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Why should you wear anti-sound headphones?

Your ears and your hearing are above-average sensitively. If you are permanently exposed to excessive noise, you can damage your hearing by doing so. Did you know that loud noises not only lead to stress, but can also cause health impairments? For example, your sleep is already massively disturbed at a sound level of 60 dB. 60 dB are about the same as a noise level from a normal conversation in a group of people. Your health suffers from a value of 80 dB. This corresponds to the volume of a presslufthammer

That's why it makes sense if you care for a good hearing protector. This protection reduces noise pollution and helps your health in the long term. With the right hearing protector you reduce stress and reach a better and deeper sleep in everyday life. In addition, you can perform your work in a healthy and safe way. Are you looking for different solutions to the subject of hearing protection? Then we will be happy to help you, because there are different applications.

When do I wear hearing protection?

As soon as you are exposed to a persistent annoyance caused by noise from a height of 85 dB, or if the noise reaches up to 137 dB, you have to wear a hearing protector according to the law. Did you know that a jet jet achieves sound values of up to 130 dB? Now, you have some idea what we're talking about.

What is your work on the subject of noise pollution? If you move in these areas above, your employer will have to ensure that you have an appropriate hearing protection. Of course, this is also recommended in the private sector or for lower loads, so that you can protect your ears well.

What does it look like with learning? Did you know that already 40 dB is enough, so that it comes with you to concentration problems and difficulties caused by the noise? Health-threatening dimensions take loud music especially in discos and clubs, sometimes even values of more than 100 dB are measured in such situations.

What happens without hearing protection?

Many consequences can occur if there are suddenly loud noises or too long-lasting noise. Among the typical things are:

  • Complete or partial hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Aggressiveness
  • Communication and language are affected
  • Performance is impaired
  • Stress
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Sleep disorders

You should not underestimate the effects of noise, because these can be very massive. With studies, the World Health Organization has shown that each year is approx. 1 million healthy life-years lost due to noise from the environment in humans-and that only in Europe! 

The different types of hearing protection

You can rely on different solutions to protect your ears and your hearing. The decisive factors here are your personal preferences as well as the purpose and volume. You choose between:

  • Capsule Hearing Protection-the so-called Capsule Hearing Protection completely encloses your ears. This variant is available in different stages. Many people feel that this type of hearing protection is more pleasant than, for example, earplugs. You do not have to insert the protection into the ear canal, but only catch up on your ears. This variant is not so good if you also have to wear a protective helmet.
  • Earplug earplugs are a relatively simple variant as hearing protectors. There are even professional solutions when it comes to above-average noise pollution. Most of the versions can be washed and used multiple times. Earplugs you lead into the outer ear canal. As a result, a better insulating effect is achieved. With earplugs, you can counteract light to severe noise. 
  • Otoplastic-in an otoplastic it is a custom-made and individual hearing protection. This hearing protection sits very comfortably in your ears and is suitable for permanent noise. Here, too, there are different approaches to solutions, which are geared to the various sound levels.
  • Ear protection brackets-these brackets are suitable for light protection in case of noise. The temple hearing falls works similar to ear plugs. In addition, a better hold is provided by a bracket. This hearing protector is usually on the ears.

How do I protect myself at a festival or at a concert?

Did you ever have a tinnitus after a concert visit or after the disco? With the right ear protection, you can better protect yourself from noise. There are special earplugs, which even have a filter. Thus, the sound is reproduced optimally. As a result, you enjoy the music without having this health negative impact on you.

Especially DJs and musicians should use the right hearing protector. The high noise level in concerts or discotheques can be best damped by hearing protection. Otoplastic versions are even more comfortable. These are individually manufactured. Because the noise level can grow to up to 100 dB, there should be a powerful protection for this.

Your hearing protection ideally adapted

If the hearing protection is perfectly adapted to your ears, you can enjoy the optimal protection. For this reason, we recommend customized hearing protection measures. This gives you optimal security for your ears.

To ensure that your hearing protection is adjusted individually, you will take a shaping of your ear. This very special hearing protection is made especially for you in the otoplastic. You can choose your noise filter individually. This way your personal hearing protection also meets your personal requirements. You can reduce the volume as needed, the impression of the blade is preserved. In terms of quality and wearing comfort, this type of hearing protection meets all the requirements.

The following types of custom hearing protection varieties are offered: 

  • Elacin ER-this hearing protection is particularly suitable for heavy noise and heavy noise. At the same time, the sound reproduction is natural.
  • Pulse filters-pulse filters are suitable for extremely high sound level peaks
  • Elacin ER Clear Sound-this graded protection helps you understand language, or to detect warning signals, because the permeability is individual.

Special headphones against sound

So-called anti-sound headphones offer you the perfect support with a strong noise load. You can connect other sound sources or listen to music. For this, an extra microphone is installed on the headphone. Outside, the sound is held. The phase inversion is generated by a small amplifier. The received shuttering waves are almost completely eliminated. These headphones are especially suitable when you feel a need for rest. Maybe you wear them in the train or on the plane. You can almost perfectly hide the disturbing background noises. At the same time, it is possible to connect these headphones to various music sources. To do this, you use Bluetooth. You can connect the following devices:

  • Music Location
  • Computer
  • Smartphone

As a result, you enjoy your music brilliantly and undisturbed, because there are no disturbing side noises anymore. You can hide the environmental noise and only dedicate yourself to your music. Due to the anti-noise system, the ambient noise level remains low.

Special headphones with Noise-Cancelling

These very special headphones can suppress the ambient noises. This is done by the active counter-sound. So only the music will be passed to your ears and your ear. The headphones are suitable for use on the go or on an airplane. This will protect your hearing.

How do I protect my ears on the hunt?

Did you know that a shot from the rifle can reach a volume of up to 150 dB? That's why shots can cause a permanent hearing loss. If you use earplugs, you can cut down the noise up to 35 dB. In case of a capsule hearing protection, the value is approx. 40 dB. Nevertheless, the side noises are also damped, but these are important for you.

An electronically controlled protection can be the solution for you. As a result, noises and noise are attenuated, but you can still perceivate noises. Also, you don't have a problem communicating with others if you should understand calls or signals.

You can individually regulate how loud you want to perceiuse your environment. Through the digital amplifier and the built-in microphone, you can still hear the direction from which the noise comes from. Thus, an exact location for you is no problem. The damping of harmful sound pulses is effected by the pulse protection electronics. Even then, if you have a hearing loss, you can use this electronic protection for your hearing. The best for the perfect high-tech hunting helper you wear in your ear canal is the best. Because this is optimally seated, you will not be disturbed when shooting at the hunt.

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