly

Normally, you can buy hearing aid batteries in the 6 pack. It is important for the batteries to be stored correctly, so that the service life lasts long.

The best thing to do is to check out the following points:

  • The protective film of the hearing aid battery must be intact
  • No high humidity or wetness
  • Store at room temperature (no wetness or cold)
  • No direct light radiation

Battery hearing aid batteries

Many different hearing systems can also be operated with rechargeable batteries. However, the battery of hearing aid batteries has not yet prevailed. Most of the time, these batteries last less than a day. With us you will find out whether your hearing aids can also be operated with a battery.

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