Do you stand in front of the mirror every morning, brush your teeth, apply cream and then use a cotton swab to brush your ears?

You are not alone there. Many people brush their ears with cotton swabs even though they know it is harmful to the ear. What is unusual, however, is if you do it several times a day.

You may even have experience with yourself through excessive ear-cleaning Ear canal inflammation. As soon as you turn the cotton swab pack upside down, you can read too "Do not insert into the ear canal".

Here are three surprising reasons why, against your better judgment, you won't stop cleaning your ears:

When you clean your ears, you don't realize how important your wax is

Your ear wax is used to protect and clean your ears. Therefore, ear wax is a very useful and important body secretion. It transports the dirt inside your ear to the outside. You can find more about this in this Contribution.

You may be obsessed with cleanliness

You find yourself cleaning the apartment every day, which looks sparkling clean to outsiders? Then it is no coincidence that you always want to have clean ears. People with a slight obsession with cleanliness tend to keep themselves very clean too. You cannot do without a routine and fear that you will be dirty as soon as foreign objects are on your body. On the surface, that would be unwanted hair on the face or body, ear wax and dirt under the nails. Therefore, an addiction to cleaning the ears and a mania for cleanliness are very close.

The ear cleaning is up to your upbringing

Keeping your ears free of wax and cleaning them is very common around the world. The techniques differ, but the most common method is and remains the cotton swab. But what does culture or education have to do with it? Children imitate their parents, regardless of whether what the parents are doing or not doing is right. If parents pay attention to cleanliness and already have ears cleaning in their routine, they will also brush their ears when they wash the child themselves. When the child is old enough to wash alone, they will incorporate this ear-cleaning routine into everyday life.

As is easy to see, it is subconscious facts that lead you to clean your ears.

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